Video: Samsung designers tell the Galaxy S4 design story, says it’s like “a precious stone glittering in the dark”


  • Yermumma1

    Precious stone? More like ugly turd made from cheap Fischer price plastic.

  • Rich

    Internal specs? Great!
    However, this phone looks as plain as you can get on the outside. What a cheesy video.

  • daksen

    that’s really funny Samsung!

  • Harold Mitchell

    Pathetic PR apologists.

  • Samcopy

    Such an embarrasement

  • Nadefrenzy

    Haters gonna hate.

    Video is meh, but the phone is great!

    Now the wait for the potential phone of the year…. Note 3.

  • jellmoo

    Galaxy S4 design process: Highlight Galaxy S3. CTRL + C. CTRL + V

    Leave early.

  • Dimitri

    I must agree with the rest. The S4 design is the same Design they used with the S3, Note 2, Note 8 & now S4. So really the design is nothing new or Precious stone as they claim. I understand they want to keep the design as they think its cool & all, but do not be like Apple here.

    • DC

      Actually I think the design is even worse than apple. At least apple changed the back from glass to metal (from 4s to ip5). Samsung did nothing to improve the shape and material…

  • AllanVS

    I’ve been using the phone for half a day now – I can say, it’s impressive. The feel is better than all other phones I’ve used this year, including iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, Galaxy S3, Note 2, Razr HD, HTC Raider. I don’t know about the HTC One, but I’ll be trying it soon too.
    If you haven’t actually taken the phone out of the store, to use… STFU.

    • Stephen

      Incoming HTC apologists to downvote you for complimenting a device that isn’t HTC. These people are ridiculous, how DARE you enjoy a device that the mouthbreathing neckbeards of MobileSyrup disagree with?

  • TriDeka


  • Mark Horvat

    They can say what they want now, but at the rate Samsung is releasing smartphones, this is going to be crap in a few months. No more “precious stone glittering in the dark.”

    Get the HTC One. THAT’S something like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

    • Stephen

      Get the HTC One… then get another one because HTC’s reputation for failure means you’ll need one right after the warranty!

    • TriDeka

      My friend is on his third Galaxy SIII, the first screen just died, then the touch instantly didn’t function; he only bought it in September. Another friend just had his GSIII replaced because it couldn’t start up, just under his 1 yr warranty.

    • Stephen

      One friend, big deal. I’ve sold phones for 5 years, wouldn’t dare sell an HTC. Can’t even count how many One V on Koodo have come back with reception issues.

    • TriDeka

      If you read carefully I mentioned two friends. And I now of a few cracked screens and creaking cases from other people too; but that could be just regular wear and tear for Samsung phones.
      BTW Koodo and reception issues? LOL

    • Stephen

      Reception issues with the HTC One V specifically

  • Me Ted

    “It’s like a smoldering piece of $#|+ next to a urinal in Havana. The new S4. You’ll buy it anyway…just like the iPhone.”

    And that’s why my next device could be the HTC One or the X Phone (we’ll see what that looks like). I want some industrial engineering with my devices. I’m sick of the bs plastic.

  • Alex Krstic

    My precious…..

  • bembol

    I couldn’t tell you, my pre-ordered is delayed! At least they’re consistent, 2/2 with last year’s Note 2 failed launch.

  • EvanKrosney

    It’s not a bad design I guess, it’s thin, relatively durable, and works well. But it still seems a little, well, blah. Especially compared to the One, whose design stands out from the crowd and is different from the last generation.

  • Guest

    my s2 still works…JB.

  • robertottawa

    A precious stone made of plastic

  • Manbo

    I’ll have what they’re smoking. ^_^