Comparing the incumbents’ new two-year plans


  • E

    La vie est Bell

  • Sydney Roo

    So……. I’ll stick with Wind. $30/mth for unlimited everything is working out really nice for me.

    • slimdizzy

      Unlimited local in your area not nationwide. Go camping or something and your screwed. Wind in Ontario is a joke. But that’s our market now, $100 for national coverage or cheapness for local coverage with slower speeds. Arrrgh I dont know what is better!!!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • EvanKrosney

      If you don’t leave the GTA too often, WIND’s pretty good. Sure, you won’t be getting LTE, but they’ve for sure improved the reliability of their network over the years.

      That being said though, if you ARE doing quite a bit of traveling outside WIND’s home zones, Robelus is unfortunately your only option. Hopefully these new plans won’t make it exceedingly difficult to get a decent rate with retentions.

    • Sydney Roo

      That’s the nice thing about Wind over Mobi or Public, their zone goes even further than just the GTA, you have Niagara (even Fort Erie), K/W, Guelph, Woodstock, London, Windsor, Barrie, Peterborough, Kingston, etc.. it’s a hefty chunk of the population majority in Southern Ontario.

    • EvanKrosney

      If you live in Southern Ontario and do most of your traveling around there, you’re pretty much set. For people like me in Winnipeg though, we’re out of luck.

    • Sierra

      Honestly, If you get WIND EVEN WITH SIGNIFICANT OVERAGES, your bill will be much cheaper than ROBELuS.

    • lightrush

      This ^. And WIND Away is ROGERS, so no reliability issues there.

    • JTon

      Yea this is probably true. I wonder if anyone has crunched some break even numbers regarding this. Ie how many roaming minutes/data do you have to equal an average robellus plan.

      That’s a pretty rational approach though. In reality, people don’t want their bills varying (sometimes wildly). There’s value in consistency. Peace of mind, so to speak

    • ExcessDan

      and if you get stuck off the side of the road on the 401 without service? better hope you can pick up a signal on voice roaming

    • Sydney Roo

      Seeing as it roams on Rogers or sometimes I believe Bell, there aren’t any issues in that department

    • ExcessDan

      doesn’t it only roam on 2G service which would leave your Google Maps powered GPS with turn by turn navigation in the dust trying to download service? No more offline maps in the latest google maps.

    • Sydney Roo

      No idea, I don’t data roam anyway, too pricy. My car has navi anyway. Even still, the slightly limited service is worth saving $50/mth

    • Sydney Roo

      Unlimited in Wind’s zones across the country, yes. They aren’t a fully coast-to-coast carrier that’s for sure. But I did my research ahead of time, and 95% of my time is spent in their zones. So if you are like me, Wind is great because $30 > $90/mth. Robelus doesn’t want my money anyway.

    • deltatux

      Not everyone talks constantly on their phones for things like camping. Roaming calls are only 20 cents. For people who are with WIND, we normally are in our zones already and do our stuff within the zone. We go outside from time to time, but would rather roam than pay an arm and a leg monthly just for the odd few times we’re outside the zone.

      WIND is not for those who travel a lot outside metropolitan areas, those who switch to WIND normally know that already. I personally rather pay for my $40 winter miracle plan than any of those prices posted by the Big 3.

    • Sydney Roo

      Definitely. I’ve made a few calls off their network, but I never had any extra charges over 2 or 3 bucks in a month. No big deal. Still better than $90/mth… I wouldn’t data roam though, but wi-fi hotspots are pretty common these days.

    • slimdizzy

      My example: Wife and friend went camping with kids. Wife has Wind, friend has nothing (i know dont start ;p) 5 mins outside Cambridge area in Away zone. No Music for her as we stream our music from our SubSonic server. Data roaming on Rogers? No thanks. If I switched to Wind I would do $200 in data overages a day from 20 mins on the 401 Guelph area to Oakville Milton area as they dont cover there either. Wind better pick up and build more towers or get lost in the mix doing so. My left arm for a $70/unlimited plan from a National. Dreaming, I know.

