Tubetime aims to take over your TV, will cost you $9.95

The new HTC One has an infrared sensor and receiver that makes the device your TV’s remote control. In addition, many Sony Xperia devices, such as the upcoming Xperia Tablet Z, also has a universal remote feature that not only gives you the ability to push content to your TV, but also acts as a wireless controller. Both these features have the ability to connect to your cable companies TV guide, but present it in a nicer design.

Today, Montreal-based Tubetime is hoping to cash in on this trend. They’ve released an iOS app – coming soon to Android devices – called “Tubetime.” This app encourages you to be more social when you’re watching TV, thus increases your ADD. Tubetime allows you to “See what is being said about the show on Twitter and tweet directly from the app.” Built into the app is a possible revenue stream with an “offers” section. This doesn’t seem to be fully baked yet and will most likely house various deals and promos based on your location.

Finally, Tubetime wants to help you de-clutter your living room by selling a dongle that looks exactly like the Square Mobile payment system. This “Tubetime Connector” will act as your remote control and you simply insert it into your iOS device, but you’ll have dish out $9.95.

You can check out the video demo below of this in action, or download the app here.