Sony Xperia Tablet Z goes up for pre-order, expected to ship on May 22nd


  • Gsizzle

    It’s a beautiful tablet but why not upgrade to 600 series from Snapdragon if your launching it this late?

    • Lukeiphone

      Yea, should have had the 600 chip and then I would really be interested. No point to get this tablet at this point in time considering the 800 chip coming out in couple months.

    • LarrYd

      Yeah, cause that 800 chip will make all the difference in your day-to-day tablet use. Oh sorry, I forgot, these devices are now replacements for your p***s and must have the latest to be the ‘best’…lmao

    • Lukeiphone

      Why buy something out dated? Afterall, you are putting your hard earned money to something which you would expect to pay off.

    • William Worlde

      But then that may have pushed the price point over the $500 mark and it seems they definitely wanted to launch a “satisfiable” product to “everyone”. Of course, no one’s ever been able to do that, except for Apple of course – because they’ve told their loyal clientele so! “Shut up; you’re holding it wrong (you i***t)!”

    • stevedion

      Wow, I was seriously about to pre-order ,i was sure it came with the S4 600 series.. That is pretty last gen! N10 here is come…

  • darknite111

    Does it have LTE? I think engadget reported it with LTE.

  • Julius

    These are pricy. Looks good though but considering the cost I would probably get the Nexus 10 or iPad or wait for the new of each.

  • Nadefrenzy

    $500? for this? Good luck with that.

    People would rather get an iPad instead.

    • LarrYd

      LOL, really? You can keep your stinkin’ ipad crap thank you…

    • Nadefrenzy

      I knew someone would say that. You must be quite foolish really. I’m an Android guy, but even I know that iPad dominates the tablet market. $500 given to anyone to buy one tablet, and they’d definitely buy an iPad. Fact.

  • Gregg Lowden

    Honestly, will not give Sony another dime due to BS like “Sony promises to upgrade users to Android 4.2 shortly after availability”. Soon for Sony is a joke like all updates. You’ll see 2 newer devices released before an update is provided.

  • Mobile Nerdy

    just pre-ordered…

    • William Worlde

      It would be great if you posted a real-world review a week or so after heavy usage.

    • Mobile Nerdy

      Will do!

  • William Worlde

    First off, the Disclaimers: I don’t know the relation between Wh and mAh and didn’t do the research to compare Asus Transformer Pad TF700’s 25Wh and this 6000mAh.

    That said, this Sony product seems to beat the Asus one hands down, and *everybody* raved about that when it launched. To be frank, I’d prefer buy most Asus anythings over any other brand (after all, I am typing this on my W8Pro Asus X202E). But Sony seems to have made a quantum leap in this offering, save for having to pay $100 more to bump up to 32GB; that is ridiculous.

    I’ve been searching for a 7-8″ device, sub 500g tablet. I loathe going back to iOS, but Apple’s mini iPad seems to be the sweet-spot for me. Decent specs and design and will be able to work well with an Excel SS. The Nexus 7″ may have better specs, but I think it’s an ugly device – and that counts in my book.

    This new Sony, though bigger, is a definite consideration. I love our mind-boggling technology choices! Hmmm…..

  • AM Radio

    last gen tablet specs at next gen tablet pricing!


    aging hardware + the price for 32GB is killing the love. my TF700 is also killing me, but i’ll have to pass on this.