What does the iPhone 5S need to convince you to buy one?


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    Android OS 😀

    • barrist

      what would that add aside from Android’s patented lagging and stuttering UI?

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      Ever use a Nexus 4? Didn’t think so.

    • barrist

      Yes it stutters. I was also very very close to switching to the HTC One (one of the supposed best Android phones available) and even in that “powerhouse” i could notice stuttering while scrolling in a bunch of apps when compared side to side with my iPhone 5. I was VERY close to getting it but just can’t wrap my head around how a phone powered by a Snapdragon 600 still stutters.

    • Victor_Creed

      Funny, I can’t make my one stutter or lag even with power saver mode enabled. I guess you have horse (Apple) blinders on?

    • barrist

      Nice try.
      Side by side comparison and I can tell the difference very quickly. Maybe your “Android blinders” are making it difficult for you

    • sketaful

      If you need to hold two phones side by side to be able to notice any stutter on one of them then I don’t really see the problem since most people would find it easier to use one phone at a time.

      Seriously. That’s your main reason? I’m not defending any OS here, I just find your reason a bad one. More on what iOS is good at compared to an Android phone please.

      Like using two different type of white paint and accuse one of them of not being white because you can see a small difference when you paint them side by side…

    • Fuzzyfish6

      No, you just haven’t used an iPhone for a period of time. Everything lags afterwards no matter how smooth you “think” it is.
      My nexus 7 (2013) is like super butter, but its not ultraglide like apple devices.

    • realitycheck

      then tweaking it with hooks law. it’ll feel like it reads your mind before you gesture.

    • Fuzzyfish6

      Yes, %hooks law adds a whole new level of ui movements that no other mobile os could hope to achieve. For jail broken users only.

    • motivotto

      LOL Victor_Creed, you’ll need to start by turning on your device, and removing Google’s junk from your mouth. Then you can try being a little more honest.

    • davedooter

      Of course iOS doesn’t stutter… It doesn’t do anything.

      A man who stutters doesn’t stutter when he says nothing.

    • barrist

      That’d make sense if the HTC One didn’t stutter when scrolling through something simple like a webpage in the browser.

    • BB BB

      Safari stutters all the time and lags on iPhone and iPad especially on sites like this with multiple comments. BB10 browser and OS doesn’t stutter and is very smooth. but save us the iOS is the most smoothest experience crap. It isn’t and I own several iOS devices. Each and very update and the older they become the more they freeze and lag.

    • Fuzzyfish6

      One word: wrong.

    • Steven A.

      GO GET A LIFE!

      Guys you should know that all devices stutter. No exceptions here!

      There are thousands of people being killed everyday in the world as well as kids dying because of hunger, and you bunch of retarded only care if your mobile stutters for a fraction of a second.

    • GuyWithEars

      I just yelled “OH SNAP” so loud it converted my cat into a boomerang.

    • Thr1ve

      Nope, no stuttering at all on both our (mine and my wife’s) HTC Ones, one of which replaced a ~5 month old iPhone 5 and was praised for how fluid and smooth it was compared to the stuttering and lagging on her iPhone 5… It was especially bad when viewing video, using the keyboard, hitting the home button, scrolling down on webpages, not to mention the occasional freezing when exiting apps which would take a good 5-7 seconds to recover, the terrible freezing in the messaging app when sending or receiving text messages or imessages etc… Most of which are well known and well documented issues with iOS 6, go look for yourself. And it looks like this trend is carried on to iOS 7 so far (on top of being practically unusable on the iPhone 4 and 4S).

    • barrist

      lol, sure.

    • Fuzzyfish6

      Your problems were (to a tee) indicative of a bad backup or backups. Oh well.

    • Thr1ve

      Nope, did a full reset from scratch (no backup), the issues were still present.

    • Fuzzyfish6

      Yep, and now youve proven yourself to be full of it. Lol

    • Thr1ve

      Ah yes, typical iSheep logic at work here… Much like your other ignorant comments like “Android users can’t afford the iPhone” or “smart people are richer and richer people buy iPhones”… Who’s full of it now? Pathetic…

    • Fuzzyfish6

      Apparently the truth hurts. Suck it up buttercup.

    • Thr1ve

      And what truth would that be?

      Here’s some truth for you, you’re the one insulting (or attempting to, but failing) Android users about paying less for smartphones that are FAR superior to the iPhone… Now think really hard about that before your next reply and then tell me who’s smarter, those who pay more for less (IE: iPhone users) or those who pay less for more (IE: Android users)…

    • Fuzzyfish6

      Dude, I’ve been doing this crap since b4 you were in diapers. Don’t lecture me on something you’ve so clearly demonstrated you know jack about. I use and own many, many devices, and have had the unfortunate opportunity of supporting many more than you’ll probably ever see in your lifetime. Get off your serf-horse and get back to reality.

    • Eric Houstoun

      other than meaningless boasting and hurling insults you’ve actually added nothing to this conversation. While I won’t read too much into the anecdotal evidence Thr1ve has provided, it is still some form of evidence nontheless. You’ve provided nothing more than an opinion and some holier than thou BS.

      Care to add anything useful to the dialogue?

    • Fuzzyfish6

      I could, but the mindless drones here wouldn’t benefit since they have their googlyeyes on.
      The funny part is that all the services that make Google, google – actually run smoother on apple devices.

    • Me Ted

      Like tech support? lol. Thanks for fielding my calls. Now piss off and walk someone through a Motorola Startac.

    • kokonatsu

      Oh god how do people like you exist

    • barrist

      Good one

    • Rashed

      Luck isn’t with you then…

    • Tom

      All phones stutter if you slap on enough CPU/GPU load, just like how even a Core i7 PC running quad SLI will lag in games if you crank the resolution high enough at max settings. Everyone has different background processes running.

      I suspect the average Android user is more of a power user than the average iOS user, and thus has more background processes active, and thus is more likely to experience stutter.

    • barrist

      Sorry but this is not stuttering when having every app open and running something, this is stuttering in simple apps like Twitter and scrolling through the feed.

    • Jermally

      Are you shutting off the apps when you exit them? Leaving an app in android doesn’t close it. You have to still close them from running in the background, like on a computer.

      The phone doesn’t lag when properly used. Perhaps they have too steep of a learning curve for you?

      And I don’t mean to offend. Some things can be too complicated for others, which is why the iPhone is a good choose for those that aren’t too tech savvy.

    • realitycheck

      Multitasking is a touted feature of android. Why cant it run smoothly without having to micro manage apps. ios’s limited multitasking ability that many claim to be a weakness is its greatest strength. ps. battery life too

    • Jermally

      Micro managing is only a issue if you don’t know how to do it. Battery life for both Android and iOS can be terrible. I wouldn’t say iOS is the best because I have yet to see an iPhone last longer than a Note.

    • Eluder

      Oh, so you’re describing exactly what Facebook on iOS is like, lol.
      iOS 7 is especially slow compared to the latest crop of Androids. The problem with Apple is with every revision of iOS, it gets slower for the previous hardware, meaning you have to get a new phone. With Android, things get more fluid, even if it is an older device (of course if it’s too old, that’s another story). My HTC One never stutters, it’s a silky smooth experience, but my iPod touch 5th gen device on iOS6 and especially iOS7 is nowhere nearly as smooth as the current crop of Androids. The Nexus 4 and the Nexus 7 FHD that I have are also super smooth and pack a ton of functionality that Apple seems to lag behind on.

    • realitycheck

      have you even used the latest beta of IOS 7 on the iphone 5??

    • Eluder

      No, but I’m using it on a 5th gen iPod touch right now. Not an identical experience, but close enough.

    • John

      Lol are you really expecting ios6 or even ios5 to be smooth on 3gs? of course it will get stutters but how about android?
      How many android users other than nexus users (thats sony / samsung / htc) is getting any os updates on their 1.5+ yr phones?
      To be honest, android users need to change their phones more often than iphone users unless they are on google nexus phones

    • Nadefrenzy

      I think what you’re experiencing is the improper touchscreen usage since the device is so much larger than a 4″ iPhone. At 4.8″ with a relatively big bezel, it’s not easy for everyone to easily handle/maneuver the screen/UI.

      Perhaps you should try with a smaller phone such as the Nexus 4 first. Or maybe even the S4.

    • Eric Houstoun

      just out of curiosity but how much does this stuttering effect actually impact usability? It sounds to me like what you’re describing is a purely aesthetic quality. I know from my experiences with various devices that not all have the same smoothness of transitions, but aside from some not impressing me I have rarely ever found these a hindrance to the performance.

      So I’m just curious if this is something that you find makes these things unusable or just something you think is kinda aesthetically displeasing. If it’s the latter I’m also curious if that’s really enough to forego other potential benefits of an apple alternative on that criticism alone?

