LG Nexus 5 possibly sneaks into the FCC packing LTE


  • Jonathan G.

    I hope it is 5 inches or smaller!

    • Super_Deluxe

      That’s what she said!

    • Jonathan G.


    • JagaJaga


    • downhilldude

      Actually, that’s what he HOPES she will say.

  • Patrick

    Nexus 5 BABY!

  • JB


  • naviz

    Wow, CDMA and GSM in 1 device, impressive! Very few phones exist that offer both…

    • lukev

      Almost every device Verizon sells does.

    • naviz

      Those are mostly made purely for roaming. Basically, its very difficult to use it as a gsm only device. They also don’t support bands like AWS.

  • Shiftastic

    Since they never included it in the article:
    Overall dimension: 131.9mm x 68.2mm (smaller then nexus 4: 133.9 x 68.7)
    Display dimension: 126mm (4.96 inches)
    Battery: 2300mAh

    • wes

      Battery looking weak. IMO.

    • Ben

      Seriously. Let’s recap recent 5″ phone battery sizes.
      S4 : 2600 mAh
      Z1 : 3000 mAh
      G2 : 3000 mAh (ok 5.2″ but still)
      DROID MAXX : 3500 mAh
      … Notice a trend? Hoping KitKat will bring HUGE battery life improvments, number one feature/improvment I want.

    • Plazmic Flame

      Wow, way to fail Google. You own the company that makes the “MAXX” series of devices, who are able to put a 3500 mAh battery into a 4.7 inch device and you’re coming out with 2300 mAh on a 5 inch device?? FFS… another Nexus I’ll be skipping… sadly. This really could have been the perfect phone

      – Large screen
      – Stock Android
      – Timely updates
      – Missing large battery…


    • trtr

      uh LG makes the nexus 5, google does not own LG.

    • Garrett Cooper

      I think you misread. Plazmic said Google owns the company who makes the “MAXX” devices, which would be Moto.

    • trtr

      yes and he is saying that since motorola makes the MAXX that somehow the LG made nexus 5 should have the same battery size. that is like saying hey toyota, bmw is making these $700k super cars, why dont you do the same?

    • Garrett Cooper

      OR he was saying Google cold have had Moto make it…

    • Ugslick

      But then we’d get a nice battery, but the rest of the phone would suck. At least in comparison to LG. I mean LG knows how to make nice hardware. And the battery isn’t amazing, but its good enough. It will be on par with what current phones offer at least.

    • gommer strike

      well you know what they say. out of the 5 things that a perfect phone would be – you may only pick 4 of them.

    • Jonathan G.

      Where did you get those specs from?

    • Shiftastic

      The FCC filing

    • Shiftastic

      FCC Filing in the SAR Report

    • Jonathan G.

      Ah I see, thanks!

    • Humberto Giambrone

      But in the leaked photo, the device looks larger than the N4 being held by the girl beside him. Is there a possibility of both a regular and phablet version? Is it just the angles in the picture? Or am I missing something?

    • Jonathan G.

      I bet it is just a perspective thing. To me at least it doesnt look THAT much bigger looking.

    • Garrett Cooper

      I think you’re right, because the guy is a couple feet closer to the camera. At first I thought it looked bigger too, but clearly it’s almost the exact size.

    • Ugslick

      It is pretty impressive its SMALLER. I mean, you kind of expected it, with the G2’s huge display on a phone the same size as the HTC One, but it’s still nice to see that 4.96 inch display on a body smaller than the N4.

  • Mobile Phones Fan

    Oh, ffs — again with the Verizon exclusion?

    Note 3, here I come.

    • Savbers

      It has CDMA, GSM, DC-HSPA+, and LTE.
      … How does Verizon not fit in there?

    • Mobile Phones Fan

      Easy: band 13 — Verizon’s current LTE spectrum — is not listed.

      That said, there’s still a slim chance this handset will work on VZW. They could be planning to (finally) light up another block of spectrum at 1700MHz…the build-out has been ongoing for at least the past year. So, maybe VZW will announce this on or before the Nexus 5’s intro, but that’s entirely speculative.

      Meanwhile, given Verizon’s incredibly poor handling of their Galaxy Nexus (Google Wallet disallowed (!) via Play Store; re-engineered shell incompatible with GSM accessories; more bloatware than any other US carrier; 9+ months delay for Jelly Bean update) you couldn’t blame Google for writing them off.

    • Savbers

      Fair enough, since it won’t work on their LTE network unless they roll out band 4 coverage. Good luck with the Note 3!

    • Mobile Phones Fan


      Truth be told, I was being a bit dramatic — I’d hate to miss the new Nexus if Big Red supports it. But even more than that I hate being left in limbo until…what, late fall? I’m not a patient phone geek. 🙂

      Hope my Verizon sources can learn something useful. Otherwise, I suppose the next two months will be a test of my willpower…

    • Ugslick

      Well, you could always just get the LG G2 🙂

    • Mobile Phones Fan

      Don’t think that possibility hadn’t crossed my mind! LG have suddenly come into their own among Android OEMs.

      Even so, the Note 3 is a thinner, lighter Note 2, but with a bigger screen, improved battery-life plus 3 GB of RAM.