    • François-Johan Roy

      lol just buy an sd card for the 20 minutes you are on the highway. its around $10 and will save you a lot. I mean if a saving of aroung 1k a year for you is not significant (wind vs robbers) than go ahead my friend. We are not all lucky like you to be filthy rich and swim in money

    • slimdizzy

      Nexus’s don’t have SDcard slot and thats not an answer. iPhone users are in the same boat as me as no SDCard slot. So unless you want to give me a shitty Samsung phone, think harder. And im not made of money. Old Telus plan has 3GB plus a 6GB addon for 9 GB total and I almost use it all every month. Wind is soft capped at 5GB and then they slow your connection, this will not do for streaming content (music, meetings, video, etc). So what is your next “amazing” solution?

    • Reg

      Considering wind is looking for a buyer, I highly doubt they’ll be building anymore multi-million dollar towers anytime soon.


      Data Roaming means out of country Ur really Confused.

    • slimdizzy

      Wind has data roaming if your not in their “zones”. You are confused.

    • FKnm

      Lol man, they have plans with nationwide – 40$ – still unlimited
      I went for a two week trip across AB and BC and wasn’t screwed at all. Rogers is providing roaming and in big cities, such Vancouver + huge area around, Calgary, Edmonton Wind DOESN’T have roaming, means I’m having unlimited everything once again.

    • Miles Harbord

      Comparing Wind when you’re driving across AB and BC seems counter intuitive, I’d just go pay as you go… I have a Nexus phone so it’s shipped unlocked with multi frequencies… Just throw in whatever card you want to use. I just got back from the UK, spent $10 on a card there and got 500 megs of data and about 30 minutes of phone time. then back here and used Wind for $29 a month unlimited. Going on a tier 1 service seems to me like lighting cigars with $100 bills.

    • Theo

      Then you have several different numbers and no one can reach you

    • slimdizzy

      I don’t call little “zones” nation wide. Wind piggy backs off of Rogers. Once in a “Away” zone your roaming … simple as that.

    • Reg

      And how is that supposed to work in places like 90% of British Columbia?

    • Sydney Roo

      I said it was working well for -me-. So if you’re not me, then maybe it’s not so good for you. I can’t really put it any other way. I’m thinking about moving to Kelowna next year and if I do, I’ll have to give up wind 🙁

  • ArberBeq

    As long as rogers lets me keep my grandfathered plan I’m happy but otherwise Wind is sure sounding alot better now.

    • kmott

      I’m with Rogers. Tried to upgrade my smartphone and was told they would not grandfather my plan. I would have to pay more money than what I pay now, for their new cheapest smartphone plan. And that would only get me half the data I currently get. I told them “no thanks”.

  • EvanKrosney

    So… the moral of the story is that we’re all getting f*cked.

    • slimdizzy

      Im almost done with my lube, need to borrow some?

    • Devin

      Lube is now an add-on, all plans are “dry runs.”

    • slimdizzy

      /thread ;p

    • grantdude

      I’ll pay the extra for the lube. I want the lube.
      I wonder if the lube is part of the share plan too. I mean it would be nice if I get a whole bottle of lube and I can share it with others on the same account. I doubt I need the whole bottle.

    • jb

      I’m not…there were deals to be had…there probably will be again…the consumer has to either be smart enough find them or be satisfied with paying higher prices

    • EvanKrosney

      I’m not either, at least not yet. I pay $54 for unlimited nationwide talk and text, CID/VM, and 5GB. You see though, lots of consumers are dumb. Or not always dumb per se, but either not aware of their other lower cost options, or so brainwashed into needing to have the latest phone that they will pay $155 for 6GB. Or more likely, they’ll cheap out on the plan and be gouged in overages.

    • CleverResponse

      We asked for this…


      with no vaseline

  • Guest

    So if I bring my own device to Telus; I’ll end up paying more now then I did before using a subsidy. Sounds awesome. Too bad BYOD couldn’t get those sort of nice $55 plans anymore.

    • Generalissimo_S

      For sure. Bell has/had a really cheap BYOD plan (~$45, unlimited nationwide calling and texting, 1 GB data).

    • EvanKrosney

      What plan is that?

    • Generalissimo_S

      Bring Your Own Device plan. A SIM-only plan (month to month). Walk into a Bell store and ask. Hopefully they still have it.

