Blaq for BlackBerry 10 coming April 17th

Blaq for BlackBerry 10, the newest version of one of the PlayBook’s most popular apps, is making its way to BlackBerry’s newest platform on Wednesday, April 17th.

While its substantive improvements have not been detailed, there’s a good chance Blaq for BB10 will adhere to the Cascades design and coding guidelines, featuring fast gesture-based navigation and full integration with the BlackBerry Hub.

Few apps have been more highly anticipated than this one, as the company Kisai Labs and its main developer, Jerome Carty, have been BlackBerry loyalists since day one. Like Tweetbot is for iOS, Blaq endeavours to be one of the reasons new users migrate to the new platform.

Blaq has since around since May 2011, when it was released for BlackBerry’s then-new PlayBook tablet. It quickly shot up the paid app charts, in part because it was beautifully designed, but also because it stood in for an official Twitter app that never came. Whether Blaq for BB10 will be as popular depends on how well it differentiates itself from the official Twitter client, which has improved significantly since its day-one release.

Blaq should also be compatible with the upcoming BlackBerry Q10 as well.

Source: Twitter