TELUS Q1 2013 results show ARPU of $60.04/month, subscriber base jumps to 7.7 million


  • Dstruct

    If you are paying more than $50 for your cellphone bill, then you are a fool, and deserve to be ripped off.

    • metu

      please be so kind and recommend how one can slash his cellphone bills under $50 if he needs a long distance, voice mail, caller id, at least 300 anytime minutes and 1 gig of data options while residing continuously in AB.

    • dandoozled

      you can’t.

      Dstruct is a moron who has no clue what it’s like to be more than 3 minutes outside of a downtown core.

    • Dstruct

      Without even looking anything up, I can tell you that Fido is offering a plan very close to what you need for $39. It’s a promo, yes, but it’s there.

      All I am saying is do your research. There are always options. I repeat. If you are paying more than $50 a month, you are a fool.

      I apologize if truth offends you.

    • dandoozled

      And how will is Fido going to work when I am an hour north of Fort McMurray?

    • Dstruct

      That is a remote location. Aside from, perhaps, Telus/Koodo, no other provider will have service there.

      This is a very extreme example, if you ask me.

    • dandoozled

      Bell also has flawless service there, and the 8000 people on the oilsands camp I am at right now would hardly call this “extreme situation” we call it daily life, and working for a living.

    • iPlunks

      isn’t the fido promo 400mb?

    • dandoozled

      it looks like they just increased it to 600.

    • crimsonablue

      Koodo right now has 600 minutes and 1 GB data for $50, 10% off if you bring your own phone if you’re serviced by Telus towers. Virgin Mobile has 400 minutes and 1 GB for $45, 10% off if you bring your own phone on Bell towers, Fido’s new plan for May has 450 minutes and 600 MB for $39, eligible for 2-year smartphone subsidy if you’re serviced by Rogers towers

    • NotARogersEmployee

      Comments such as this are made by fools.

      A $50 purchase cannot be labelled “foolish” on that alone. How can you judge the value of the purchase without explaining what it came with?

    • Dstruct

      It’s fine if 4g is not enough for you, and you absolutely need LTE to get that extra fraction of a second speed increase. It’s fine if you want to throw in 6GB of data, instead of 1GB, since you watch YouTube all day long on your tiny screen. It’s fine if you need global text, and enhanced visual voicemail, which most people don’t have, nor use. It’s fine if you must have an iPhone, thus automatically being bumped up to a $50+ plan before you even say anything. It’s fine if you rather pay TELUS for roaming data, instead of having an unlocked phone, and purchasing a local SIM.

      All of this is fine… but foolish.

      I prefer spending money on my family, and their well-being, instead of lining the pockets of multi-billion dollar organizations, when I don’t have to.

      It’s fine.

    • jroc

      Spending money on your family and their well being, most likely by lining the pockets of different multi-billion dollar companies.

      Just because someone is fine with paying more for a service doesn’t make them foolish. Maybe Wind doesn’t work well where he lives and he needs the coverage of a big 3 provider. Assuming that everyone fits into the exact same circumstances as you, that is what’s foolish.

    • NotARogersEmployee

      By your logic, it’s “fine” to pay more to get more data, text, LTE speed, etc. but it’s “foolish” to want/need more data, text, LTE. That’s silly.

      Please note that your life priorities and limited disposable income may not be representative of the majority here and that does not make them foolish.

    • mark

      Sooo… a Rogers employee then?

    • Anonymous501

      It depends. If you’re paying over $50 and you don’t have a subsidize phone, then yah, probably. If you’re over $50, but they subsidized your phone, then about $12-$15/month is going to cover your phone purchase. So a $60 plan is more like $45-$48, if you take out the part that covers the phone.

      You have to be clever and look at it from both sides. Sometimes is better to take the phone subsidization and pay the high rate, because the discounted rates aren’t good enough to warrant paying the phone outright.

      On the flipside some times the rates are low enough that it makes paying for the phone outright worth it.

      The way I look it. I’m on a $55/month plan with Virgin Mobile. Voicemail/Call Display/10 buddies list (so no LD), 200 minutes, unlimited texting etc..

      When I bought my S2 they were about $550 to buy outright, Virgin Subsidized about 400 of it. That’s about $11/month. So my plan is more like $44/month plus $11 for paying back for the phone.

      IE is that FIDO rate your are quoting available for subsidized phone purchases? IE is it fair to compare rates used for phone subsidies vs. ones that aren’t?

  • beyond

    Go TELUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oligarchist

    Telus is actually destroying Bell is most areas

  • joe

    switched from BELL to TELUS and let me tell ya! 1000% better! (from my own experience) –