New entrants forecasted to have 2.35 million wireless subscribers by the end of 2013

A new report by the Convergence Consulting Group is suggesting that the newer wireless carriers – Videotron, EastLink, Mobilicity, Public, WIND – will increase their market share by 2% this year and end 2013 with 8.1%, representing 2.35 million wireless subscribers.

Brahm Eiley of Convergence stated that WIND Mobile will continue to lead the pack and end 2013 with an estimated 808,000 wireless subscribers, followed by Quebec-based Videotron with 528,000 subs. The other remaining 1 million+ will come from Eastlink, Mobilicity and Public Mobile.

To put these numbers into perspective we must look at how each ended 2012. WIND just declared their final 2012 tally and ended with 590,438 subscribers. At the end of 2012 Videotron had 402,600 subscribers on their wireless network. Eastlink, Mobilicity and Public Mobile are all private companies and do not disclose their subscriber numbers.

The forecasted numbers could be a stretch, but might be accomplished as more Canadians are ditching their landline and opting for a wireless-only home. The new carriers have low-cost monthly plans that some families have welcomed as an alternative to a home phone. Convergence also noted that over the past couple years data usage increased and voice usage dropped. Eiley forecasts that 66% of Canadian wireless subscribers will have a smartphone by the end of 2013.

Source: Convergence Group