TELUS discontinuing the iPhone 5 on September 28th


  • Entegy

    At first glance, it seems bizarre but if the 5C is a thing, then the old model if making the older models the cheaper option no longer makes sense.

    • JB

      Its still bizarre. Honestly iphone 5 I dont see much just a lot of beat up iphone 4 and 4s’s

    • OMFCody

      The 5C is very real and the providers all know and are readying training for the staff. They will also both be available between the 20th and 28th.

  • silver_arrow

    I guess this means 5C-5-5S as the lineup

  • Rich

    Looks like they’ve taken enough of a beating from the BlackBerry juggernaut and are cutting their losses.

  • GabyYYZ

    Must…not…troll…iPhone users…Gahhh! This is killing me.

  • Jason K

    I remember reading that Apple was talking about setting up a display in cellular carries stores for 3 different devices. Seems strange that they would discontinue the 5 so quickly when you can still buy a 4S and 4 (I believe) in stores. Maybe they are planning: 4S, 5C, 5S? I don’t understand the approach from a business standpoint. You have a product in the iPhone 5 that still sells very well, as does the 4S. Why stop selling the 5 to make room for a lower quality 5C yet keep the 4S on sale?

    • Dimitri

      Most likely the 4S will be discontinued a few weeks or right on the release of the 5S & 5C.

      Most stores have the iPhone 4 still in stock as its just sitting in the back collection dust. So the stores have sells on the iPhone 4 to get rid of them. Sadly not many want a phone that came out in 2010 with lower specs & seeing as the 4S & the 5 came out, they wouldn’t pick up the 4. Makes sense?

      Also the iPhone 5C may have lower specs BUT the screen alone will be the same PPI & 4′ as the iPhone 5 & 5S & coming with different colors which the 4 / 4S & 5 never came out with. Makes sense as well?

    • Turbojugend

      I can’t keep iPhone 4’s in stock ever. If/when they come in, they are gone immediately.

    • Dimitri

      That depends if Apple & the carriers will tell the stores to send them back. If Apple & the carriers head office does not say anything, they are in stock until they are either sold or the head office from Apple or carriers ask for them.

    • erereet

      ya i wish we had iphone 4 to sell.

    • Richard Xing

      They won’t discontinue the 5. Notice how only the 32GB and the 64GB variants are being discontinued, not the 16GB. This means that the 5 is here to stay.

    • Dimitri

      That is correct. The higher GB models are being discontinued but the 16GB will stay. That means the 5S 16 / 32 / 64GB will be there.

    • Stephen_81

      The 5C is so that they can discontinue the 4S traditionally Apple keeps 3 devices in the supply chain high, mid, low price point as we’ve had the 5, 4S and 4, the problem is the adoption of the 5 was slowed down as people moved from the 4 to the 4S to save money and keep using their existing hardware accessories. Apple needs to move everyone over to lightning and retire 30pin phones to have that accessory ecosystem rebuilt right now lighting accessories are few because of the sheer numbers of 30pin available and still for sale. سمَـَّوُوُحخ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ اماراتي

  • No1B4Me

    Doesn’t matter, all their customers went to Verizon. Oh wait! LOL

  • jimr123456789

    The C is colour. What innovation!
    I hear there is some minor hardware improvements too. We will see I never get my hopes up of anything really ground breaking anymore.

    • erereet

      c is for cheap