BlackBerry 10 “Aristo” specs leak online: 4.65-inch touchscreen, quad-core, LTE, 2GB RAM


  • David

    This is suprising

    • DC_HSPA

      “There’s no word on when this device will come to market, but hopefully it’s true”

      -You said it! just another rumour. The specs are almost identical to at least 3 flagships avaialable NOW! so in 5 momths when/if the phone comes out it will be just another one of the bunch.

      – I do give credit to that WISH LIST for the big 2800MAh battery and remove the credit given for not making it user removable.

      – This LIST is almost the verbatim description of the Motorola RAZR MAXX; Available NOW!

    • DC_HSPA

      The SOURCE OF THE ARTICLE Is nowhere to be found!

      -Trying to bump the stock you are, RIM??

    • hoo dat

      Battery is removable on all BB10 product, confirmed by RIM on several occassions, most recently a week ago.

  • Nightcrawler

    Go RIM Go!!!

  • Hub

    Note the lack of WCDMA 1700 (AWS). WIND and Mobilicity users will rejoice.

    • Tech

      I think by aws/700 they meant aws/1700.
      700mhz is not even in service right now.
      it will be used in future in canada.

    • bay

      its a typo. go read in the source article. BB10 supports AWS fully. thus wind and mobilicity. 🙂

    • Hub

      No. I re-read the spec posted at the top. AWS is listed for LTE which is what RoBeLus use for LTE in Canada. 700Mhz is being used by carrier down South like Verizon and AT&T for LTE.

    • hoo dat

      Spoke to a RIM dude last night after first seeing this info elsewhere. He confirmed that all 4 AWS carriers are on board to carrier BB10 phones and AWS frequencies will be available at launch.

  • Anonymous

    If it can come true… oh my! Gimme gimme.

  • NoShirtSherlock

    Looking good RIM! Might just switch from android one day…

  • mike

    Wow! Now this, this is BB10

  • Tenkaishy

    This may be the c*m back of RIM

  • Tech

    Wow 2800 mAh battery!!!

  • Chris Manchur

    Even though I don’t really like BB, this is very competitive.

  • Dkai

    Can’t wait to see!

  • Betty

    finally, can’t wait for BB10 🙂 please let me preorder soon!

  • Chris

    I’m actually impressed by these specs. Props to you, RIM! It’s been a while since I’ve noticed a BlackBerry that has any compelling specs. Now they just have to get this out while it’s still a competitor…

  • superfly

    release date 2015

  • Tech

    4 microphones! :S can someone explain me use of them?

    • Gajenius

      Noise cancellation

    • S2556

      noise cancellation

    • Johentie

      did u ask this question when Apple said the iphone 5 has 3 microphones?
      from what i know.. and someon can correct me if i am wrong, but it improves noise cancellation and it might have to do witht he HD calling..

      clear voice with close to 0 static..

  • Frosty

    Does that say it has a thickness of 3.4mm under footprint? If so I might break my phone with my a*s when I sit down

    • BaconTelevision

      Why would you ever sit on a phone? Regardless of the make/model, its just plain stupid.

      Sounds like you visit the proctologist on a regular basis due to poor judgement and the lack of common-sense.

    • G – man

      BATTERY footprint.

  • Joe

    Holy f**k I’m sh*tting “Apple(s)”

  • Frosty

    Nvm, I guess it means the battery?

  • ASYakubovich

    3.4 mm thick… Really???

    • Travis

      Thats the battery. The phone is 8.85mm.

      Yay for reading!

  • Nomes

    Wow this is the first time most comments have been positive on a RIM article. I’m hoping this is the first device to launch.

  • jay-r

    rim please take my money. I hope it will get out before spring 2013. I

  • Pahech

    These specs will still be highly competitive in early 2013. This is good news.

  • Al

    if it’s release Q1 2013, it’ll be on par with the top device! and better than most!

    Now….. lets hope BB10 will not be disappointing!

  • howitzer

    A Blackberry that outperforms almost everything from the newest iPhone !?

    RIM is going all-in with BB10 phones, this is going to be very interesting

  • Mack

    Brb. Gunna go change my underwear

  • Ron


    • ExcessDan


  • Johnny

    Altimeter!!! Way to go RIM! Props to you!

    • gjeff12

      Finally a top of the line phone that fits the needs of pilots and mountain climbers!