    • welp

      Just called in to Consumer Direct Sales as per the live chat’s recommendation and asked about it. Apparently they know nothing about this plan. The only $45 plan they have only includes 200mb of data

    • Generalissimo_S

      Here it is copypasta from my bill. Oh, this might be important: this is a corporate account.

      I correct, it is local calling. There is a $10 discount applied as well.

      V o i c e & D a t a 6 3 1 G B 56.70

      Includes: 3 Way Calling

      Call Waiting

      U n l i m i t e d P i c t u r e _ V i d e o B u n d l e 0.00

      M s g C t r L i t e & C a l l D i s p l a y 0.00

      Includes: Call Display

      Mini Message Centre

      E m a i l & I n t e r n e t 1 G B F l e x 0.00

      T x t M s g – U n l t d P k g . 0.00

      U n l i m i t e d L o c a l T a l k i n g 0.00

      U n l . W i – F i a t B e l l H o t s p o t s 0.00

  • BT

    The one thing you missed is data overages.

    $15/GB for Rogers

    $15/GB on most plans for Bell, but $15/300MB on plans that come with less than 1GB.

    $50/GB for Telus.

    There’s also Bell’s “Voice & Data Lite” plans. I can’t really figure out the downside to the $60 “Voice & Data Lite” plan compared to the $75 “Voice & Data” plan…

    • Daniel Bader

      Yup, thanks for that. Will update.

    • CleverResponse

      All carriers have to cap data overages to 50$ Once these changes have taken effect.

    • ToniCipriani

      No, they have to stop giving you data once you hit $50. But they can continue to charge if you give them the go ahead, i.e. to resume data.

    • Eric Hebert

      I know that with Bell it’s based on your plan so you double up your data for 15$. So if you got 1GB plan it’s 15$/gb but with the 3bg plan it’s 15$/3gb ect

    • EvanKrosney

      $50/GB? Damn, that’s rough. I thought you were better than this, TELUS.

      Honestly $15/GB isn’t TERRIBLE, and it’s good in comparison, but compared to what you used to be able to get ($5/500), it’s less than ideal.

    • BT

      Yep. Listed as $0.05/MB though to make you do math to figure out just how bad it is…

    • hardy83

      ” I thought you were better than this, TELUS.”

      You must be new to this country.
      Hint. Just assume any changes/promotions that the big three do is to maximize profit at the cost of the consumer. Always assume there’s a “catch” to these.

    • Michael

      You can thank the CRTC and really, end consumer who demanded all of this, for the gouging going on. I work in industry and knew this was going to happen as soon as the CRTC announced their decision.

    • Miles Harbord

      Wind doesn’t bill for overages, they just start throttling if you go over 5 gigs

    • BT

      They do bill for overages on the $20 plan, up to an extra $25.

    • God

      Lower subsidy by 100 (average). That’s it. IMO, saving that 15 over two years (15×24=360) more than makes up for having to pay 350 for the S4 rather than 250, but some people only care about the here and now.

    • Ry29

      I was confused by why the highest end Lite Plan was better than the cheapest regular plan. It’s based on the phone you choose, some phones require you to take a regular plan over lite.

  • Robert Day

    I’m really getting tired of all the Wind/Mobilicity/etc fanatics waltzing in here and reminding us all that they are getting great deals on their city-only plans. Good for you for living in a crowded city, breathing pollution every day and saving big on your mobile plan. For the rest of the country that doesn’t have that option, I think I speak for us all when I say “Shut up already – we KNOW”
    The new code was supposed to make these decisions easier, help make things clear. All this has done is confuse things with shared data, and discounts. I sat here for an HOUR calculating various scenarios with the Big-3 plans with my existing three phones, and the cost of upgrading one of my phones. No matter how I slice it, I’m going to get hit with bigger bills. What a crock.

    • hardy83

      Please direct your anger at the federal and provincial governments for failing horribly at bringing rural areas up to date communication standards and instead treating rural areas like a third world country.

      Don’t be mad at Wind etc or the people who are happy with them.

      This is fundamentally a complete failure of the government of all levels to do the right thing for the country and people.

