Rogers Samsung Galaxy Note scheduled for Jelly Bean upgrade in May, LG Optimus 3D this month


  • sak hus

    I sold mine last year as well lost about 300$ on it but good riddance. Good hardware bad software support from craLGP

    • kirilmatt

      I’d certainly be willing to get an lg in the future, I can root my phone and flash custom Roms on its so I guess its less of an issue for me. I find lg has been on their game with the latest hardware and their phones are quite impressive. Software support not so much and I hope that improves. Competition is always good

  • Mark Bunker

    I have the Samsung Galaxy Note and I really hope it gets jelly bean and the update does not get pushed back even farther. AT&T it up to you now!!!

  • GuanGadget

    Or they could try a custom rom!

    • silver_arrow

      He asked about the SIIX and I replied about it

    • GuanGadget

      Apologies, that was meant as a separate post, not as a reply to your comment. – Fixed!

    • silver_arrow

      No problem. And yeah i was really surprised that the Optimus 3D was getting 4.1 that seems so… un LG

  • nathaniel james

    LG sucks…

  • GuanGadget

    There is NO official or even leaked Beta version Jelly Bean for the Optimus 3D and probably never will be. The recent Ice Cream Sandwich release is the best it will get. The only way of getting Jelly Bean is via a buggy Cyanogenmod rom.

  • ceegii63

    double check your source you might just be talkin about ICS on ROGERS

  • bigjul13



    Rogers just released ics for lg o3d, no way its getting jellybean.

  • Twigs

    Att just released the jelly bean update for the note 1717 yesterday rogers what is the hold up release the update for the 1717r come on it’s been long enough.

  • twigss

    Ok really rogers u guys let tells release the upgrade first that is BS hurry up and release it now.