  • relevant84

    This is what they needed to do to catch the market back. It’s the combination of everything good from top phones everywhere. If they release this in January/ February of 2013, I do believe people will no longer be saying RIP RIM.

  • jonny

    ohhhhh…those are some sexy specs…

    the hdmi is nice!

  • Mike

    For all the delays n lost customers, RIM needs to price this $0 on 3 year contract.

  • StEC

    I sure hope these specs are real because then RIM has a legitimate chance to redeem itself with a killer flagship product to be proud of!!!

    I love Android but a phone like this I would certainly give a go! 🙂

  • I Like Good Food

    Ive never owned a RIM phone, but GO RIM GO!! awesome specs! if bb10 is well optimized this may be the fastest phone on the market with a big bonus battery! (too bad not removable tho)

  • Art Vandelay

    Qualcomm APQ8064 Krait chip is WAY TOO NEW! It is literally impossible for RIM to put this chip in the first batch of devices that are supposed to be available in Jan 2013. Either this device might be available around mid 2013 the earliest or this “leak” is completely made up.

    • BBguy

      ‘L’ series is out first. This one is likely to be out in the summer.

  • Is This Bb10?

    For the love of titties! I just popped a tent!

  • Really?

    It’s impressive except it says the battery is non-removable which is a no-sale for me.

    • hoo dat

      RIM has confirmed on several occassions that the batteries to all their BB10 phones will be removable.

  • Quinn

    I notice a severe lack of the “RIP RIM” cronies on this article.. Cat got your tongue? 😉

    • Porilaisten

      lol yeah they’re like, “RIP….$hit..”

  • anona

    I’m impressed.

  • superfly

    Release date 2016

  • Sweet

    Looking really good. I’m glad to see RIM fighting back. But I’m really hoping it will support UMTS @ 1700, since I have no intention of going back to BRT ( Bell, Rogers, Telus). BTW, the last I heard, BB10 is supposed to come out in January 2013. I can’t wait.

  • Awkward Turtle

    Grab up all the stock while it’s still cheap, guys.

  • drone

    Holy sh*t!!

    2800mAh battery!!! in a less than 9mm frame!

    Plus quad-core and all the other goodies.

    Damn.. I am VERY intrigued.

    • Gene

      Specs look amazing. But when the 9900 launched they wanted $600. Hope they can keep this affordable. And no more battery pulls??

  • Paulman

    PLEASE let this be real! Canada could really benefit from a strong and resurgent RIM, and if these specs are real, it’s amazing and I hope it’s a sign that RIM is confident they can spec things out so high and yet still make a profit on this handset.

    The LTE and 4.65″ 720p OLED screen are very competitive specs that should let this BB handset fight with the cream of the crop on the market right now. And the 2800mAh battery and quad-core KRAIT (S4) SoC are potentially “iPhone/GS3/”-killer specs.

    I’m (pleasantly) surprised.

    But is it (too good to be) true?!

  • AWSGuy

    RIM PLEASE let this be REAL and RELEASE IT NOW! The problem with RIMis no release dates – just “work in progress”.

  • Cell Hell

    The 2800mah bettery, if it’s housed in a slim design, is a huge selling point. My Nexus eats batteries for breakfast.

  • Jason

    Why the 1:1 aspect ratio on the physical keyboard version? My only complaint with large screen sizes is the width of the phone when holding, height is less of an issue especially with keys (i.e. majority of functionality) at the bottom. Put a taller screen in that one and make the device longer.

  • pacalis

    I don’t believe it for a second. That battery is too big (in mAh) to be in a phone this small and RIM won’t be the first to market with a best in class battery.

    Look at the size of a 2800mAh battery on Amazon. Then look how the battery packs into an S3. Not going to happen.

  • Allyouranusarebelongtous

    Like being on the prairies and watching your dog run away from you for days…….this is taking forever. This side of 2013 and its relevant, into early 2013 and its just late.

    I hope they do well, just wish they wouldn’t take so long doing it…..

  • Susan Gordon

    Rapid Berry are not nerdberry like you have in your source text.

    This is an awesome phone and I really hope RIM get this out on launch and don’t mess about it.

  • Terry_In_Hali

    At last RIM is launching a device that has the best of the best hardware and not “last year’s phone.”

    • J

      I agree. The last time they released hardware that was pretty competitive hardware-wise was the PlayBook … but then they left off a lot of the software pieces for 8 months.

