WIND ends 2012 with 590,438 subscribers, ARPU of $28.10


  • gnote

    Good for Wind!
    If you start covering the Wasaga Beach area you’ll be +1.

    • Blacklisted

      Congratulations Wind Mobile on almost meeting 40% of your stated goal of 1.5 million customers by the end of 2012. Good thing you’re not a publicly traded company or else your stock price would be horrible.

    • CADDMan

      A $28.10 ARPU is not very good when you’re supporting a network that operates both Voice & Data. To make any money (you know, profit) you need to have an ARPU of $30-35 at the very least. If they’re profiting with that low an ARPU, good on them but my initial impression is they’re not.

  • king s**t

    I must say reception and coverage has improved drastically…I haven’t had a dead zone experience in so long…places that use to be dead are no more…my bill is always the same now. If only I could afford a new phone hate my LG Optimus 2X

    • trueOgre

      My 4 years old kid has that phone. I still think its a good phone. Asphalt 7 no lag….

  • Chris

    Please expand to Brantford!

  • iphoneeeeeeeeee’s bro

    They fell short of their 600,000 goal.

  • brantguy

    agreed – brantford has 100,000 people, bring us service already

    • EvanK

      Winnipeg has 750 000 people and WIND isn’t operating here either.

  • Rick

    I would switch, but reception is horrible in vancouver and no Lte

    Maybe this year?

    • iphoneeeeeeeeee’s bro

      LTE isnt coming anytime soon and by the time LTE does, Wind will be so far behind the Big 3…Big 3 will deploy 150Mbps or greater in their current LTE footprint.

      You snooze, you lose.

    • Sweet

      As far as I know, Wind doesn’t have enough bandwidth to deploy LTE. The 700MHz auction is going to take place sometime this year (probably the 2nd half of the year). If Wind does win enough 700MHz bandwidth to deploy LTE, it will almost certainly take them more than a year to bring their first LTE location online. Which means we won’t see LTE on the Wind network until at least the end of 2014. The same thing goes for Mobilicity and possibly Videotron (given that Videotron limits its service to one province, they may be able to start deploying LTE quicker.)

    • ron

      Wind is a discount carrier. They will probably never get LTE. If you want LTE, pay the extra amount and go to the other higher priced carriers…

  • Tom

    I can live without LTE – theoretically network speed is rarely the bottleneck – but I can’t live w/o wider coverage.

    Looking forward to WIND merging with mobi and accelerating their build-out.

    • iphoneeeeeeeeee’s bro

      Merging with Mobi will just saddle them with more debt.

    • Sweet

      A merger between Wind and Mobilicity wouldn’t make that much of a difference, since they’re both lacking bandwidth, which is the real problem and what is preventing both of them from expanding.

      They will be able to share towers and maybe some infrastructure equipment, but probably not much since Mobilicity runs a traditional network whereas Wind runs a NGN (Next Generation Network), which is an all-IP network.

      And they can gain savings by cutting duplicate jobs.

      BTW, Wind and Mobilicity have met to discuss merging. But talks broke off because both sides could not agree on their companies’ valuations — each side felt their company was worth more than what the other thought.

    • jack

      iphoneeeeeeeeee’s bro appears a bit smarter than iphoneeeeeeeeee with that comment.

  • Kent Lee

    OK now T-Mobile just has to buy Mobilicity and do some expansions!

    • John

      T-Mobile has no interest in buying Mobilicity.

  • Chris

    HSPA+ has a theoretical peak of 168mb/s. Wind will never switch to LTE, they only have to continue improving their data speeds on their existing HSPA+ infastructure. I’m not saying that will happen any day soon, but to say they have to switch to LTE down the line is foolish.

  • Dave

    That’s a great news for wind!

    46% increase in one year it’s a great news (for anyone that realize in what a though market they dealing at).

    Good luck and keep going wind!

    Happy customer

  • Tom Riddell

    I love Wind

  • EvanK

    Good job, WIND! That’s an increase of almost 200 000 subs over last year’s results, almost a 50% jump.

    Now they just need to expand into some more markets, I’m sure folks from Halifax, Victoria, Regina, Saskatoon, and other Winnipeggers would agree with me.

    • Scott

      Yes! Victoria! PLEASE! We need new competitors here.

  • daksen

    Come to Winnipeg!!!



  • mike

    Are they counting the total number of subscribers that signed up. or counting how many are current customers. would be interesting to find out which number exactly. and I’d bet that the actual current numbers are probably half that number.

    • ron

      It would also be interesting to see how many subs Roger has, without counting Fido and Chatr.
      And Bell, without counting Virgin
      And Telus, without counting Koodo…

  • Andrew

    Going on 3 years with Wind, and boy oh boy, am I glad I ditched Rogers for good! Shaky start, but now it’s nothing but smooth sailing.

    Keep it going, Wind, and thank you for sparking some competition here in good ol’ Canada.

  • MAL

    -1. Awful data speed in DT TO. Horrible customer service. Now on Bell w/ LTE. Consistent and fast. To bad, I really wanted to like Wind but they just couldn’t get their s#&t together.

    • skullan

      Yes, but you’re now on Bell. If you don’t know what I mean by that, wait a few more months, you’ll understand.

  • Mobilesyrup

    I’m reading this article thinking, good for wind, and then I see a typo and I’m thinking Ian probably wrote this. Check the top of the page and yup, it’s him. HOW can a journalist suck so much at typing/publishing? No one else on this site makes as many errors as this guy. Please up your game Ian!

