Camera-centric Moto X update coming to Rogers model in October

We reported a couple of days ago that Motorola has started seeding an update to the Moto X, fixing many of its incumbent camera issues in addition to improving performance with the touchless control features.

We’ve heard that Rogers will soon receive the update and begin usability testing, and should launch the update some time in October. While a date couldn’t be nailed down, it’s been confirmed to arrive “within the next month.”

Moto X customers have a lot to be happy about, but out of the box the camera was not necessarily one of them. We had a few issues with low-light performance and the consistency of its exposure and white balance settings, fixed only by using a third-party camera app. According to Anandtech’s Brian Klug, the update largely fixes all of these issues, and takes better advantage of Motorola’s 10MP ClearPixel camera sensor.

So, Moto X customers can look forward to a nice little bump in usability over the next few weeks. Excited?