    • Robert Day

      You obviously fail to understand the issue I have. I understand why wind are cheap. Very high density, so far more subscribers for their lower investment vs. rural where it’s a huge investment for a minimal subscriber base. The problem is not the comparative costs of the services (but of course who wants to pay more?)
      The issue is with it being repeatedly rubbed in our faces like it’s some kind of triumphant success that these people discovered a miracle mobile provider and we’re fools for not joining their little happy clique. Trust me…. If I had the option, I’d dump my current provider and get the sweet deal myself.

    • Zed

      I think you’re missing his point. I believe his point is that there are many who brag about their Wind plans while saying stuff like “I don’t understand why anyone would choose Robelus over Wind/Mobilicity, etc” , or in other words “I don’t understand how other people aren’t in the exact same situation as I am”

    • hardy83

      No I understand his frustration. I’m only suggesting he direct that anger at the government who are ultimately the ones stopping him from being happy about the prices they have to pay.

    • Guest

      I don’t mind paying Rogers more money for my plan, considering my rent is $300-$400 cheaper in the smaller town I live, rather than living in Vancouver, and having wind. Completely agree with you on that one.

    • CleverResponse

      Depending what carrier you’re with, the more phones you have the cheaper it will get.

  • rgl168

    What about the sub-brands (Fido/Virgin/Koodo)? They should be part of this discussion too.

    • deltatux

      Their monthly plans also went up. All the Big 3 and their MVNOs are upping their prices.

    • rgl168

      Yes, they went up slightly but it provides some interesting perspectives. For example, Virgin simply went with flat 2-year contracts, while Koodo modified their tabs to a partial-separate subsidy payments. This would bring out some interesting comparison as to which will bring down the cost faster.

    • Daniel Bader

      Those aren’t released, yet. We’ll do a comparison in another post.

    • CleverResponse

      I’ve heard that Koodo’s minimum plan will be 50…

    • Sydney Roo

      they’re still Robelus (in that order lol).. so I’d expect the pile of pricing bull-poo to be just the same.

  • Matt

    F all of these arse holes – they think they can really bend people over this much!? it’s crazy! this is absolutely CRAZY! The US has a better and more competitive FAIR market. CRTC has royally screwed everyone on this.

    • Miles Harbord

      I think it’s going to drive more people to tier 2 providers like Wind and Mobilicity, make them more profitable and if that happens the big guys are going to have to drop their prices. Let’s keep in mind that TELUS has the third largest profit margins in the world. They could stand to drop their prices rather than just screwing everyone. If people switch the big guys will *have* to drop their prices to stay competitive.

    • CleverResponse

      Did you not just read the comparison to the US market leaders? We as a people lobbied for these things to happen. We chose this market change. You can’t sit here and complain about it now.

  • FKnm

    Drop down minutes and messages and give me MORE MORE data, stupid BIG3.


      They’re not stupid. Giving you what you want is bad for profits.

  • Miles Harbord

    I’m confused why Wind, Public Mobile and Mobilicity aren’t in this review. I’m sure everyone understands that the tier 2 carriers don’t have the same regional access that the tier 1 carriers have. When you look at these prices it would be good for Mobilesyrup to show how much more tier 1 customers are paying to have a fully national service. I pay $29 a month for unlimited voice and data, the tier 1 carriers can’t hold a candle to that.

    • Sydney Roo

      Even if you go outside of Wind’s areas and make a few phone calls and send a few texts, you’re STILL paying WAY less than $90/mth. It baffles me how much they can charge and offer so little in this day and age.

    • BT

      Wind is still operating with 3 year terms for WindTab, so plan prices might change when they shift that to 2 year terms.

    • EvanKrosney

      because the WIND tab hasn’t been adjusted for the new 2 year regulations yet. Hoping their prices don’t jump much more than $5 or $10…

  • Frank

    Cool, well I guess I’ll hold onto my Fab 10 promo, 6GB data, caller id/voicemail for 65$/month until the end of time….thanks Robelus!!!!!!!!!!

    • CleverResponse

      You’ll be forced to change your rate plan once you renew, the minimum criteria for a premium Smartphone is now $70 before taxes.