      Hope they can pull it together this time.

  • kevin

    Smoked by blackberry

  • Blas

    Is this… oh… it is BB10.

  • nick

    if this device is real then all RIM has to do is SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!

  • QuinnIsAFaggot

    Let me give this a try..

    – Qualcomm APQ23489073248932 BIG BOSS 99 Core 5000 THz C P U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    – 112 x 66 x 6.85mm
    – GSM – Ten Band (ALL FREQUENCIES) – WCDMA – 2100/1900/850-850MHz – LTE –
    – AWS/700/1900/850MHz – EU/APAC – GSM – TEN BEND (EVERYTHING) – WCDMA –
    – 2100/1900/850-850/900MHz – LTE – 1800/2.6GHz/800/900MHz
    – OCTA Glass OLED 5.25″ – 9000 x 4000 – SUPER DUPER MEGA RETINA DISPLAY – 64 bit Colour – 16:9
    – Capacitive All Touch
    – 8TB RAM + 64TB Flash – Hot Swappable MicroSD slot 256TB MicroSD card
    – 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4GHz/5GHz 4G Mobile Hotspot
    – MicroUSB – MicroHDMI – Wifi Direct – NFC – DLNA – Bluetooth 5000.0 – SUPER SLOT(TM)
    – Stereo speakers – 88 Microphones – Noise Reduction – Wideband AMR
    – 99,900mAh sealed battery with non-removeable door
    – Footprint 104 x 57.1 x 3.4mm
    – Doubles as Vibrator
    – Made out of Pure Gold but sold at a 80% subsidy

    The only thing that’s true would be the last line, because they’re doing that on all their devices now- LOL!


    This is very true, this device will exist. RIM is a highly advanced and elite technological company that is capable of great feats of wireless engineering. As we can see, the latest device revolutionized the smartphone industry with the addition of the BBM(TM) button.

    Good bye Apple and Google.

    * – BBM is a registered trademark of the BBM Canada Corporation that RIM is infringing upon.

  • buyRIMMnow!!!!

    do it! please! this will exist, trust me! RIM will be BACK!

    believe in the RIMPIRE!

  • RIMhasalwaysBEATENApple

    RIP Apple.

    RIM will destroy you. It has $2.3B in cash. Apple you are nothing. $700B market cap? LOL. Please Apple.


    RIP APPLE!!!!!!!!! RIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • heyFRIENDS

    hey mobilesyrup buddies I just finished swallowing 3 other guy’s loads of sperm, we are homies, who’s next? btw, when is mobilesyrup posting thenext RIM article? remember, a minimum of 5 positive posts and be sure to thumb up all pro-RIM comments, and properly utilize proxies to thumb down anti-RIM comments.

    If you don’t, you will be fired.

    – RIM OD.

  • ExcessDan

    specs are there, shame about the BB OS that’s on it

  • Jaime

    While I agree the numbers look impressive even in Q1 2013,
    let’s hope the paired software will make good use of it.
    There’s so many Android phones out there that also has solid specs but still failed to deliver.

    After all, there’s more to a good phone than just specs.

  • Is This Bb10?

    Non removable battery is a big problem. If it has a hard crash, you have to wait until the battery discharges before you can reboot. That could take 2 days!

  • Is This Bb10?

    Non removable battery is a big problem. If it has a hard crash, you have to wait until the battery discharges before you can reboot. That could take 2 days!!

  • Frank

    My eyes popped out of my head when I read “Blackberry, Quadcore, LTE, and 2GB RAM” in the same sentence. Rumour yes, but very interesting none the less…hmm.

  • Art Vandelay

    It’s funny to see how people (and RIMM stock price) can be easily manipulated by this so-called leaked specs :p I would sell those shares FAST before the bubble bursts!

  • Potato

    Wow. If the OS is any good, this could be a really successful phone…But by early 2013, the hardware of this phone won’t be awesome anymore… But if they carry over Android App compatibility from the PlayBook, then I would definitely consider this.

  • Justin

    The L-Series will be first out at launch, and be dual-core I believe…this “new” A-Series is showing quad-core…so later release???
    Damn!! I want the quad-core first…guess I will wait LONGER…

  • Green Blue

    Specs look good, but physical querty with screen 720×720 is uh-oh (=unusable)

  • dep79

    Seriously ? Having to scar us again waiting for ultimate device.