    • Alex

      Wife has one. Looks like it might have packed in barely 3 months after buying it.

    • Matthew Morris

      I have and it stutters like poo

    • William

      I think people miss the fact that Apple tends to be made over-simplified. It works great for people like my sister and granny who either don’t have the time or care to learn how to use a smartphone.

      Even after Jailbreaking the iPhone became useless to me after 3 months because I was so limited on what I could do. When it comes to Android I have yet to have the problem of becoming bored because there are so many different ROM setups that you can change to. When you take into consideration custom ROMs, Halo, Launchers, Widgets, etc. You just can’t beat the power of an Android.

      My Galaxy Nexus is still running just as good as my S3 yes they both stutter a bit but I tend to run a lot at once. My iPhone would have nothing running and I could open a program and get lag.

      I noticed someone say you don’t see Android updates added to 1.5+ yo devices and to that I say you need to look at the HTC Thunderbolt.

    • atorontoguy

      I have a Toshiba Thrive tablet. It came with Android 3.2. When they upgraded to 4.0, then my tablet behaviour changed. When I sign in, all the apps connect to the wi-fi, and there is lag. So I think some of person’s lag issues could be related to phone-maker’s drivers and device software. I was so happy with 3.2. I’ve basically adapted, as Toshiba is not upgrading to a later Android. But my Nexus S, which was upgraded to 4.2, suffers none of the lag, and it is single-core, where the Thrive is dual-core. Apps seem to be getting bigger too nowadays, and leads to the memory getting full.

    • Matt

      I just installed Cyanogen Mod on my 3 year old Samsung Captivate. Android 4.2 on an I897!!! AND IT RAN GREAT!

      If you could even load iOS 7 on an iPhone 3 it would melt.

    • Wizzy

      My HTC One flies through everything. iOS doesn’t come close. Troll fail.

    • Fuzzyfish6

      In case you forgot, this was an apple article. Troll fail.

    • Gayle Griffin

      The article is aimed at users of other phones, in particular Android users, to discern what it would take to get them to change to the new iPhone 5S/C.

      And apparently most aren’t interested enough to really address the original question. As for me, I will stick with my Android, currently GS3.

    • baklboyd

      Sorry but I’ve owned both phones and the iPhone is faster and apps, browsers typing are all faster. I love droid for other reasons but the iPhones kill for speed if you actually try using one you will notice right away

    • John

      I do like android and ios but I just never understand those saying
      iphone stutters yet their android phones arent
      If you really have used both phones (iPhone 5 / Htc One / GS4), you know android stutters
      Yes, its not a big deal and they all fast enough to use everyday
      but definitely not as smooth as iPhone 5
      If you have seen / tried olde models (4S and older) yes they stutter but what android doesnt that is more than 1 year old?
      The only time I find iphone stutters when you go into search menu but thats pretty much it.

    • Jesse

      The only two android phones I’ve owned are a galaxy S2 AND A NEXUS 4 and compared to my iPhone 5… The S2 was horrible for stuttering and occasionally freezing. It was running ICS and was maintenanced rather well. The nexus4 is a lot better running jb 4.3 but occasionally lags when going quickly through video on chrome. The i5 had ios6 and was almost identical to the nexua4 for lag and freezing… Only when swiftly going through video on safari… I’d say if your gonna go android go nexus or nothing. Otherwise nothing can keep up to apple! Android only delivers on its potential with a nexus if you ask me

    • Fuzzyfish6

      And you are exactly/precisely correct. Bravo for common sense!

    • Stu Pid

      haha, I got an HTC One, I laugh at your lagging claims.

    • Guest

      You have never used a Nexus 4 with stock android..

    • Plazmic Flame

      I would have to say a 3,000 mAh battery for me. The screen size is definitely an issue but battery life is the top issue.

    • Vadim Apple

      Battery life is the main issue for me as well. I thought the Moto X was going to be my first android phone after having an iPhone 4 for 3 years but the battery alive isn’t as good as advertised. I’m so sucked into apples ecosystem that all that apple has to do is release a new phone and ill buy it. I’m a sheep, but a happy sheep.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Lol this isn’t Android. An iPhone 5 with a 1440mAh battery still competes with the giants like S4 and all which carry upwards of 2500mAh batteries.

      I think an iPhone with a 4.8″ (at the very least) display with a 350+PPI and a 2100mAh(very least) battery would convince me to jump ship. Could use some change.

    • Fuzzyfish6

      No sense arguing with the fandertrolls. None of them have had the opportunity to afford an i-device, let alone actually use one for a while so they only know what their trollerbuddies say. Fail.

    • Tom

      You do realize the most popular Androids that release each year (i.e. Galaxy S, HTC One) are in the same price range as the iPhone?

    • Guillaume Gagnon

      The kid needs attention, just ignore him.

    • Fuzzyfish6

      Your talking only phones. The majority of mobile devices arent subsidized and are out of reach to these little kiddies asking mom for a tablet. Hence, they don’t know any better.

    • Jesse

      S4 was a waste of time… I hate all of Samsung’s devices. Never used an HTC but I wanna try it. Nexus4 is a great phone that is every bit as fluid and fast as an iPhone… I won’t be getting an 5S cause the screen is too small and the improvements are too marginal… Next year however… If apple goes 4.7″ I may rethink between a new nexus and an iphone6

    • bembol

      Pretty much. LOL

      I’m a Mac user and after the 4S I had enough of iOS.

    • baklboyd

      7 is a lot better been using it for months now and it’s solid and more attrqctive. Also have an htc one btw

  • Alex

    I don’t think I could be persuaded unless it was literally <$200 outright

    • Brandon James Starcevic

      Who would dislike this?? Two people did! That’s ridiculous! Obviously some people are morons and love things to be expensive so they can have things that peasants don’t have or they are just imbeciles. Good point man, $200 seems legit for a device.

    • Alex

      Probably the same 2 people who like Robelus.

      The point is people have been conditioned into thinking the device needs to be worth $600 or $800. The tech in them doesn’t cost that. It’s just profiteering.

      Also the device is merely an enabler not an end in itself. It’s simply a method to get you using a particular OS and that’s where the money is made – selling you services and apps for it. Or adverts.

    • Jesse

      Using Alex’s logic I think I’m going to go to the car dealership tomorrow and try to buy a new truck for $5,000 because I haven’t been conditioned into thinking the vehicle needs to be worth $30,000 – $40,000..

      But anyway, back on the real side of things I’m pretty sure that just the hardware alone I believe it cost apple like $170 or something around that? Then you got to add all the valid things that Scazza already pointed out… As much as I would LOVE to pay only 200 bucks for an iPhone I highly doubt that’s ever going to happen..

    • Alex

      A nice comparison but let me help you along a bit more.

      Your move into the automotive space is indeed useful. You can go buy a Toyota for 15 or 20k and then go next door to the Lexus dealership (owned by Toyota) where you’ll find essentially the same car with a different shell and a different badge…for twice the price. Most car brands work the same way.

      Again…it’s conditioning. Some people believe the Lexus is therefore the better car even though it’s made by the same people using the same parts. It’ll be repaired and serviced in the same place too. So what is it you’re getting over the Toyota? In reality, nothing.

      The fact that Lexus can exist and sells cars shows that there are plenty of people waiting to be parted with their money out there. Apple exist to do this in the tech/mobile world.

      When the first iPhone came out do you remember people tripping over themselves to buy it because it was the “best”? I do. Sure it “looked” the best and certainly the OS (not iOS at that time) looked better than everything else. But you’ll also remember that people, rightly, laughed at it for being a 2G phone in a 3G era. I happened to be in the US in 2007 and had the chance to try it out long before it’s release elsewhere and remember being completely underwhelmed at the sluggish interface and slow browsing. Others commented on the non-replaceable battery (still unforgivable despite their continued attempts to make it legitimate). Still others rightly laughed at the price of $600, only on AT&T, for hardware not significantly better than the competition.

      Of course it’s all about marketing and what’s “cool”. Some companies are masters of extracting cash from people susceptible to these forces. Some of us just see through it for the BS that it is.

      By the way…you could probably find a 5k truck if you were willing to use that other trick…”second hand”

    • Jesse

      Maybe you should go on Kijiji and buy your phones “second hand” then? Maybe you’ll get the price your looking for?

