TELUS, Bell and Rogers release the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 LTE


  • Collin Lewis

    why would i want to pay 499.99 for this when it’s 429.99 at retailers??

    • daveloft

      Because it has LTE. The HSPA+ version of the Nexus 7 is $50 more and the LTE version of the iPad is $130 more. $70 more for LTE is not unreasonable ($150 more is a little much) but for someone who wants an always connected tablet and who doesn’t want to drain the battery on their smartphone tethering all day. I have a share plan and could get this for just $10 a month.

    • Collin Lewis

      meh for the amount i use tablets, not having to tether isn’t worth an extra 70 bux, Shaw has Wifi all over most major canadian cities now, between that an tethering paying extra for that just seems pointless

  • Paul d’Ottawa

    Because, as far as I know, this one will permit you to use the network rather than only wifi for connectivity. So, it’s an on-the-go Note.

  • tamil

    Anybody know whether it will be locked to the specific carrier?

  • Henry

    Love this device

  • southerndinner

    Bought one today at Telus, it’s great!

  • Jeff Meers

    Picked mine up this afternoon… Most notable first impression is that despite the screen being relatively low res, it looks sharp and colours pop.

  • eszklar

    Can you actually use this as a phone i.e. with a built-in dialer – not VoIP. Like the old Galaxy Tab 7.7?