LG G2 has a retail price of $699, might launch on September 10th


  • Sanjay Kumar

    Wind has enough of high end smartphones
    But not any budget smartphone like Nokia Lumia 521.

  • Savbers

    Soooooo – Moto X it is then. :p

  • hunkyleepickle

    No way they release it on the same day as the rumored apple event.also, I suspect the carriers will make this device either 249 or 299 on contract, further hamstringing it…

  • Brandon Roberts

    I wouldn’t count on the fact that it’s going to be $699 for the full price of the phone. Often for these giveaways they price the product at a premium to what the actual price is (think Tim Hortons bicycles during Roll Up the Rim).

    That said, I bet $699 is the price Wind will put it at unfortunately, while the carriers will have it for $649 outright and $229 on a 2-year.

  • JTon

    Nexus 4 has really thrown a monkey wrench into everyone’s (including my own) perception of a fairly priced phone. Especially for android phones! I mean, can you really justify doubling the price for a better screen and maybe camera?

    • Kyang

      Nexus 4 is really worth more than it should. Then again, the camera isnt that great; one of lg’s production cost reduction methods. Likewise, the speaker isnt that great either. Apart of those two cons, nexus 4 is really a great phone.

      Just the other day, I was comparing the galaxy s4 to the nexus 4. What I found was there really aren’t much advantages worth an upgrade. The brightness is higher on n4 but only slightly less sharp, compared to the 1080p screen of the s4. The battery life appears to be better on the n4, hard to believe but that’s what I saw. Overall, not a significant upgrade.

      Whether or not to shell out 300 bucks more, for any of these flagship phones will differ from person to person.
      Nevertheless, nexus 4 was subsidized by Google, otherwise, the price would be no different compared to other highend phones.

    • deltatux

      It’s clear that Google has been subsidizing the cost of Nexus 4. I doubt the price I paid for my Nexus 4 is really how much it should cost. Remember, Google’s main goal with their Nexus program is to have a reference platform that can get into as many hands as possible to do what? Push Google services since that’s where the bulk of their profits come from. It’s also why Google gave away Android (in terms of cost and by open sourcing it). They could have simply licensed it like how Microsoft does it with their Windows Phone platform if it weren’t for this reason.

      Device sales aren’t really where they make money on. It’s exactly the same model game console manufacturers take. Take a hit on hardware, earn it back from games, services and accessories.

  • King kobi

    it’s such a tough choice to make When buying new smartphone you can either sign a contract or buy it Out keeping my children you don’t have to upgrade your smartphone every year it’s not mandatory if your phone is working perfectly fine and has a current version of Android there is 0 need to update phone don’t be like women and buy shoes every time you see a new color

  • Kabir Askari

    they must launch it before sept 4, as new note might lower its sell

  • Cam C

    700.00 for an LG device…..no way in hell. I’d question paying 300 for it.

    • gommer strike

      vs how much you’d pay for say, iPhone eh

    • Cam C

      Considering apple quality and support vs lg quality and support? Market price take 50-100 off if possible if I felt it was worth it. Im not an apple guy though. Waiting on the galaxy note 3.