“BlackBerry Z30” images and video tutorials appear in leaked OS


  • Josh Brown

    That actually looks like a good phone. Good for Blackberry.

  • wallace

    Almost all touch phones look the same nowadays… Petty far fetch to suggest they would copy to different phone for the bottom and the top

  • Paul Serge

    Does it do 80% of popular apps launched before 2011?

  • SloppyMagic

    i’ll take a Z30, or whatever they are going to call it, as soon as its available. looks excellent..

  • cH

    If i was a BB fan, I would buy a Q10. If I was not a BB fan, I would buy an iPhone or S3/Note 2. Then who would buy a Z10…..Z30?

    • Igor Magun

      I’m a BB fan. I have a Z10. See what a little open-mindedness will do?

    • Daniel Lynes

      The Z10’s already big enough, IMHO. I switched from the Android to the Z10. Never had an old Blackberry, because I found them to be quite ugly, and by the time I wanted to get a smartphone, the Blackberry was behind the curve.

      The Z10 has a number of innovative features, including a lot of minor items that when added up are a game changer. For whatever reason, Blackberry’s not promoting these minor items.

      The virtual keyboard is definitely nicer than the one on Android or the one on iPhone, and not even so much because of the word completion. With the frets, it’s just way more accurate for fast typing, and the big circle for moving the text cursor is far easier to use on Blackberry than on the iPhone. With the iPhone, your thumb ends up being in the way, so you have difficulty seeing where you’re dropping the cursor.

      The Z10 also allows you to see call history for individual numbers within a contact, not grouping all numbers for one contact together. It also allows you to easily access notes during a call.

      It allows you to easily switch between texts, bbms, voicemails, calls, emails, google talk messages, LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook updates with ease, through use of the Blackberry Hub.

      Like the Android, it’s easy to develop for, and you’re not forced to buy a specific platform for that (Android and Blackberry development environments are available for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX).

      You can create a customized message on your lock screen, such as adding alternative phone numbers for someone to call you if you lose your cellphone.

      Time Shift (facial recognition, and quick successive camera snaps) is extremely useful, and it’s a feature I use on my Z10 regularly. We have a 16 month old that doesn’t like to sit still. It allows me to actually get a picture worth keeping.

      The Safari Online app is actually better than the one on Android. It’s way more stable.

      Skype is also considerably more stable on Blackberry than it is on Android, Windows, or Linux.

      Blackberry Protect allows you to secure and track your device, as well as be able to wipe it and disable it on the network if someone decides to pick it up and keep it.

      It supports DLNA for sharing media with your TV, Windows Media Player, Blueray Player, …

      It’s got accessibility features for the visually impaired. It allows you to buy apps by adding the purchase price to your phone bill, instead of credit or debit cards.

      It allows you to enter text in, in other languages with ease. It’s not quite as easy as Android, but it’s pretty close.

      It also has a feature to easily transfer data from iPhone or Android to BBOS 10.

      And, finally it allows you to set up multiple character, alphanumeric passwords for the lock screen.

      Another cool item is the battery pack that comes with a charger, and an integrated micro USB cable. It allows you to charge the cellphone and the spare battery at the same time. It also allows you to connect the spare battery to the phone to extend the time before the phone runs out of battery power. This is really important if you’re almost out of battery, and you’re on an important call (the phone companies seem to keep you on hold forever…when was the last time you were on the phone trying to get something fixed with them, or get your bill lowered, and your phone ran out of battery waiting for them to take you off of hold?) Best of all, the battery pack’s only $25 (at T-Booth)….I think it’s about $50 at the Bell store.

  • Boris Bonilla

    A phone for everyone I guess. I’m good with my Z10 though, not everyone needs a phablet, I like having the ability to type with one hand when on the go.

  • Mr.CoolBerry

    It look good. I don’t really care about screen size on phone cause it seem like it always increase every year. It would be nice if they had other colour beside the standard white/silver/black if that the colour that coming out. I would want a red/black colour combo BlackBerry Z30

  • Igor Magun

    Trouble is, the Z10’s hardware was finalized a long time before the OS launched – it was the OS that delayed BlackBerry 10 twice, not the hardware. It’s possible that they may be phasing it out early as a result. After all, a 4.2-inch screen nowadays is quite small, with all the Android flagships rocking screen sizes in and around 5-inches.

  • Trevor Howard

    Looks like I am going to switch from Samsung to Blackberry Z30 looks great

  • Henry0623

    AHAHAHHA funny guy. If you’re going to go this far, HTC copied the Z10’s design.

  • fromarmow

    Looks good to me – I’ll have one it comes out

  • Real Malicious with It

    I don’t miss having the z10 at all thank god for iPhone

  • King kobi

    blackberry cannot compete with Android they will be slaughtered and that’s a fact

    • AnotherBillJ

      Two years ago, I would have agreed with you. Since BB10 launched, I now think you’re wrong.

  • AnotherBillJ

    BlackBerry is looking better all the time. With Thor’s 10-year mobile computing plan, I believe BlackBerry is back and it’s back to stay.

    Cheers. 🙂

  • ckavvouras@gmail.com

    Either way I still think bb sould move away from it. The main reason why someone like my self wouldn’t by a bb is the lack of apps. If they were to put Android on it along with premium hardware and timely updates im sure bb can get back on its feet

  • kroms

    So just a Z10 but with a bump in screen and hardware ?
    So wait ? It is still using Android APPS built on 2.23 ?

    • kroms

      Hi , yes I did look it up on CB as I do keep up on it’s forums regarding BB.
      I should have looked there first. Good to know they are supporting 4.2 now but even so this must be done with some kind of emulation on the OS. Which is not the most efficient way of doings things but is the only way I guess since BB os is not Android.
      I really believe that BB needs to gets it own Apps if it still wants to become a 3rd major player. Otherwise if it just wants to keep using Android Apps then it might as well just run Android.

  • kroms

    ” Blackberry now has a newer version of Android than a lot of Android phones do. ”

    You have to love these people that have no idea what there talking about and just type ALL kinds of BS because hey this is the Internet and so you can !!

    Why don’t you post a link to some video showing us Exactly what you claim to have ?………………….waiting , but not holding my breath.

  • kroms

    The only problem for BB is that it is up against the wall constantly when you take into account it is still always BEHIND the curve trying to keep up to the Other Manufactures whom have already had a BIG lead start and a more stable base platform.

    I mean look at the LG 2 which is being released Tomorrow in NY , the Z30 is going to have a TOUGH time trying to sway people to buy it instead of the LG 2 and Other phones now just soon to be releasing.

    – Android 4.3
    – 5.2-inch display 1920 × 1.080
    – 2.3Ghz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with Adreno 330 graphics chip
    – 2GB of RAM
    – 32GB internal storage
    – 13MP rear-facing camera
    – 2.1MP front-facing camera
    – uses a nano-SIM
    – 4G/LTE capabilities
    – back volume buttons
    – 138.5mm x 70.9mm x 8.9mm thin
    – 143 grams
    – 2,610mAh removable battery

    Price ! is also going to be a Factor here, I wish BB well as it has it’s work cut out for it.

  • Brian

    If getting Android 4.2.2 apps to work on BB10 is such an innovation, why not just get a recent Android device? The fact that BB10 needs Android apps to be seen as useful says something. Blackberry seems like they’re just playing catch-up.

    • Brian

      Oh, I guess that makes sense. I just thought that if running Android apps is a priority, you might as well as just get an Android.

  • AnotherBillJ

    I don’t work for BlackBerry, I just know a great smartphone platform when I see it.