    • Alex

      I bought the phone I wanted, new, for less than most of the stolen nonsense on kijiji

    • William

      You forgot to mention that the iPhone couldn’t send MMS they all had to be emailed

    • Scazza

      Man I do love reading the comments you make on here. Again, of course its profiteering! You clearly will never run a business, and thank god for that. In your perfect world, everything would cost the exact amount that it costs to make anything, and there would be no business or profit, and the economy would never exist. You man-babies need to get a life and a job. Nothing is free, and businesses are out to make money, not be a charity.
      Also $200 is still too low, there is far more to a product than simple hardware. Once you factor in software dev costs, R&D, Paying out the nose for patent use from other patent holders, paying for the right to use radio tech, paying for FCC filing and licensing, shipping, carrier advertising, advertising, PR Events, filing your own patents, lawyers fees, defending from patent troll fees… $200 is still pretty low. Of course you wouldn’t know or understand that, because you seem to have no idea how the world works. Most commentators on this site suffer from the same affliction you do; Idiocy.

      Can’t even believe I’m defending apple…

    • Eric Houstoun

      I wouldn’t say asking for a lower price point is idiocy. Your logic in business is fair but you’re overlooking something pretty important, they’ll only charge what customers will let them get away with. So really, is it so idiotic to not buy a product because you think it’s priced unreasonably over cost? I don’t think so, it’s voting with your dollars and ultimately if they find the price point isn’t profitable they will lower it to gain more customers.

      The i****s aren’t the people that know the price could be lower and won’t buy it until it is…The i****s are the people that know the price could be lower but buy the product anyway.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Nobody is forcing you to buy it as you seem to insinuate in your comments. You can vote with your dollars all you want, but that doesn’t meant that the flagship phones will be anywhere close to $200 anytime soon.

      These are “premium” devices, not value. If it’s value you’re looking for then I suggest sticking to the Nexus line.

    • Alex

      You sound mad. I guess you’re beginning to see the truth.

      You about to use the same tired rhetoric and insults to defend to defend the prices of Bell, Rogers and Telus next? If so, save yourself the trouble…you’ll be wrong there too.

      The fact of the matter is Apple will be wanting to grow it’s business. Where are the top markets these days? Africa and Asia. Good luck selling your $800 iphones there. The “5s” is all very nice but the rumoured “5c” is where the real story is.

      Thanks for the insults though. I eat them for breakfast. Your salty tears are sustaining.

    • Nadefrenzy

      I’m sorry, but you fail to realize that it costs more than that to even manufacturer an iPhone 5 (that too in China!!).

      How can you be so naive?

      Also, please don’t give me the example of a barebones 8GB Nexus 4, or ill be facepalming for the rest of my life. Don’t do that to me.

    • Brandon James Starcevic

      What you failed to realize is that we were talking about not only the cost of a phone, but the price of parts and manufacturing it too. We were using our imagination.

    • Nadefrenzy

      What you failed to realize is that the costs of ALL those things combined itself is far beyond $200 for premium devices.

    • Brandon James Starcevic

      Awe *head pats NF* you still don’t get it Vulcan.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Right. Perhaps try making objective arguments rather than goofing around.

    • Brandon James Starcevic

      Can’t turn a stone around and tell it that it’s facing the right way now.

    • bcsc

      But have you seen the price of the nexus 4 8GB? 😉

    • Nadefrenzy


      I KNOW the price hence I said to not mention it. It’s $200 cuz it’s a cheap barebones phone. There’s nothing “premium” about it.

      From overheating, random reboots, poor optics, silly glassback design, thickness, low storage, feature-lacking UI, lack of LTE and poor battery life, the device has nothing premium about it. It’s priced exactly what it deserves to be.

    • William

      I think you fail to realize the nexus is Google’s attempt at making a premium quality phone at a lower cost. Take the GNex it had a 1.2GHz Dual Core up to 32GB of storage 1GB RAM and a 5MP camera. I say they did pretty good on it for a phone released 2 years ago. Sure it isn’t the power of a flagship but it is close for a price tag that is $600 less or in contract terms Free vs $200. Now Take the 3GS at the time also free on contract but off contract you were looking at $300-$400 even with the 4 and 4S it was super slow by the time iOS 5 and iOS 6 got put on it and even with iOS 4 it froze lagged lacked LTE had low storage poor optics and battery life and so on where as even now the GNex running 4.3 runs better then the day it came of the line. All your boasting about iPhone being premium quality means nothing if it can’t even get you through a contract term

    • Nadefrenzy

      A S3 at $299 brand new has less plaguing issues than the Nexus 4 does. It doesn’t overheat, has a better camera, far better battery life, slimmer design, decent storage, stable and feature packed UI and LTE. That’s a much better deal.

      Also, I never said iPhones are worth their pricetag, but to say that the $200 nexus 4 barebones compares to that OR the premium android phones is a joke.

    • William

      Nowhere in there did I say anything about the Nexus 4….

      But if we are going into that Comparing a Brand New iPhone 5whatever to the 1yo Nexus isn’t a fair comparison. The S3 and Nexus are pretty well equal in my opinion the only time I have ever had a problem with battery over heating on my Nexus is when charging it in +35° C weather in my car but the same happens to the S3 or even the Tab I use so that isn’t saying much. The N4 isn’t barebones it is more along the lines of a quality dev phone for testing Android builds the S4 or even the iPhone I view more as handheld game devices because that is honestly all people use them for. Do you really need a quad core to play Candy Crush?

  • GuyWithEars

    Apple’s entire marketing plan is starting to stagnate. They are still relying on what Steve Jobs has put in place but that isn’t a long-term solution and in the next couple of iPhone iterations, they’ll begin to really see this as sales start to decline.

    • Nadefrenzy

      I HIGHLY doubt that. Look at the recent smartphone trends in the US: From April 2013 to June 2013, iPhone sales have gone up 1.2%, whilst Android sales have dropped (albeit a mere 0.2%). That’s not to say that Android won’t do well, but that iPhones will still continue to sell. Just wait till the 5S comes out… the market will go insane.. again.

    • alphs22

      That spike in demand was due to T-mo picking up the iPhone.

      I’m not as bearish on Apple as 90% of MobileSyrup, though. I think Apple will refine the iPhone just enough until they come up with the next disruptive technology – which may be the iWatch.

      If Apple decides to make a smartwatch you know it’ll be the real deal. So far all we’ve gotten are garbage offerings from Samsung and Sony.

  • Collin dubya

    Apple needs to come out with a new product, they tried to improve on everything jobs did, now they are doing everything he said he wouldn’t do.. they need a new product otherwise they are done. all the momentum is with android and with good reason.

    • Brandon Weidema

      everyone keeps saying that, yet their products still fly off shelves.

    • Collin dubya

      thats the apple cult for you, blindly buying whatever the new iphone is without any actual research.

  • Arcsvibe

    I’m happy with my 5. It is a wait and see attitude I have with Apple right now..

    • Waqqas Khokhar

      You know that’s what all Apple users say before every new product launch, right? 😉

  • Deciare

    The main thing going for the iPhone 5S would likely be its reasonable screen size and reasonable performance to go with it. That’s rather a shame, as I am not convinced that I am prepared to sacrifice the flexibility of sharing with any app or having real access to the file system. There’s so much of iOS characterised by what the user isn’t allowed to do.

  • Sukdis Knaatz

    It needs absolutely nothing to convince me, because I know for sure, that I will not be buying an iPhone.

    • Travis

      this is why mobile syrup has gone to crap. people are so blinded by hate that you can’t even have an intelligent conversation. apple could literally release the best smartphone bar none, give you every single thing you want in a smartphone, and you’d never buy it because you’re hate is that strong. i’m on android and wont buy what apple is releasing this year, but to say there is nothing they could do is absurd.

    • steven_bauman_7

      Lol the sky is falling mobile syrup has gone to crap

    • J-Ro

      When they do, I’m sure he will change his mind. It isn’t hate that he is expressing, it is doubt.

  • Savbers

    The biggest reason I wouldn’t consider iOS is because I don’t get to keep the apps I’ve paid for cross-platform, in fact, some of the same FREE apps on Android COST money on iOS.

    But, overlooking that, Apple’s iPhone would have to be cheap but powerful and not seem like a toy. Other than that they already have everything an OS could want, stable updates, stable OS, great developer support, etc…

    Regardless, I feel that going to Apple is taking a step backwards. Android has improved leaps and bounds ahead of Apple and now APPLE is playing catch-up. If I get bored of my iPhone 6-months into my term, I can’t do anything but buy an older model. Meanwhile with Android, the space is so competitive that there would be much cooler things to get a hold of.

    In that sense, I guess I’m too set in my ways. Apple will never convince me to buy an iPhone and that’s just how it goes.

    • iPlunks

      that’s because they run ads on them to avoid the user from paying

    • Savbers

      And if I’d like I can pay to remove them. I have choice. Freedom.

