TripWhat app for iOS launches, aims to be your local and up-to-date travel guide

This is a cool new app that was just released for iOS devices. TripWhat was developed by Waterloo-based Sortable and aims to be a highly relevant travel guide that features up-to-date info on local activities, events, trips and restaurants.

The app seems to be an enhanced version of “Around Me” and acquires data from various pre-existing sites, namely SeatGeek, Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp, UrbanSpoon, Wikipedia, Last.fm and gives you real-time reviews and detailed information that will help you plan your next excursion. You can narrow down your search by simply typing in a word, such as thai food, and it’ll give you a breakdown in a map view based on your location. In addition to singling out a specific category, TripWhat gives you the option to create your own trip, like “best Toronto pubs,” that you can continually edit and share with your friends.

TripWhat is currently available for iOS devices and on the web, plus an Android app is in the works.
Check it out here from the App Store