  • Miles Harbord

    I feel we’re going to have to agree to disagree, you can cut your market segment up the way you like it, but the reality is that a vast number of Canadians could be serviced by these smaller carriers, and given the vast disparity in pricing I believe they should be included in this discussion. National coverage is not worth a 200% mark up.

    • Garrett Cooper

      Not in defense of the big 3 because these plans blow, but you do understand the massive costs of putting up this infrastructure right? I remember hearing a statistic a few years back that to put up one town cost something like $2M. There’s a reason wind and the small guys are cheaper, their coverage blows and once you go outside of a city you’re getting dinged with roaming fees. For some people the small guys simply aren’t an option, they aren’t a complete network. For this reason, no they should not be compared with the big 3.

      That said, these plans suck, but I fully expected it. They weren’t going to keep everything the same and just knock a year off the term, I’m not sure what some people were expecting.

    • Miles Harbord

      My point above is looking at this from the perspective of the consumer, not from the provider which is what you’re looking at this from, but if you want to look at it from that perspective that’s fine.
      I’ve been a Project Manager and now Product Manager in Telecom for 17 years now, yes, I understand the massive costs of putting in infrastructure. My question to you is do you understand that these networks were initially built within the confines of monopolies, that the current networks were built using partial funds from tax payers to build up an Internet infrastructure? That the reason that profit margins are so massive is because of these reasons that I’ve just mentioned?
      I honestly do not care how much has to be spent to put up services in one town, if at the end of the year TELUS has a massive profit.

  • mccans

    I will NOT pay these prices-period. I will use one of the new entrants (Wind, Mobilicity, etc). I believe these are just out to scare people into signing the 3 year contracts before that sega closes….however we shall see.

    I can’t see how they can keep these prices going…way too expensive.

  • Henry

    Nobody likes higher prices, not even me. I’ll just avoid these new rates by never resigning and just keep my current deal till the end of time.

    • beyond


  • Sierra

    “Shut up already, he KNOWS”
    Why do you think he’s out in exile

  • hardy83

    The sad truth is I don’t believe the CRTC has the power to dictate prices to consumers.
    If they could, I’m sure they would cap the mark up on txt, data fees, but they can only dictate pricing from business to business.

    We need the federal government to do anything about that, and we all know how anti-consumer the current government is, and considering how long the Liberals let the industry get to where it is, I doubt them or any other parties will change anything.

  • PatcheZ

    i’m curious as to whether you get the BYOD discount once you pay off your device/end of contract….

    • Matthew Smith

      Yes, otherwise you cancel your account and get a new one with the discount…

    • Verdic

      Obviously you won’t. You don’t now, so why would they give you the perk for no reason? You could cancel and get a new plan if you didn’t mind the hassle.

      Should be no surprise they are trying to maximize the amount coming out of your pocket and into theirs.

  • Zed

    Because Videotron’s network quality and size is not equal to that of the incumbents. Nothing to explain really.

  • beyond

    True the subsidy never stops. That should be illegal.

  • Matthew Smith

    You want people to know how much their $0.00 phone actually costs?!??


    Transparency should have been the name of the game for the CRTC.

    Also if the device subsidy is worth %10 of the contract then shouldn’t it only cost me 10% of the cost of my plan over 2 years to pay off that subsidy? $80*10% * 24 = $192 to pay off my phone regardless of how much my subsidy actually costs?? Oh wait….I’m getting screwed again? pfft.

  • JohnnyCPT

    So what will happen if you renew or proceed to a hardware upgrade. Will you be able to keep you actual plan?

    • CleverResponse

      No, you will be forced into the new pricing system. If you want to maintain your current rate etc… You will have to buy your device outright and continue month to month.

  • Jonah Emery

    The measly data offered on these plans are horrible. Its 2013 your going to go over 250 Mb.

  • geokilla

    I thought the TAB was gonna be deducted proportionately. Not some silly pay only a portion off each month based on your monthly fee, then wipe it all out at the end of the 2 year term.

  • Brian

    i will NEVER change my telus plan , 6gb for $30, at $150 a month i will be purchasing outright all future phones. Even BYOD prices are crazy

  • Jerry S

    Glad I got the $55 a month unlimited Canada wide calling and the 2GB of data etc with Roger’s last year. I used to pay a $115 a month for unlimited everything including the 6GB data for a few years prior to that holiday promotion last Christmas.

