TELUS employees to start iOS 7 training on September 17th


  • Max Fireman

    Yes, because god knows how difficult iOS can be. So difficult it needs training? My 2 year old cousin has an ipod touch and needed no training.

    • Bill Creton

      The reason there is a training is because Apple make it mandatory.

    • Max Fireman

      Sure, I am not complaining about that just that iOS is pretty simple IMO

    • jwhyle

      Gee, Max, you’re pretty smart!

      I’m 66. I have a flip-phone. I don’t text. I’ve been a Mac user for about over 20 years. I’d love to have an iPhone.

      Don’tcha think a Telus CSR might have a bit of trouble telling me how to operate an iPhone w/ iOS 7?

    • davedooter

      No. They should have no trouble at all.

      Click this. Click that. You’re done.

      4 year old children are operating iOS devices with ease. So unless you have a severe mental disability, you should be fine getting it home and knowing all the features in about 6 minutes. 🙂

    • Max Fireman

      That is what I am saying!

    • BB BB

      IOS isn’t as simple as everyone says / thinks / is mislead to believe. I’m saying this as a person who provides technical support. In fact more people find android easier to use, settings for downloaded applications are adjusted within the app and not buried in the control panel. One other problem is the walled garden of apple. Are you a gmail user and want to sync your contacts calendars and email? Good luck with that unless you’re fortunate enough to still have acticesync. Want to get your iPhone photos onto Google+/ Picasa from photo stream? Also not possible without 3rd party software. This is why I prefer Android over iOS

  • kokonatsu

    >training for iOS

  • Super_Deluxe

    “…the new and highly anticipated redesign iOS 7.”

    I wonder who would be so excited about a reskined iOS 1.7 lol.

    • Fuzzyfish6

      Everyone except you. Lol.

    • davedooter

      No. Literally no one but you is excited.

      Glad you’re excited though. 🙂

    • Fuzzyfish6

      Yep, and the 5 million phones sold on launch day and 15 million in the first month alone will be a good indicator of me being the only one.

  • FiveOD

    Only Apple would consider “fixed the centering on the number 1 for the calendar icon” a feature

  • Toron James

    iOS 7 copied Windows Phone.

    • BB BB

      And BB10 and WebOS and Android! They just make it look pretty. What bugs me is not so much the copying however the iSheep will claim apple invented it!

  • Sensualpoet

    That’s the first comment I have seen which stated so baldly: “The iPhone 5C is probably not coming to Canada”. So will the iPhone 4S continue to be sold as the “bargain entry” phone? Will it run iOS7 adequately? Wasn’t there an earlier rumour of the iPhone 5 being discontinued by TELUS on Sep 28?

    • Dimitri

      iPhone 5 32 / 64GB will be discontinued from Telus. It clearly states that in every post / thread that was talking about it lol. The 16GB will stay for the iPhone 5.

  • Mayoo

    Lol @ people taking picture of screens …