New Nexus 7 looks like it’ll come with 1.5GHz quad-core processor, dual cameras and wireless charging


  • Tom

    Streaming is not a solution if you are in an area without wifi or data (i.e. during a flight or a subway ride).


    Hi – this is Krista from MHL; wanted to help clarify for you.

    An MHL-enabled mobile device connected to an MHL display does not require any external power or adapter, as a matter of fact, while connected the mobile device is being charged by the display. MHL provides a charge and play experience.

    To our knowledge, a mobile device featuring a Slimport connector
    requires the use of an adapter to transmit the content from the mobile device to the display. However, connecting this way does not provide power to the mobile device, therefore not enabling a charge and play experience.


    Hi Zanzee – That is correct – MHL can charge your phone at the same time with a dock, an MHL cable or an adapter. Find out more info at

    Krista from MHL. Thanks!

    PS – You are also correct that Samsung GS3, GS4 and Note 2 do allow simultaneous USB/otg with MHL!