Gold iPhone 5S

A number of compelling reports, plus a leaked image, over the past few days has pointed towards Apple steering away from the traditional white and black iPhone and including a gold – possibly ‘champagne’ – colour option.

The pic, courtesy of MacBoutic, showed the next generation of the iPhone splashed in gold. The overall design is the same as the iPhone 5, but the new iPhone ‘5S’ will reportedly be painted with a hint of gold that covers the sides and middle frame. TechCrunch’s MG Seigler is also reporting his sources state that “Yes, there will be a gold iPhone” and “the actual gold iPhone would be much more subtle in color. Think: less ‘gold’ and more ‘champagne’.”

Apple is also rumoured to release a lower cost iPhone 5C that has a plastic shell and several colour option. Both of these new iPhones are expected to be officially unveiled at a September 10th event in Cupertino.

Update: AllThingsD is weighing in on the Gold iPhone 5S. Their sources now confirm that Apple will bring a new option to iPhone users in an “elegant” gold flavour, but once again the rumour hint towards it being closer to “champagne” colour. In addition, ATD sources indicate that the ‘gold iPhone will feature a white face, with a gold-tone back plate and chamfered edging.’

Source: TechCrunch, MacBoutic
Via: ATD, iMore