  • Dani Sarfati

    We’ll see how long these prices last for… If nobody is buying into these plans they might have to change. I read about the possibility of a $300 off contract Moto X phone, and if I were the carriers I’d be shaking in my boots because it appears that Google might be pushing more into the device market. Imagine if you could buy a phone for $50 more than on contract, and you choose whatever carrier you would like best? That effectively makes the carrier simply a carrier, not a device reseller. Think about how much of a problem this would be to their new model… I think it’s time for the carriers to change because if the big 3 don’t they will be caught off guard.

    • CleverResponse

      It wouldn’t be much of a difference.They have already thought of the BYOD discount, and the fact that they have the coverage to make you want to go with them anyway.

    • djzone

      Exactly, not to mention they are the only sellers of the phone (I’m assuming majority of people don’t want to buy phones online from Google) they will reduce the price of the phone to 99$ on contract and make even better margins. Only way to combat them is to have Wind expand their network, possibly with government subsidies.


    Wow! Most of us complain when gas hits 140¢/L

  • SpikedLemon

    You’re missing the $$ factor on phones when you pick one up on contract when comparing to the US options.

  • Reg

    You do realize that Australia has almost double the minimum wage that we do, right? That’s an awful comparison.

    • Verdic

      According to Wikipedia, Canada minimum wage is ~$10 (depending on province) and Australia minimum wage is ~$16 (but could be up to 50% lower based on adjustments). Either way, nowhere near double.

      Not sure how that relates to phone plans anyway. Minimum wage in Pakistan is ~$0.50. Should their phone plans be 5% what they are here? You will not be able to get your 6G data, etc etc for $3 a month there.

    • Mr_Reliable

      Yes, but it still a vastly more similar demographic then the U.S.

  • L Joel

    What a load… Ill keep on with 3 year plans… 60$=5gigs,500min,10nationwide favs,voice mail call display and unlimited text…

  • Martini

    Thanks for doing the digging on this, Daniel. I’ve avoided the Big 3 as long as I can, so it looks like I’ll keep trucking along with one of the other national carriers that happens to use one of the Big 3’s networks. 😛

  • CleverResponse

    You get an additional discount once you BYOD. (Which you will be doing at the end of your contract)

  • God

    Uhm, Bell’s data sharing is the same as it has always been. Pick three plans, pool your minutes/text/data. You cannot share unlimited. So if one person gets 6GB at 100, the other can get 300MB at 60 and you have a 6.3GB pool. The more lines you add, the larger that pool can get.


    I taught Canada was an happy place where the nicest people live.. change the price of their montly plans and they all go crazy, you guys were the same complaining about «why canada still have 3 years plan» well that was why.. people I know in the US are paying 95-120/month for their phone, I was happy with my 3 years agreement, just bring your own phone, so you can upgrade at anytimes.
    I’m paying (Bell) $67/month for 6 GB of Data, 200 minutes, TOP 10 Canada-Wide Call and Text + Mobile TV. I wasn’t happy with the price.. but seeing, these coming, I’m kinda worried… I’m in Montréal we don’t have Wind or Mobilicity here and Public Mobile is s**t.

  • Dragonballzpokemon

    I think many don’t get it yet,,, the CRTC does not regulate service rates, service quality, or other business practices. Think of it this way. You own a business and some loser comes up to you and says that you shouldn`t bill him so much. You as the owner of the business will just tell him to look somewhere else. Like any other business guys, if you don`t like it don`t buy it. Actions speak louder than words. Complaining on these boards will do nothing at all. Telus, Rogers and Bell will take a look at their stats sheet not mobilesyrup tweets.

  • dandoozled

    All Bell plans allow Data Sharing. Each line adds to the pool, IF you choose the share option.

  • Melvin Lenz

    So a $500 discount over three years is ~$14/month

    And a $500 discount over two years is ~$20/mo

    For them to make the same money they would have to charge an extra $6/mo

    So why are they charging an extra $40/mo!? (I’m on bell, I pay $60 for 5gb now)

    Keep in mind they are also saving on interest by having the discount paid back sooner, and are offering a lower discount on the two year plans.

