Videotron now selling nano SIM cards for $5, compatible with the iPhone 5

We’ve been informed that Videotron customers will soon be able to purchase a nano SIM card. The price will be a respectable $5 and is compatible with the iPhone 5. This is similar to competing carrier WIND Mobile offered a few months ago.

Videotron, from what we hear, will not be selling the iPhone 5 so you’ll have to venture to an Apple store, but make sure it supports AWS band 1700/2100 and has model number is A1428. As previously reported, the serial number must end with any one of these four numbers:

– iPhone 5 Black 16GB: FH19 ($699)
– iPhone 5 White 16GB: FH1C ($699)
– iPhone 5 Black 32GB: FH1D ($799)
– iPhone 5 White 32GB: FH1F ($799)
– iPhone 5 Black 64GB: FH1G ($899)
– iPhone 5 White 64GB: FH1H ($899)

Update: Videotron is now selling the nano SIM cards in-store for $5, plus they will have it online, too (not live yet). In addition, the nano SIM cards are non-refundable so make sure you purchase the correct iPhone 5 (model number A1428).

(Thanks tipsters!)