TELUS Q1 2013 results show ARPU of $60.04/month, subscriber base jumps to 7.7 million

According to TELUS’ Q1 2013 results the company has increased their subscribers base to 7.7 million, up 4.6% or 33,000. Wireless revenues increased once again, this quarter saw a leap of $89 million over last year to $1.5 billion. Similar to other carriers, data consumption played a big role in revenues, now making up $583 million, or 43% of wireless network revenue in Q1. ARPU increased by $1.17 to $60.04/month, mainly driven by increased smartphone adoption and data usage. Smartphone now represent 68% of their postpaid subscriber base.

If you’re into stats, Bell noted in their release this morning that “Bell Wireless customers totaled 7,672,075 at the end of the quarter.” With TELUS’ increase in subscriber base to 7.7 million they’ve essentially become the 2nd largest carrier in Canada. However, if you total the Bell Aliant wireless business, which they’re a managing shareholder, into the mix the numbers rises to 7,815,475 wireless subscribers.

Source: CNW