    • iPlunks

      That’s you creating your own choice and freedom its the developers that make the app you use has the option to do they won’t. You can choose to use it

  • Johnny

    Decent screen size (4.7ish), NFC, and also a reasonable price. Though the latter most certainly won’t happen…

  • JC

    Would have to have a bigger screen and run BB10… oh wait, I’ll stick with my Z10… awesome platform! and I used to use an iphone so I’m not just a fanboy of

    • JB


    • barrist

      How can you call it a platform when there are no apps for it

    • JC

      Clearly you don’t have one. I have every app that I need or want. Don’t care about instagram or netflix. They are really pointless apps. The games that I play are actually better on BB10 then iOS. Maybe try a BB10 device for longer then 5 mins and you may agree but to each their own…

    • Alpine

      how is the Q10 ? i really liked the OS but hated the Z10 design…

    • JC

      I have the Z10. It’s like all touch screen devices though, flat and black.. not much design to be had in that.. but it’s great, love it. Best virtual keyboard by far!!

    • Zach

      I love my Q10. It’s an awesome device

    • J-Ro

      The Q10 is a great phone

    • Brandon James Starcevic

      Come on man, I had a Z10, it was very nice. If it had a swiping keyboard, I may have kept it. But he is right, there aren’t many apps for it and sideloading can be a bit of a hassle. I am rooting for BB, as a Canadian should, but I have to give it to Android, they have me. Especially the Moto X 😉

    • Nadefrenzy

      We’re all hoping BB succeeds, but to say that they’re better let alone even competitive with Android/iOS is a big big.. joke.

    • Brandon James Starcevic

      Whoa. I did not say it was better. I was trying to say that it is almost good enough for me to sick with, to support Canadians. Cheers

    • realitycheck

      sad but true

    • J-Ro

      The BB10 OS is very competitive and has a chance to be better. The app support isn’t there. Apps and OS are two completely different experiences.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Yup, and which is why Android is still taking the lead. Overall usage wise, Android is the ONLY proper desktop replacement within the space of the palm of my hand.

    • J-Ro

      I have to agree with you there. BB10 is a great smartphone and work device but Android is pretty much the next age of PC.

    • barrist

      lol it’s great that you have every app that YOU need , but those two “pointless” apps not being there or being months away from being available is part of the reason Blackberry is about to get sold and BB10’s existence is already in question. BBm was the only reason to ever stay with it, and now that it’s going crossplatform, whats the point?

    • Nadefrenzy

      ” The games that I play are actually better on BB10 then iOS.”

      hehe your credibility goes right out the window with a statement like that.

      “Don’t care about instagram or netflix. They are really pointless apps.”

      Wow.. so ignorance is your answer? Just cuz YOU think it’s pointless, that justifies them NOT having those apps? wut? So you ARE arguing for yourself and not for the platform, right?

      Also, where’s your dedicated YouTube app?

    • Thr1ve

      You’re one to talk about ignorance and credibility after your previous comment cherry picking a couple months and a specific location where iOS just barely squeezed by Android, instead of looking at the worldwide statistics year over year.

    • som

      so what you’re saying is that if a Platform, let’s call it Orange comes out with a phone that has twice as many apps but is not popular as apple is a superior platform?

      more apps = best platform

      I love your logic.

    • barrist

      No not more apps, it’s quality apps and availability. If we’re talking about numbers, Blackberry is the one where one dev is responsible for a third of the apps on Blackberry World. Sad.

    • realitycheck

      It lacks apps but it has enough of the big named apps to compete and everyday there is more that gets ported over. Not to mention being able to run android apps (though laggy).

      app numbers isnt everything, if you count all the skins, wallpapers, minor tweaks on the play store, you would realize googles app count is highly inflated as well.

    • William

      Apple doesn’t really have anymore apps than anyone else they just have clones. The iTunes store is filled with clones of clones of clones. Play store can be just as bad and unlike Apple they let just about anything through which can cause an issue too. BB hasn’t been in the current market like those two or even like Windows so I say they are doing pretty good plus they have the ability to transfer from Google to BB, Apple doesn’t

    • Stu Pid

      I’d go back to Blackberry if I hadn’t gotten an HTC One as I’m a long time BB user, I love Android but BB10 is a slick OS, too bad the company itself is iffy lately- damn Mike Lazardis.

  • TheFloppyBeaver

    I don’t think it’ll be able to convince the online tech (especially Android) crowd no matter what happens, but mainstream users will still eat this up.

    • barrist

      I would consider myself a tech-oriented user. In fact I’ve given Android every possible chance.. i get new phones very often and have tried many Android phones out.. rooted them all, tried all the roms and kernels out there, and still can’t find the user experience satisfying . there’s just something always off about it, always found it more of a chore to use.

    • Thr1ve

      “rooted them all, tried all the roms and kernels out there”

      I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life… That comment alone proves you’re full of sh*t.

    • glenn cumberbatch


    • TheFloppyBeaver

      Yep, that’s why there are different products for different people.

      This is a good thing!

  • Sensualpoet

    If you are upgrading from an iPhone 4x and happy to remain in the Apple sphere, it’s a great choice no doubt. But the screen is a bit small — and iPhone has been following, not leading lately (LTE, screen size, camera) — where will you been two years from now in that new contract? Samsung Galaxy S 4 hits a sweet spot: latest features, larger screen but still “phone like”; Notes and Megas seem a bit overdone. If coming from a Blackberry Torch, I might also consider the Motorola Moto X which is more compact, a little cheaper, and has some cool new features.

  • R.Tubb

    Iphone 5 is a nice phone. A 4 inch phone is good for me and for most users.

    For the iphone 5s, I would like battery improvment.

    • davedooter

      Until Apple release a 4.7 inch screen and the Apple ‘fans’ wet themselves and scream “omg…omg…” in amazement.

      “O…M…G…. This big screen is amazing!” says every iPhone user with delighted hand flips.

  • AReid

    4.5″+ screen and a price of $159 on a 2yr plan.

  • Kei

    For me, simple. Cut it off from iTunes, partially at the least. I hate the idea of going through an external client for even the simplest of managent tasks (like adding a song)

    I threw away my iPhone 4, and I threw away my HD7 (Zune), all for the same reason.

    It is inefficient and inconvenient.

    • realitycheck

      kei meet ifunbox, ifunbox kei.

  • stann

    I think after iOS7, there’s no way they can convince me to buy an iPhone. Those icons just look bad.
    But just in case, what they might do: expandable storage; replaceable battery; price; make it more open with option to pick default browser, music player, etc;

    For many people, it’s a personal preference. I used to have iPhone(original one), and I don’t find it interesting anymore. At that time there wasn’t anything else to compete, but now there are so many choices out there.

  • Guest

    Well, for one…if it’s true that it’s still a 4in display, same resolution, with only minor tweaks to the hardware, I might buy one if it’s cheaper than a Nexus! Why would I go pay $700+ for that.

  • Philippe Dupuis

    snapdragon 800

  • Guest

    Price it like a nexus

    • William Worlde

      That’s not even remotely plausible. That’s like asking Toyota to price their Lexus line like their Toyota line or Nissan their Infiniti like Nissan.

      I’m not necessarily saying the iP is superior to Nexus, but it is marketed and sold that way and people, being what we are, are gullible and easily swayed.

      *If* (hey, until it’s actually released, it’s still “vapourware” to me), their 5C line is an el cheapo, then they will be like Toyota and Nissan as illustrated above. There will be some trickle down features, but never the twain shall meet (in your case, pricing).

  • JerryBolton

    It would need to have Android.

  • Steve Danger Gerritsen

    …not even if it pleasured me orally.

  • Samzies

    It needs to be made by a company that has greed levels equal to other companies. There is your typical corporate greed, then there is Apple Greed. It’s a whole new level of greed. The greed this company shows with it’s staggering profit margins do not allow for the consumer to get the best for their dollar. Since the iPhone’s introduction in 2007, what has Apple given us to show 7 years of development. NOTHING! Oh wait, let me correct that, they may be giving us a fingerprint scanner. WOW!

  • mjolnirxz

    It has to be cheaper than the Nexus, because I’m getting less of everything, let alone a locked down OS.

  • Russell

    Make the screen size the same is the 4/4s, add NFC and wireless charging. Don’t see the point of these monster sized phones that feel like you’re carrying a brick around in your pocket.

  • TouchMyBox

    I won’t buy any computing device with a locked bootloader, changing that would make me potentially interested.

    • David Foggia

      Which means practically every debice

    • TouchMyBox

      Yep, luckily there are a few who do like my money.

  • Ryan

    All of our Android arguments are from people who are generally into technology (i.e the people who pay attention to MobileSyrup). Apple is popular because the vast majority of people don’t give a crap and just want something that works…they don’t want to flash roms or have to think about it, they just want a phone and in their mind Apple is the most reputable.