  • T1MB0T

    That number is always suspect. Wind said they had 600k months and months ago and as usual they were corrected! What is al this talk of LTE? Tony said no, his boss said not and his bosses boss said no.. so I guess its no. Talks between Wind and Rogers are going well.. right nuke.. looks like wind will be a new flanker brand.. oh nooooo

  • 99roxah

    Wind BLOWS!

    • Jon

      I c wat u did thar

  • Arm Chair

    Wind works fine for me in the GTA! except in office buildings…

    $40/month for unlimited calls/text/data…works fine for me.

    Wind’s “Wind tab” works fine for me; at three years they zero out any balance and deduct 10% of my bill per month…like why would I move to another carrier?

    Robulus or Wind; you say that is a question for you? really? I bet I know what you think of the current US president….

  • BaconTroll

    Well I am on Wind today but in a choice between Wind and Robellus I would say it depends if you travel a lot across the country. If you do….Robellus, if you don’t and are in a Wind area, then Wind. So if I have to start traveling all over the country I would drop Wind and go with Robellus, just not sure which one as they all seem painful to me.

  • Theo

    Wind actually has cheaper version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII and note II. Their versions, even if unlocked, will not work on LTE! and they sell them for the same price (or more) as Robellus!

    • OgtheDim pay less over the lifetime of having the phone. Most people make the difference back within 18 months.

    • T1MB0T

      Ogdadog has a point on top of his head, a view that nuke sees quite often. You pay less and get less.. no warranty phones at top dollar the worst customer service.. yes og you right come to the gym clown

  • Kyle Tuck

    I wonder how many people Wind lost during the year. I’m not sure where Wind is improving, but it is not in Hamilton. I don’t see evidence of improvement in many parts of Toronto either.

    Coverage in Hamilton is abysmal. You are LUCKY to get two bars downtown when outside. In most cases, you get 1 bar, and as soon as you go indoors, you’re toast. The only reason I have stuck it out with Wind is because coverage is good at my home and my work, and they have the best US roaming rates (where you’re not actually on Wind’s network).

    The other significant challenge is the ridiculously slow upload speeds in Hamilton. It’s hard to even imagine people talking LTE when shows I’m only able to upload at 80-90Kbps (that’s kilobit, not kilobyte).

    Such horrendous speeds make file syncing virtually impossible, a task that is becoming more and more common with the rising popularity of cloud services.

    I would estimate that I will be forced to switch carriers by the end of the year if Wind does not stop focusing on expansion into new territory rather than improving in those areas it already proudly, but often wrongly, calls “Home Zones”.

    • David D.

      Why wait? Switch now! You’ll spend more money on Tylenol worrying over your cellular service, than by being robbed by the you-know-who.


      🙁 🙁

  • downtownBRANTFORD

    there’s a casino in brantford, there’s millions of people around us, we have a river, 3000 students

    we INVENTED the telephone. bring us WIND

  • Theo

    A lot of people see Robellus, and see wind, and think “oh, Wind is cheaper, therefore it is a better deal” but you truly get what you pay for. You cannot use the prices as a common denominator in comparing providers when the offerings are so different! To me $70/mo 3GB LTE (30-40Mbps) plan with the best phone from Rogers is better service than $40 “unlimited data” 3G (1.5Mbps) with a sub-par phone

    • Serenity Nao!

      That’s a $1000+ over a 3-year period that you are overpaying with Rogers. That’s cool, though. I’d rather invest these money, and collect some interest, than give it to Rogers. To each his own.

    • Concerned User

      Wind’s “Unlimited data” is the biggest scam. It is only on their tiny network, and the more you use, the more they metre your speed, making it slower and slower. After 5GB its hardly even usable, as per their “Internet traffic management policy”

    • abc123

      @Concerned User.

      Please take your high data usage and join Robellus. The 5GB limit was put there for a reason… you.

      I’m sure you’re sitting there happy in your basement destroying the local cell tower with your bandwidth hogging downloads and ruining it for the rest of us.

      And no, the “unlimited” is still unlimited. They did not say how fast and they did not discontinue your data service after 5GB. You should read the fine print next time.

  • Serenity Nao!

    @Concerned User It takes 5 minutes for an average person to figure out the workings of Wind, from their coverage to the 5GB data allotment. Where is this “scam” that you are referring to? Everything is on their website, and is VERY easy to find.


    You should run for government.

  • John

    Well Vimple will be selling Wind as soon as 2013 is over. They have no hope as the company isn’t going to invest $30B this year to solidify the network. ARPU is $28 which cannot be upheld in a developed country. $4 ARPU works in Egypt where you can put a tower up with duct tape as they have no regulations.

    Wind is a business. They need to make a PROFIT. … survive. PERIOD.

    • CADDMan

      @John, funny as I said the same thing above about their ARPU being too low to be financially viable and I get thumbs down. You say it and get thumbs up. It’s amazing the mentality of Mobilesyrup readers who are, I’m guessing, are a bunch of gimme gimme gimme folks and damn the company’s future. Good thing those people don’t have the responsibility of running a company.

  • CasinoBrantford

    gamblers in brantford need wind service!!!!

  • StudentInBrantfordd

    Us students in Brantfor need some wind deals. Please expand to serve us

  • JC

    Wind data speed is awful in Toronto. I’m not expecting LTE speeds, but it’s no where close to 3G speeds of Bell or Rogers. Around 4/5pm some days it’s so slow it’s almost unusable. I mostly view my Wind $40 plan as unlimited talk/text.