Nvidia details post-Tegra 4 roadmap: Logan in 2014, Parker in 2015

Nvidia hasn’t even released its first Cortex A15-powered Tegra 4 device yet — that’s coming this summer at the earliest — but the company’s dynamite CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, just announced the company’s next two mobile SoC plans.

After Tegra 4, Logan will take flight, sometime in 2014. Powered by a version of the company’s desktop GPU, Kepler, it will feature parallel CUDA cores of an unknown number, native LTE, and OpenGL 4.3 support. Then, in 2015, Parker will be released with a Denver CPU, Maxwell GPU and FinFET manufacturing (fin-shaped Field Electric Transistor), which will allow for much more transistors packed closer together on smaller silicone.

Now all we need is to get a Tegra 4 device, preferably Project Shield, in our hands. Who’s excited about Nvidia’s SoC future?

Source: Phandroid