    • Waqqas Khokhar

      That is the unfortunate truth. And Apple knows it, too.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      Is it really “unfortunate”? I mean it’s a product, The majority of consumers for any product will be the mainstream crowd, not the enthusiasts.

      If the iPhone is what they want due to its simplicity, I don’t see how that’s unfortunate, or fortunate. It just is.

      Like what you like, don’t worry about others. 🙂

    • davedooter

      Any product that makes consumers more reliant on technology, yet makes them less technology inclined is unfortunate.

      Since when is logic, experimentation and slight complexities such a bad thing. Are we really such a stupid commercialized society we must buy the easiest/dumbed down product we can find over products that offer much more including better experience and features? If you don’t feel that is unfortunate that’s just sad. And we don’t mind paying a premium for it to boot.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      Different products for different consumers my friend.

      The unfortunate part is that many people can’t understand this. You probably would buy a different car than me, ditto houses and appliances. Why can’t consumers have different wants and needs in their device of choice without having other people’s preference being forced down their throats?

      And no, I don’t care for Apple products. I do wish people will be more open minded about things tho.

    • Alpine

      some people are just pretty thick..its like the PS4 vs Xbox 1 vs PC argument…People just have different preferences..why cant they get it? that is the big question…

    • davedooter

      If someone bought an Xbox One over the PS4 because it was a Microsoft product and not because of what the product does and you decide to help them that isn’t being thick that’s called helping an uninformed consumer out.

      That is why when you walk into a department store there are sales associates there to help. By your logic they are pretty thick and shouldn’t exist. We should all just walk into stores and buy the shiny object we see on tv or that our friends have regardless of features or functions.

      Good thinking.

    • Alpine

      So you think, people are buying iPhone because it is From Apple ? And how would you know that? Did you interview them or did you get your info from android blog?

      I don’t know how your second paragraph is even relevant to my comment as it seems a bit off topic but here is my argument on that point. I personally do my research before i go to the store as I don’t want to be pushed by the biased opinion of the sales person whether it is Apple Store or BestBuy. They exist to make a sale not to help you make the best decision. Sometimes, the best decision for me was to not buy anything.

      Preference: (noun)
      a greater liking for one alternative over another or others;

      your welcome.

    • davedooter

      Go ahead. Ask anyone with an iPhone why they choose to buy an iPhone over other devices offering different OS’s.

      Report back your findings.

      I have. Number one answer: “I bought it because it’s made by Apple and I like the iPhone.” Good answer. I don’t even know what that means. Maybe you have smarter friends and family and the general iPhone users of the internet.

      P.S. No, they are there to help you buy the right product or assist you in questions you have. If you feel the only job they offer is to sell you something then you shop at the wrong places. Shop at specialized stores and learn to ask questions, you’ll see the difference.

      You: “Hi, I like Apple. Show me the way to the Apple devices, thanks.”

      Me: “Hi, I’ve decided to buy a new phone. I Know Apple has just released iOS7 and Android has released 4.4, could you explain the differences or allow me to see a side by side comparison? Thanks.”

    • Ali H Dinani

      I like the UX flow, the devices design better suits my general style, I don’t care, nor have time, to deal with all the added features Android has (while useful for others – useless to me), the way it works with the iPad and Mac lines in both design and usability astounds me, the price differences impact me but are worth it to me, I hate the fact that the adoption rates for different OS’s is so low on Android.

      I’ve used Android for a couple months. My mother has one, most of my extended family uses it. And to be honest, I think the OS feels like crap. I found the Windows phone to be more intuitive (granted I only used one for a couple minutes).

      So yes, part of it is the Apple appeal. But that goes with Android as well (except its usually “I bought this because its not made by apple”).

    • davedooter

      If people buy an iPhone because they tried out several options and decided it was the right device for them there is nothing wrong with that.

      However we both know that isn’t the case.

      I don’t buy cars based on looks. I test drive them. See which one handles better, gets better fuel economy, feels more comfortable while sitting in for a while (As long as a test drive is) and looks appealing. I do not see all my friends driving Mini Coopers and decide that is the car I’ll get too. That is stupid logic. Call buying an iPhone for what it is.

      The irony of using the term “open minded” when in reference to iPhone buyers.

      No one is forcing anything down anyones throats. However, my mom was going to purchase an iPhone a few years ago because that was the ‘it’ phone. I persuaded her to ignore the ‘must have’ phone for a phone that suited her needs. So she bought an iPhone and a Galaxy S3 (returning one or the other). Guess which one she is using today. The Galaxy S3. It took her a few days of tweeking and usage until she felt comfortable with it and to this day every now and then she thanks me for going with her phone shopping when she sees someone using an iPhone.

      Seeing a 54 year old women open Zedge (an app) and select ring tones to reflect her trips, or to change up her background is amazing to me and brings a smile to my face and hers.

      Using a device that would have made her feel like a toddler doesn’t. (For the record iPhone doesn’t offer means to change ring tones based on a sound of your choosing unless you buy it. Stupid.)

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      The issue is that you’re assuming everyone has the same wants and needs as you.

      There are people who wants an iPhone because of what it offers.

      Furthermore, Android today is approaching what Apple was like in 2011. So many people want and will argue up and down that it’s the be all and the end all.

      I certainly agree with your reasonings above, but the products can be interchangeable based on different needs.

    • davedooter

      My point is she thought an iPhone was the right phone for her. Most of my friends are using Android after years of owning iPhones, hell one even got the new Blackberry. They admit they were “dumb” or “stupid” (their words mot mine) for buying iPhones because it was Apple.

      Do you know what’s happening? Why people are less inclined to buy an iPhone? Because they bought one and thought it was great. Then used it for a while. started facebooking, texting, using the internet… And suddenly they were becoming efficient in technology. We’re talking about some people who still can’t use a computer yet you ask them to download a picture, alter it and then send it to you and they do it with ease. People aren’t stupid. They might have thought they needed a simplistic easy to use phone until they realized they aren’t as stupid as Apple wants them to believe. So they start looking at devices that offer more then the simple things like texting. It’s human nature to evolve and never be content with something… Apple have stayed content with their simplistic “We know what’s best for you” strategy and consumers are evolving, wanting more ways to use the device.

      I agree that some people do buy the iPhone because of what it is. I actually think it’s a nice phone. But seeing iOS 7 try to be even more simplistic and use that as a selling feature while totting other features that Apple argued the past few years were non essential.

      I guess what I’m saying (to answer Mobiles question) is if Apple wanted me to buy an iPhone it would need to be more complicated in the sense I would want it to reflect me as a person. I can multitask. I can do a lot of things at one time and often do with my devices (Visit websites, see something I like you tube and play it in the background while continuing to browse, then remember my baseball pool and open that while still listening to the music and then remember I have bills to pay so I jump to that etc)

      I want MORE from my device. Not less. Not childish looking icons. I’m an adult. I don’t need all my icons laid out for me on my home screen. I know how to look. I’m not lazy. I don’t want to be told how I can use my device, I want to use my device how I see fit. You’re right, that is my opinion and doesn’t reflect everyone. I agree.

    • TheFloppyBeaver

      Your last paragraph should be the answer for the entire discussion. 🙂

      Let’s face it, mainstream consumers are lucky to understand 1/3 of the functions that a phone can do. They buy what’s popular or what the marketing department tells them.

      I certainly agree with your reasonings for tech focused people like us tho.

    • barrist

      If it’s a phone then why would you want to make it more complex than it needs to be? It’s a tool made for the very idea of convenience not tinkering around.

    • davedooter

      Do you own a flip phone? No. If we buy devices just to be ‘convent’ then why do we need these devices that anything more than text and calls?

      Apples’ argument is they have the most “apps” on any mobile platform, and Apple owners use that as a reason to buy the iPhone. If it was “convince” based then that wouldn’t be used a selling point now would it.

    • realitycheck

      What kind of narrow minded thinking is that? Did you know there is more to it than this world than mobile phone technology? Who are you to dictate what peoples priorities are?

    • davedooter

      I don’t even know what that means, Sorry. I Don’t understand how other technology relates to the discussion of mobile devices.

    • William Worlde

      I don’t agree with your first statement. I’d say it’s just people recognizing that they’re getting the same end result, but paying a whole lot less. I know people who don’t have a clue of the vast capabilities of their Android phones.

      It’s why I try to convince people that anyone east of Sask. should not be using the grossly overpriced Bell for landline services (Telus provides west of). Every telco east selling you way cheaper services are using Bell’s landline infrastructure, so why doesn’t Bell sell their services dirt cheap? Your second argument validates this.

