TELUS offering a $50 credit to customers who aren’t able to find a Galaxy S III


  • Acco

    Well, good on Telus for being the first to offer something like this.

    The bad: watch RogEll copycat in a few days.

    • Kai

      Actually, Rogers wont copy that. Typically Rogers is the first to do these things. They do it all the time. Unless you go to a rogers store that’s not one of the better dealers.

    • Gr8Price

      Do you mean the $50 that Telus overchage??

      Virgin and others are offering the SGS3 for $599, while Telus has it ( or rather, doesn’t have it) for $650.

      Thanks, but no thanks will get the phone from whomever has the lowest price!

    • Jordan

      How’s it a bad thing if Bell and Rogers copy this? I thought competition was good, something the Big Three don’t do nearly enough of.

  • Brendon

    Wish the same was for Sasktel, Samsung didn’t even send the shipment out and is looking at availability next week

  • Medusa

    3 years on a $50+ plan?
    Whew, I am so glad those days are way behind me now.

  • Linsanity

    Telus really isn’t the first to offer credit for the S3.. The Source (even though may not have a large stock) offers $75 off by trading in any old cell phone. I’d take that instead of Telus’ offer.

    • Bobblehead

      First, you can get the $50 credit and trade in an old device for more.

      Second, Jeremy Lin is a mediocre basketball player. It’s weird you never see such diehards fans of guys like Brian Shaw or Lou Williams like you do of Lin. Wonder why?

    • Linsanity

      @bobblehead, thanks tips.. Actually The Source gives $75 plus value of the device. And unrelated topic, Jeremy Lin gets more attention due to the absence of an high-caliber or even semi-decent Asian NBA player plus his Harvard background and social networking allows him to have more exposure. Not a “die hard” fan just based on a random username..

    • Matt

      We also have a bounce back, so if we do not have what you are looking for, you get 50 if you come back. This has been going on since before christmas.

  • Tomatoes

    I am quite shocked actually. I didn’t expect this phone to be as successful as the Galaxy S2. It looks like there is a chance that I might be wrong.

  • Matt

    Got to check out a S32 yesterday; was not impressed. Essentially just a Galaxy Nexus with Samsung’s BS Android skin.

    • pacalis

      I checked it out too; was not impressed. Essentially just a phone with Samsung’s BS logo.

      Well that and it’s better in every way to a Nexus.

  • superfly

    @matt….apple ball licker.

  • vinno

    Bit shocked that one of the Big 3 is stepping up and doing something customer oriented…Wonder who in the company was thinking so far out of the box

  • G203

    No contracts for me…. Bought the international version and use it on Koodo. $25 voice plan + Data Saver… That’s about $40 a month for me… Telus can kiss my a$$ for this rubbish three year thing and over priced plans!

    • Alex

      But at the end of the day, TELUS is still getting your money…

    • Gr8Price

      The issue is not to give money to the big 3, the issue is to pay a decent fare!
      BYOP (Bring your own phone) and activate it with the best plan for the best money for you, that plan is only available on 3 yrs??? f4494ck that and go somewhere else!

      That’s the way to go in Canada now!

    • G203

      Yes.. Telus will get my money in the end but not as much. Their $50 plan is useless… After you add a thing or two, your bill be easily be $60 or so plus tax… Compare to what I am paying now, I save roughly $25 a month. In 24 months, that is $600 and good enough for another phone. With a 3 year contract, you have to wait at the end of the contract to upgrade.

      If I am spending the same money anyway, I would spend that on myself, not any of these carriers.

  • Marion

    @G203 where did you buy the international version from? Ebay?

  • G203

    • Gr8Price

      …And starting in September the PLAY STORE!! They are just finifhing the contracts with warehouses in Toronto, for now you can only buy the Nexus S tablet with delivery in Canada!

      But by October when the new “Google Vanilla” phones come out we will be able to buy them directly from Google via the Play Store! Goodridance Big 3!!

  • Quinn

    ‘Today, regional carrier SaskTel noted delays as shipments “are not expected to arrive in SK until tomorrow.”’

    Well, actually, every carrier in Saskatchewan EXCEPT for Sasktel got it today. Even places like Best Buy, Future Shop, Visions, etc got it today.


  • kris

    what if i want to buy it out right they should knock off 50 also

    • Kenza

      They will knock you off before they give u the 50 bucks lol, the only reason they are offering this is the 3 years contract so if u wanna buy it out right that means u are not a guaranteed customer

  • S2556

    Got mine today with out pre ordering but they only had blue 16gb which happened to be what I wanted! They also said they were very low on stock and it is back ordered into July…

  • Migzy

    Blast I wish Bell has this deal going when I went to the store today to see if they had any 32GB stock, told me next week. Granted I wasn’t planning on buying it today, but my dad just got the 16GB blue one at Telus so there was no way I was going to leave the mall without trying to at least have the same phone as my dad. Straight from a dumb phone to the latest and greatest on release day no less(which in itself was a total coincidence as he was planning to come down to Van today to visit anyways before he had even heard of the SIII).

    And dang did Telus ever give him a good renewal deal… $85/month for all this: 5 pm evenings, 500 anytime minutes, 5GB data, nationwide 20(unlimited Canada LD), unlimited messaging, fav 10, voice mail 10, call display, call waiting, and conference calling. The sales rep’s jaw hit the floor when the presumably L&R rep started listing off features… He was just trying to get them to throw in some extra minutes and keep the comp’d VM10 on the promo 65 plan, but they went hog wild.

    • Citrus

      You live in Vancouver. What are you still doing with Telus??

      Let me tell you about MY plan with Wind. $35 unlimited everything, VM and CID included. That’s it. I don’t have to LIST my features – it’s all there. And I pay $50 less than your dad.

      My plan is not available anymore, but you can do MUCH better with Wind or Mobilicity than any of the Big 3.

      Wake the hell up, already!

  • Wing Lam

    Wow a $50 credit on a $65 a month plan (or $73 after tax). Now I still owe $23 + $735 for phone. Awesome deal!

  • Doug

    To everyone who’s complaining about telus plans.. Idk what you’re talking about.

    For 60.00 a month, I get

    500 anytime
    Evenings and weekends at 5pm
    Call ID, Voice Mail, Call forwarding, Call waiting
    Nationwide my 10 talk and text
    unlimited text messages
    5GB of data
    30 LD minutes.