      Face it, that’s one sick phone. 🙂

      The G2 is great, but only a bigger, faster Nexus with gloriously vanilla Android 4.4 — and a great camera — can beat that.

      ::fingers crossed::

    • Ugslick

      Well the G2 has a killer camera, and a sick battery as well. Honestly, I think the G2 has its foot in just about every door, which is great, since you get the best of everything in one device. I think the developer community will be large for it as well though, meaning Cyanogenmod support, and other custom roms etc.

  • Ibrahim Elmi


    • Dize Odisu

      Hell Yeah!!!!!!!

  • grantdude

    LG again? Come on…give it to Sony or HTC.

    • Ben

      I’m thinking that Sony or HTC would not be able (willing?) to do a 300-400$ high end phone … I am hoping this is the reason why they chose LG (not that I want an LG but I want a N4 price range for the N5!). I had big hopes for a Motorola Nexus though…

  • Chris

    Noticed under HAC key features “WiFi 2.4GHz(802.11 b/g/n /ac ) 5GHz( 802.11 a/n /ac )”
    Cool it might have Wireless AC.

  • cole26

    Yay! No more glass back.

    • rivard35

      I liked the glass back

  • jddd

    2300 mah? F*** off…

    • jack peters

      Battery optimisation. For all we know, the nexus 5 might be really good at it. Topped with 4.4 kit-kat….
      Don’t judge a phone based upon it’s battery.

  • kroms

    Man i wish i worked for Google 🙁

  • rivard35

    Should be interesting

  • Tony Sarju

    Now that it’s September, the leaks should start flowing.

  • Bri

    I thought kitkat was 5.0… I want to see more changes!!

    • Plazmic Flame

      We haven’t seen anything yet…

  • Harry Woo

    Can’t wait to get one

  • naviz

    No it won’t, Robellus is 2600 FD while this band is TD. Its used by US carriers. Although there should be very little hardware difference between the two.

    • Troy Mitchell

      Thanks. That’s too bad that there can’t be just 1 version for the U.S. and Canada.

    • Henry

      I’m sure the nexus 5 will play nice with Rogers, at least I can’t see north america getting two versions of nexus.

    • naviz

      There are reports from Anandtech that it has band 7 support but not in the FCC filing since it is not used in the US (its a world LTE band). So all may not be lost…

    • Troy Mitchell

      That’s great, I’ll go look at that info. Thanks.

    • mjolnirxz

      If we get the non-US version it would be perfect it has both Bands 4 and 7… Funny how the rest of the world can use one version but the US has their own one lol

  • Adam Young

    Really a 2300mAh battery? I would have thought they would put a 3000+ mAH battery.

  • Jesse

    i myself went from a Nokia C6, to an iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 5… i was happy with my Apple products until my i5 was stolen after 6 months of owning it, i got a Nexus4 off Kijiji and have been using it for around 5 months now and i gotta tell ya… i am never going back to Apple unless they can do some of the things this phone can do! i am officially on the Nexus bandwagon and CANNOT WAIT for the Nexus5… bring it on Google, i’ll be among the first in line to pre-order

  • Herbert Chong

    The product may not be finalized yet, we may see a battery capacity bigger than 2300mAh.
    besides, this is a strategic approach to put such a low capacity battery in the Nexus 5.
    As we know Nexus 4 doesn’t allow user to change battery, Nexus 5 will likely be the same. With a low mAh, user will need to charge more. and time goes on , the battery will lose its ability to hold charge after a year or 2.

    Google has this trend of releasing a new cell phone device every year. They absolutely don’t want consumer to hold on their device for 3years, or even 2 years.

    • Savbers

      Actually… More Battery = More Cost = Less Cheap Phone. It just seems like a cheap way to cut costs. Plus, who knows maybe KitKat is bringing iPhone-like battery optimization. We know nothing for sure – they could even launch the phone with a larger battery size!

  • assman


    • assman

      Sheexxxzyyy timmmeee

  • Kyang

    Whatever… My Nexus 4 will last another year. Although my N4 has decent battery life( 4+ Screen On Time), it doesn’t stop me from wanting more. 2300 mah is certainly not a huge step forward, and i’ll pass this time.

  • Lucas

    from what i’ve read it’s gonna be 4.96″, not sure if that’s including the on-screen buttons or not.

  • 2dfx

    A good thing I see – it is physically smaller in dimensions compared to the Nexus 4…makes it easier to hold.

    A bad thing I see – no 700MHz LTE support, considering the upcoming spectrum auction.

  • delumen

    2300mAh battery is going to be terrible, I hope there is some sort of improved battery usage with version Kit Kat (still sounds weird).

  • gommer strike

    Why 3GB of RAM? RAM should always be always doubled, eg. the PC world. Only 2300mAh battery? When the LG G2 has 3000mAh? Why the downgrade, Google?

    Why does it always have to be like this? Why can’t we simply have everything:

    1) Best-in-class screen technology
    2) Long-lasting battery life
    3) Timely/instant updates
    4) Mass availability and stock
    5) Luxury look and feel

    Every single freaking time, we can never have it all. Every single time, one of the above must be subtracted from the list above.

    Manufacturers – get your act together.

  • Stephane Malo

    when will the NEXUS 5 be officially announced. Either i buy the NEXUS 5 when it comes out (if its priced under 400$) or i wait in November and get LG G2.