    • Ryan

      They don’t have a clue because they don’t care.. that’s the point. You seem like the type of person I was referring to, someone into tech and someone who sizes up the benefits and efficiencies between platforms. Most people just want a quality built phone capable of texting, browsing and calling… Apple represents that sort of simplicity, they offer to do the thinking for you.

    • TheFloppyBeaver


    • davedooter

      You don’t have to be into tech to realize Apple are offering inferior products at a premium price.

      They do care. About looks and prestige. They care more about looking ‘cool’ then what the device actually offers. Times are changing though. Owning apple doesn’t equal being trendy or ‘cool’, it actually now makes you look stupid as you paid more for less. Consumers are becoming more aware of technology and are choosing devices that offer more over trying to look ‘cool’.

      It’s nice to see older women with Android phones, or teenagers rocking the latest Android device because they decided to choose a device that works for them, that offers much more than a brand.

    • Ryan

      The only way they’re inferior is in size, features, and customizability… which goes back to my simplicity argument. Performance wise they’re pretty much on par.

    • davedooter

      Exactly my point man.

    • Ali H Dinani

      Size is an opinion, features are dumbed down to what their market cares about, customizability I will agree.

      Size: Used various android phones, don’t find them comfortable in my pocket. The larger ones don’t fit into some of my friends pockets.

      Features: I’ve been shown many features that Android has, and my response has always been… why? I really don’t care to have them. Feel free to prove me wrong. So personally, it’s just bloating the phone to me.

      Customizability: Fine.

    • Mathieu

      99% of Android users have never even thought of flashing ROMs: they just use their device and enjoy the convenience and the freedom of the Android platform without thinking about it.

  • FlipMango

    Personally, if the music player would get the option to have a queue or “play-next” feature like iTunes have, I’d be interested. However with the new Galaxy Note 3 and all it’s awesome features including the S Pen, I’m sorry but my decision has already been made.

  • Martin Chan

    AWS support.

    • Tom

      The iPhone 5 has AWS support now (I believe it’s for those manufactured after March 2013). You can import a T-Mobile variant from the states and use it on Wind/Mobilicity. I would assume the next iPhone would also have an AWS variant, just maybe not released at the same time as the “main” variants (i.e. those that use CDMA and the Robellus frequencies).

    • bluecanada

      If you buy or replace an iPhone 5 at a Canadian Apple Store now, it’s likely to be the AWS variant.

  • Lyndon Boychuk

    To go with Apple would be a serious downgrade for me. No thanks.

  • Conor

    If it has widgets and a desktop that was differentiated from an app drawer, I would be an iPhone user.

  • Tony M

    I will likely get one simply because it will essentially be free on contract. Buy new iPhone for $200 on contract, sell two year old iPhone for about the same.
    Why iPhone? Stable, apps, use with one hand, and most important, it’s not plastic. I am not looking for the next gimmick to upgrade to…just something that works.

  • Thr1ve

    It would need a better, bigger and higher resolution (4.7″ and 1080P) display than its current, sub-720P resolution, it would need removable storage (microSD) and a higher capacity user replaceable battery, a micro USB charging port so I don’t have to carry multiple cables to charge my multiple devices, more than a single physical home button on its face (capacitive buttons), better speakers (stereo), better sound quality out of the headphone output, better camera, include NFC, international LTE, needs to be cheaper and generally not be lagging behind or playing catch up with other smartphones that have been out for 8+ months already (like it has for the last ~3 years)…

    On the software side, the OS needs to be open, it needs an accessible file system, not be tethered to iTunes, have widgets, limitless customization options, ability to create and install my own ROM, have access to all the hardware and functions available on the phone, the ability to automate practically anything (as with Tasker on Android), set my own default apps, get rid of the useless junk like Siri, Safari and so on… In other words, it would need to run Android rather than iOS.

    I wouldn’t even bother with the iPhone 5S.

  • Jean-Marc Dufour

    They need to have an open OS and an open apps market like Android… it will just never happen!

  • William Worlde

    First things first: Get rid of that stupid, elongated form factor!

    Secondly, and this is where iOS will be forever stuck compared to an open source OS like Android, make things simple. I hate iTunes (and the highly proprietary iOS ecosystem) with a passion! Before jailbreaking my old 3GS iP, which s-l-o-w-e-d it down considerably, everything was so complicated. With my GNex life is simple with so many alternative ways of doing things.

    That’s one of the beauties of Windows too. It’s been around so long that even though it IS proprietary, the smart ones have made it so pliable (though I can’t speak to their phone ecosystem).

    Bottom line: I was really tempted to pick up a mini iPad last week at BB’s/FS’ $299 sale, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I can’t see myself going back to iOS *anything*.

    • Tom

      Amen bro. It’s funny how Apple always wants to claim that its way is the simplest, yet in practice the other OSes, even the more closed ones like WP and BB10, prove to be much simpler 😛

  • hurric

    It needs a bigger screen, better resolution and more RAM and run Android OS and be made by LG, Samsung or HTC and be called LG G2, HTC One, S4 or Note 3…that’s when I would consider it

  • Justin Zubko

    Be designed my google

    • Alpine

      shhh it’s trying to communicate..

  • JB

    Run bb10

  • Keegan

    Price. Pricepricepricepriceprice. Price.

    • Chris Lau

      I, too am happy with my BlackBerry Z10. Nexus 5 is out soon so getting an apple seems wasteful.

  • talarico

    The only way Apple could get me to buy the 5S is if…
    they offered me an LG G2 instead! Ha..

    See what I did there! 😉

  • talarico

    Seriously though.
    Maybe if they priced the phone at $100 outright…I would possibly, maybe consider buying it for my mother.

    • realitycheck

      just leave the cheapo’s in the android ecosystem.

  • Tommy Crosby

    The fact that ebay tells me that my 3 years old iPhone 4 worth only few bucks less than a Nexus 4 (Both in used condition) Is enough to convince me that iphones are a better invesment when bought on contract. The other reason why I would buy an iPhone is because of stupid and lazy develloppers that still make better versions of their apps on iOS (Or worst, exclusive to iOS).
    In short, i will probably not buy the next iPhone because of the phone itself.

  • Ryan Zheng

    1 The Screen is too small for everyday use.
    2 Battery is just normal, sometimes a little weak

    The best thing Iphone has is its stable OS compared to Android. If Apple were to release a Iphone Note with good battery life, I would buy it without any hesitation.

  • Sylvain Larive

    It would need to come in pastel and bling bling gold colors…

  • jonnny

    It would have to have the latest technologies. It would need to be able to add widgets, and be open and not block me from doing anything I want to do. It would have to have a removable battery and sd card slot. Apple would have to stop their patent wars and be less of an arsehole. It would have to be cheaper off contract. Even then I dont know if I could bring myself to get one.

  • Aydreean

    compatible with wind mobile

    • MobileSerenityNow


    • Aydreean

      hopefully it is. if tmobile is getting it i dont see why not

  • CF

    I still remember the 3G keynote. I wasn’t really all that familiar with Jobs at the time, and had been a staunch PC guy my whole life. I think I was carrying a Motorola RAZR2 at the time, and had no idea what all this “iPhone” fuss was about. I have a weird job with strange hours, so i settled in at about midnight to watch this 90 minute or so speech on a very new thing to me.
    An hour and half later, as Jobs walked off stage to a ravenous ovation, I sat there completely dumbfounded. “This is going to change EVERYTHING” I couldn’t get that though out of my mind for months. Same this with the 4 keynote. Same thing with the iPad Keynote. They rolled on unfortunately until Steve died that way.
    I was in the middle of a contract at the the time, and i was kinda broke, so events conspired against me to ever get an iPhone and I’m currently on my 2nd Nexus line phone. I’m currently waiting for the Nexus 5 to replace my Galaxy.

    To gain my business Apple will need to do something amazing again. Not just slightly up the camera megapixels or make the screen a little bigger or change the price. They’ll have to “put [another] dent in the universe”. They’ll have to do something i didn’t know was possible, or that I didn’t know I needed until I saw those crazy bastards from Cupertino explain it to me.
    The campus at 1 Infinity Loop used to be a dream factory, it was like a tech geek’s Magic Kingdom. Now unfortunately they’re more concerned about unlocking shareholder value…
    TL;DR I need someone to put the bottom line aside, and leave me astounded again with “One More Thing…”

  • jamaalism

    128GB is enough

  • yvrstud

    It would need to be more slick than my HTC one and less dependant on iTunes. Drag and drop. 1080p, 5 inch or close screen and thin, and it’s a toss up at that. HTC one is the phone apple should have made.

