Rogers, TELUS and Bell Samsung Galaxy S4 receiving firmware update


  • yoyoyog

    What font is that? Have a flashable zip?

    • Max Fireman

      Google XDA fonts to get 300 different fonts.

    • Mayoo

      I don’t want a flashable zip, took me 3 looks to see it’s “Hide” and not a misspelled “ttide”. Roboto FTW!

    • Maebydroid

      The font is called “model t”.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Looks like something from Bioshock.

  • Nate

    Any update on if this breaks root?

    • Androidfann

      Yup. It does.

  • hhero

    meehh you cannot app2sd all the apps its only some of them

  • Kristian Aldrin

    nvm….just updated mine from Rogers via Kies! Thanks samsung

  • mylivespot

    $10 says majority of comments will be about that (horrendous) font 😉

  • trickster_qc

    I updated my fido S4 about an hour ago. So far the phone seems a bit snappier. Especially for loading up contacts and messages. The camera is also faster.

    • RandomHero

      Koodo S4 here and I had the same experience. Much much quicker on unlock/launching apps, no more noticable lag. No major issues to report.

  • hunkyleepickle

    everytime i see design like that, the font included, i’m glad that i don’t own a TouchWiz’d device. Gross.

  • Gabriel Ng

    I wish they would bring that app2sd back to more devices, it was very useful (gs3)

  • roman129

    That is the ugliest font in the world.

    • MrGreen72

      Close enough.

    • Josh Brown

      You’re the ugliest font in the world. Haha.

    • icyhotonmynuts

      You’re the fontiest ugly in the world.

  • kevin

    Whats the new features?

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Changes the font on your phone.

  • Miguel A

    excited for this update, it’s been a long time coming! apps 2 SD will definitely help out on the 9GB of storage internally. I just hope that the lateness of this update (compared to the US and other carriers) isn’t a precursor for future updates

  • Cory

    Any luck on updating it manually on your rooted s4? Kies is telling me I have the most recent version while manually triggering it on the phone still gives me the “modified” warning.

    • Justin B

      I was able to upgrade my Telus S4 yesterday with no issues. I unrooted first, plugged it into Kies, and it instantly said I had an update, downloaded and applied it. It will remove your root, but apparently over on XDA forums they’ve got a method that works.

    • Cory

      Awesome. Tried it with my Bell S4 and used the method of unrooting at XDA with no issues. Thanks Justin!

  • garlinp

    The update fixed my D-Links WiFi malfunction. About time, it finally works the way it should have out of the box. Exploring it and it looks like there are some other nice tweaks in there too.

  • greg

    Just tried say roll out update has been exceeded ota with bell

  • l8rkiz

    I noticed the update made the status bar transparent looks way better now…

  • Oliver

    The back default blueish background round on my gs4 changed to just a blue background when I updated it what do I do

  • Oliver

    When I updated my gs4 the blue default background changed to just a blue back ground without the circles I don’t know what to do can anyone help me.

  • icyhotonmynuts

    Had that “Google Camera” since my i9000m. Read up on rooting/flashing your phone, and you’ll have it too.

  • mathieulefrancois

    The annoying screen flicker every time I’d open Swiftkey (or any keyboard) is now gone since the update! The phone feels more responsive as well now.

  • Androidfann

    Have you tried root keeper?

  • Farazeh

    I’m getting the same ‘maximum number of roll-out updates has been exceeded’ on Bell. What to do? Wait, I believe..

  • Androidfann

    Kies works! Now to re-root

  • chopstix21

    Just updated my s4 with Telus. S Voice sounds retarded now, any way of changing the voice? Also, my battery seems to deplete way faster. Went down 10% in 15 minutes when I only used 15% in the last 7 hours! Phone is running way hotter too. Anyone else?