    Some more math:
    They are essentially charging $54/mo x 24mo = $1,296 to give you a $500 discount, and if you don’t take the the phone discount they only charge an extra $1,056 (with the 10% BYOD discount)

    • dandoozled

      because they are still losing an extra year of basically free revenue.

      personally, I think that Bell’s pricing structure for the new plans is the best of the three, but that doesn’t change the fact that I will never be able to subsidize a device again due to my grandfathered 36 month contract.

  • Philippe Charette

    The best plan for a long time has been discontinued the day Bell switched to two year agreement. I have unlimited nationwide calling + text, pic, video messaging + voicemail & caller ID +3G of data (10$/2GB after) and 10hours of Bell mobile TV every month for 60$!! And working for Bell, I get 35% discount and i think i’m gonna stick to this plan for a loooooong time. I think even if this law allows customer to switch phone very often for more affordable prices, in the end what’s important is what you pay every month. Those new two year plans are like back to the future: 85$ for 1g of data?!? Cmon guy this is ridiculous.

  • ABCONMan

    Gone are the days of 6GB for $30.

    Thanks whiners.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    So, basically what you’re saying is that the RoBelUs is using this new contract change to increase their prices, while reducing service offerings ..seems legit. As in, not surprising at all.

    BTW, thanks for the chart.

  • William Worlde


    Those rates are fricking insane!

    My mid-level Galaxy Nexus with ***everything*** (6GB, nationwide, no roaming, etc.) on a 2-year with Fido (which is Rogers!), costs $75 pre-tax; and I think THAT is too expensive!

    Listen people, this is BS! YOU are being conditioned to think that these are good prices. Are people in the NA continent SO extremely stupid that we think that a $100+ cell phone bill is OK?! Why is Europe, Asia and yes, even the Caribbean(!) is way ahead of us (Canada specifically) with plans and rates? Don’t we boast of our wealth, intelligence and infrastructures? Or is it because we are so arrogant, and stupid, that we are made to pay these exorbitant amounts?

    And again, this is a cause I’ve questioned this blog about NOT highlighting and keeping in the spotlight; that’s a shame.

    I’m going to stop now before I pop a blood vessel.

  • Guest

    WOW….. That’s absolutely making the decisions easier. No matter where do I go for, it always the same… I don’t even have to decide which carrier is better than others.

  • dirk

    Wow. I think I am done with data plans after this change. I pay $30 for 3G with Rogers at the moment but looks like that will go up considerably. Not interested. Wind you say. Perhaps it is time for a change. $30 for everything sounds like a much better option.

  • slimdizzy

    All big 3 data is national. Look it up. Wind is the only one with “data pockets”. This has to do with the big 3 not allowing Wind to put Wind tech on Roger/Bell/Telus towers.

  • slimdizzy

    Also nice having data at the cottage, non-GTA area. Oh and proper 4g/LTE is awesome.

  • slimdizzy

    Music. Emergency calls from family. Get over the no tech issue please.

  • slimdizzy

    Music, pictures, etc. You don’t?

  • AlexanderLong

    Definitely keep grandfathering my old 6gb Rogers EPP, which cost less than $50 including everything I need. For me this is better than wind, because the coverage.

  • D-Virdi

    I have 6GB for $53 (including Tax) for month to month. Will there be any effect on monthly plans??

  • Miles Harbord

    Show me where it says that the tab system is the same as a contract. Everything I’ve read says it’s completely different. The issue the CRTC has is the big 3 forcing people to pay out the term of the usage on their contracts. The tab system only makes you pay off what you owe for your handset which is a tiny amount compared to the huge dollars required to pay off a cell contract.

    • BT

      The tab system is an indeterminant contract with a device subsidy. That is specifically dealt with in part G.2.i.b of the wireless code.

      “for indeterminate contracts: The early cancellation fee must not exceed the value of the device subsidy. The early cancellation fee must be reduced by an equal amount each month, over a maximum of 24 months, such that the early cancellation fee is reduced to $0 by the end of the period.”

      Basically, any phone subsidy must be paid off by 24 months. No exceptions.