  • Billy

    1) No iTunes
    2) 5.5″ screen with retina
    3) Can send stuff over bluetooth
    4) Google Now-type accuracy
    5) Swype-type preinstalled

    • MobileSerenityNow

      Swype blows, why do people like it so much? Faster to just type, or use voice-to-text.

    • J-Ro

      Sounds like you want an Android in an iPhone shell.

  • Potato

    iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak and a larger screen. Then I’m sold. Honestly, a jailbroken iphone has most of the benefits of Android. The only negatives are the small screen and that you don’t get the features out of the box oh and the battery life. Having had and S2, Xperia Play, and an iPhone 4. I can say I loved both the S2 and the iPhone 4 equally.

  • Simon Fitzbay

    I’d like a (much) bigger screen, NFC, quad core and bette price. I think I’ll stick with android then !

  • deepbluesea79

    I just switched from an iphone4 to a Nexus 4 last week. Mostly due to the lower price outright. Love the switch! All the current iphone screens are to small. To get me back on my next upgrade they’ll have to increase the screen size. BTW the Nexus 4 is way smoother then iphone4! No lag or shuttering what so ever.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    No matter how much Android lovers criticize Apple the truth is that since Apple stopped bringing anything new to the table , Google or Android is not innovating either. Look what Google is doing with Jelly Bean every iteration , a feature here and there nothing new to offer. Why bec Google is watching Apple so that they can get inspired if not copy. Oops I hurt Android fan boys. Truth is always painful. Android Device Manage that google launched now after 2 yrs of Apples find my iPhone and still it doesn’t have a app on the device. We have to go to a web page to locate or erase a device. Ridiculous. Anyways Apple iOS is still a smooth and lovely user experience and with iOS 7 we got a refresh , it’s not totally changed or new os but still a lovely OS to use. All I need is a bigger screen now Apple and then all this lost market share will be earned back.

    • Billy

      Just your last sentence is good enough, but, since you brought up the Android copying Apple thing I ask you this: Why did Apple make an ipad mini and increase the iPhone 5 to 4″? And also now there are rumors of Apple testing “phablet” size iphone. I don’t need to tell you how long ago Android users have this right.

    • realitycheck

      if diversifying screen sizes is considered innovative then i really pity you fandroids….

      lets get back on topic…. i want a bigger screen on my iphone. LOL

    • Billy

      Larger screen sizes are not really innovations yes, but it was a much requested feature from iphone users leading up to Apple begrudgingly inreasing the iphone to 4″. And why do iphone users want a bigger screen, including youself?

    • MobileSerenityNow

      The iPhone 5 screen size was increased to support HD video playback, not to copy Android.

      And before you jump off the deep end responding to me, neither company invented anything.

    • Lakh Jhajj

      Same as Google needed Android Device Manage and Google Now after they saw SIRI. All these app crashing and sudden stops in Android tells us sobbingly that under this buttery smooth jelly bean,Android is still work in progress.

  • Tpickles

    I would consider the iphone 5s if the price is under $400 and its more powerful then the current iphone 5. I am a die hard android guy and have been using it since 1.5 cupcake, I had the iphone 3G before and it was okay but i would like to see what apple has to offer after all these years.

  • Tom

    It needs a user accessible file system such that it can be plugged into any PC running Windows, Mac, or Linux and files can be dragged and dropped with no restrictions via the desktop OS’s native file explorer – no need to install any awful software like iTunes. You know, something my dumbphone has, something that Android, BB, and WP also have. In other words, I want to plug an iPhone into a PC and use it like a USB flash drive without having to use workarounds!

    Yes, I know there’s iCloud, dropbox, etc, and I know those methods are faster for small file transfers, but they require a network connection and are slower for large file transfers. Besides, it’s not going to harm the user experience to include an accessible file system – it’s not like the cloud method will suddenly disappear completely if Apple allows USB storage mode. What’s the harm in having the best of both worlds?

    After having suffered from the lack of such a simple feature on two iPod touches, I vow never to buy another iOS device until this one very simple feature is introduced. I don’t care if they make the iPhone 5S super powerful and $200 off contract – until USB storage mode arrives I’d rather pay double for an Android. And if Android didn’t exist, either a BB or a WP.

    • Alpine

      Trust me that will never happen. Next!

    • Tom

      It might be possible – Microsoft attempted to copy Apple by locking down the file system on Windows Phone 7 so you couldn’t just drag and drop files with the desktop’s native explorer. And WP7 did not sell particularly well. Now WP8’s here, and it’s included this simple feature via MTP (same as all Androids running 4.0 and higher). In other words, MS saw that the lack of this feature was part of the reason they couldn’t compete and was smart enough to remedy it for the next gen.

  • BB BB

    It needs Samsung

    • realitycheck

      i think the galaxy gear was proof enough that its actually the other way around

  • Lucas

    at least a 4.5″ screen… but that probably won’t happen until iphone 6

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    only if, there was an Apple Nexus… DUN DUN DUN DAAAAAAAA!

  • Sweet

    – bigger and wider screen (at least the size of the Z10)
    – easy, fluid workflow
    – unintrusive notification system
    – much, much better document handling
    – more gesture-based operations (like in BB10)
    – ability to change the default browser
    – true multitasking
    – much better task manager
    – better security
    – built-in fingerprint scanner for at least unlocking the device
    – an easy and accurate way to place the cursor anywhere in a text area
    – a more powerful keyboard, with an easy way to delete words

    I would also like to see support for OpenVPN, though the lack of it wouldn’t prevent me from buying an iPhone. Most of what I listed above is already in BB10, so I guess I’m asking for iOS to be like BB10. 🙂

    • rd0t

      And this is why BB10 is awesome. Sadly no one wants to give it a chance.

  • Joey Terranova

    Simply put, a battery that can last all day under a lot of use. People are so dependant on their cell phones that having “the next best phone” is a useless moniker that is only relivent to how much you can actually use it. Get an iPhone an android, Samsung, bkackberry, Nokia or anybody who can make a phone that isn’t fighting over how many millimetres thin it is. Put a real battery in these devices and expand the daily life cycle of the phone. That’s what it will take for me to get excited and jump on board with the next big device.

  • Supacon

    I liked my iPhone 5 well enough, but wanted something bigger, so I tried a Nexus 4 for a couple of months. It was alright but I missed a lot about iOS, the apps, and how much more elegantly most things worked. I switched back to an iPhone and haven’t looked back. I think iOS 7 should fix most of my issues with the platform (and let’s hope it doesn’t introduce more).

    The major issue I had with the iPhone 5, though, is the battery life. Most days my battery is dead or dying by the time I’m heading home so I had to carry a battery pack with me just in case. I hope the A7 helps improve this situation… Another 25% battery life would probably allow me to get through most days.

    If that battery life factor is improved then I’ll buy one for sure. (But I usually upgrade my phone at least yearly in any case because I like trying the latest technology.)

    • realitycheck

      the iphone 5’s battery life is pretty similar to its comparables. Your issue is actually a universal issue all smartphone users have unless you go BIG.

  • letodax

    This site is an android sausage fest. Reminds me a lot of the desktop linux community. Anyway, I still want an ios phone with a bigger screen than 4″.

    • rd0t

      It isn’t just this site, that’s what mobile technology has become.

      BlackBerry hate, Windows Phone neutrality, Android/Apple fanboys. That’s just the way it is now.

    • Wizzy

      Hating BB is like hating Palm. LIttle point now that it’s irrelevant platform.

  • Alison Danielle


  • Wizzy

    Nothing could convince me to buy a 5S. I’ve had the 3G, 3GS, and 4. It hasn’t changed substantially since I last owned one. It’s a stale platform and only iSheep still bow down to that platform.

    There’s a completely new Android experience coming out practically every month. On iOS…every 2 years!

  • B-Mac

    can’t be convinced, already buying a Xperia Z1 when it comes out at the end of the month!

  • PT

    “Apple’s 4-inch legacy”

    Welcome to 2009 Apple!

    • realitycheck

      thats pretty ignorant

    • Wizzy

      Okay, how about: “Apple’s grid of icons. Welcome to 2007!”

  • PJ Butta

    I’m currently using an iPhone 5 running iOS7 beta 6 and it feels just as snappy as my Nexus 4 running Jellybean 4.3 (except with LTE data speeds). I actually love the 4″ form factor. I don’t need a Galaxy Mega in my skinny jeans. I have an iPad mini (also running iOS7 beta 6) as well. Way better than any Android tablet I’ve ever used. Apple makes great products that just work. Great app ecosystem and after sales support through Apple retail stores. Just my $0.02. We’ll see September 10th what new features the 5S will have.

    • Wizzy

      Pretty easy to “just work” when it doesn’t do much. My Nexus 7 blow away any iPad at half the price.

    • downhilldude

      Sorry, you lost all credibility at “skinny jeans”…

  • JP

    built-in slide-out qwerty, hardware nav buttons including back and menu, and removable back to replace batteries if need be as well as microSDXC support.

    NFC, customizability, swype, tasker-like app would all be nice but those are the bare minimum

    • JagaJaga

      why did you even waste time typing all of that up?

    • MobileSerenityNow

      So, basically, gimmicky Android features.

    • JP

      Except they’re actually useful for people who can actually use them… while the rest either just ignore them, or hate them because their iPhones don’t have it.

      A simple click on your name shows you claim “swype blows” and “S3 is the worst phone of all time”… Just goes to show you’re a butthurt iPhone fanboy who haven’t tried either.

      Yeah.. tasker app is a gimmicky feature. Right. You probably don’t even know what the hell it is.

    • MobileSerenityNow

      LOL wow, congrats, you cracked the case, I said on another website that the S3 sucks. (It does)

      What you don’t – and couldn’t – know is that I went through four Android phones in two years before switching to the iPhone. Three Samsung and one HTC. All four, total crap. Garbage phones. Before that, I used BlackBerry devices for 7 years.

      Call me a fanboy if you want, but you’d be wrong – I don’t fit the definition as I’ve only arrived at the conclusion that Apple is the best based on my own patient experience over 10 years using smartphones.

      (And, yes, I know “what the hell” the Tasker app is, I even had one on my S3. Surprise, it didn’t make a difference, because the phone sucks.)

  • Stephen Chan

    Wireless Charging

  • MobileSerenityNow

    Ignorant. Try researching & developing, designing, testing, manufacturing, shipping, marketing and selling a high-quality smartphone for $200 yourself and see how far you get. What an absolutely boneheaded comment!

    • J-Ro

      Yeah. No one sells phones for less than $700. Companies like Huawei and Xiaomi aren’t really making profit or good phones. It is all a bunch of smoke a mirror tricks.

    • MobileSerenityNow

      No one sells good phones for less than $700, you’re right. Huawei is making decent devices but they’re coming in cheap to try to steal market share (win on price), not because they actually think they can win on quality.

  • Toron James

    iOS 7 is a ripoff of WP and not in a good way.

  • Jermally

    If I were to buy an iPhone, I would need it to be better. iOS 7 seems like it will bring some lover needed changes but nothing as huge as I have seen from competitors. I htink next year Apple will convince and convert more people with the iPhone 6 and that rumored 5 inch iPhone.

  • Andrew Phillips

    As a formerly faithful apple user that has just recently given up on the iphone. The iphone is just too far behind all of the other smartphones. They would have to at least catch up with the features of the other phones and drop the price so that the features vs the price is in line with the other manufacturers. Just having the apple logo is not worth as much as it used to be.

  • Nachotech

    My current phone has a 4.3 inch screen and I can’t wait until my contracts up so I can upgrade to at a phone with at least a 5 inch screen. I would never consider downsizing to a smaller screen, and it never ceases to amaze me how many isheep are out there are gladly willing to shell out $600-$700 for a tiny phone that it probably costs Apple a hundred bucks to manufacture at this point.
    There’s a reason Apple has 145 BILLION dollars in cash on hand, it’s because of the huge premium they charge for their devices.
    Want me to buy an iphone? Try slashing the price, increasing the screen size and giving me an open source OS, so I’m not permanently locked into the Apple ecosystem. Until then, it’s not worth wasting my time looking at idevices.


    New design, a 4.5 inch screen, 30 hour battery life under heavy usage, better speech recognition, a screen that is slightly flexible so when I drop it, so it does not shatter.


    Oh, and have them assemble iphones here in Canada, create more jobs, and do what Moto X does, let us customize our phones!

    • thedosbox

      SOME Moto X are assembled in the USA – specifically those sold south of the border. None are assembled in Canada.

  • downhilldude

    It would need Android, and to NOT be manufactured by Apple. Then I’d consider it. If you called it the Note 3, I’d buy it for sure.

    This is the first obvious click-bait article I’ve really noticed on Mobile Syrup. If I want this drivel, I’ll go to Wired’s website.

  • Riley Freeman

    Apple has built a great ecosystem unlike the other guys out there. I’m locked in and won’t be changing to android for that and the fact google won’t do what’s necessary to clean up their App Store. They should have the same rigorous process to make sure malware doesn’t get into their store the way apple does. How can I give them my hard earned money if they don’t care enough to try and protect me and their products.

    But I not buy S models anymore. We all know next years iphone will be the big screen increase and it would stupid to get this years model. Pone upgrade every 2 years as the non S models have all the real big changes.

    Bigger screen and 128gb? I can’t wait

    • Günter Schwarz

      Well the play store has gotten a bit better but it will never compare to the Apple App Store.

    • downhilldude

      Never say “Never”.

    • J-Ro

      It is funny he said that. Google has made it a mandate to crack down on malicious apps in the Play store. All while working on Kit-Kat

  • Günter Schwarz

    I’d have to say a better camera. I’ve been using iOS7 since Beta 1 on my iPhone 4S and haven’t seen any performance issues. And people who say that iOS7 is like Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8, I disagree. I own a Nokia 620 and owned a 920 and I found Apple did a better job than Microsoft.

  • Len Waugh

    for me it would be a 3rd party app store and an iphone sim for developing on for windows linux. Right now languages like mono and titanium need ios because of the simulator to code and having a proper hole in the gardens wall is important to me.

  • Dize Odisu

    microSD slot
    microSD slot
    microSD slot…..cheap apple…..I dont mind if they charge extra for it

  • TP

    Ability to just plug a microUSB and transfer any kind of my files to anywhere I want them to be.

  • Pat

    Not a matter of what it would take to convince me to buy one, rather what it would take to convince me to NOT buy one. I’m expecting modest updates to the processor, battery and camera, and iOS 7 is going to be great. My contract for my iPhone expires in February so just looking for the next iteration of the Apple experience 🙂

  • David Thomas

    Innovation, bigger screen and freedom to use it without iTunes. For the love of god stop being fanboys. Android, iOS even Blackberry all have there strength and flaws. For me I need a big screen and the ability to use my phone as a USB key and open any format of video! So I choose Android.

  • atorontoguy

    I think what blocks me and a lot of other persons to purchasing the iPhones are the cost, and how that is bundled into a plan at the cell companies. I don’t use much data, and would likely only use the wi-fi, or use the cell data occasionally. I don’t want to pay the extra monthly cost. I have a Google Samsung Nexus S and I’m pretty happy with it. The apps run smoothly, though it is a single processor. I bought it used and have had it for over a year now. I had an HTC before that, that I lost. Both phones were in my price range, that is under $200 with a low-cost plan. (using a tab) What Apple brings to the table are things that are ‘extras’ to me.

  • MB

    NFC Capabilities.

  • Mapplegate

    It would pretty much need a larger screen, removable battery, not have a fingerprint scanner (or at least be able to disable it), and run Android OS.

  • kroms

    Give it to me for FREE. 🙂

  • Paul d’Ottawa

    A larger screen that’s sharper.

  • North45

    They don’t need to do much. I’ll upgrade my phone every 2 years no matter what. Why wouldn’t I? I’m paying my contract anyways so for $300 bucks I get a brand new device. It’s going to have a new battery and a much faster processor. In this case, it’s screen is bigger than mine (a 4S).

    Having said that, there are things I have on a wish list. Waterproof. Why can’t it be waterproof? Not to 100 feet but how about 6 feet. I’d like to know if I drop it in the toilet that it’s not as good as a piece of… well you know…

    I’d also like to use it instead of credit cards. Seems like that’s just a matter of time but I think they have advanced the possibility with the scanner.

    I don’t really understand why colors are important. Doesn’t everyone use a case of some sort? I’ll get my new phone in space grey, I suppose and then slap a nice colorful plastic cover on that I’ll buy from HK of Ebay for six bucks.

  • stann

    After today announcement, probably $720

  • Shane Robinson

    hearing about the specs of the new iphone 5s is a bit dissapointing when you hear Sony has a water proof phone.(sony xperia z1) despite the little upgrades no new shape or over all advancement, gives sony the lead in technology. I will wait for the release of sonys phone during x-mas time 2013.

  • Dane French

    burst mode was the last thing that I really needed to keep me away from an iphone. ios7 has the new UI that doesn’t look like crap, it will have a lifeproof case available, and It has burst mode. sound pretty good to me. last thing that would be nice is the ability to set defaults for things like email and the browser(still a chrome/gmail guy) but the rest, looks good.

  • Phil

    No iTunes.