First Samsung Galaxy S IV screenshots confirm 5″ 1080p display, 1.8Ghz quad-core processor, updated TouchWIZ


  • iphoneeee

    iS4 iS4 iS4 iS4

    • iphoneeeeeeeeee’s bro

      Sorry bro. But I might ditch my iPhone 5 for this.

      I know I’m betraying you. Guess its time to move out.

    • iphoneeee

      what a guy… don’t deserve an iphone anyways..yo change car oil on way back…..i paid for it last time

    • skazzberry 2.0

      You are the troll we need but not the one we deserve.

    • Mantiteo

      goodbye blackberry lol
      Z10 already outdated – LOLz!

    • Andrew

      I just had a samgasm.

  • Gsizzle84

    Free the Beast.

  • Tom

    Do you notice white background in the settings? This means there’s no AMOLED.

    • Stupid

      I see the on-screen home key. So likely no physical buttons this round.
      I hope they shrunk the bezel to almost nothing. Especially with a 4.99″ screen.

    • CRTC

      This is exactly what I noticed.

      Few things going on here

      1. Samsung will in fact be using so lux backlite LCD panel
      2. Samsung has improved efficiency in the amoled panel to where whites use a lot less power.
      3. The amoled screen uses about the same still on whites but samsung will be using at least 3000mah in the phone so its not much a concern.

  • All Ways Write

    YEah..its awesome..but not NOTE 3 awesome…we shall see

  • Rhett

    I love my gs2 but I really hope Samsung goes away from a plastic body this time.

    • Stupid

      Check the launch flyer closely.
      It’s going to be some sort of textured looking sophisticated grey sort of thing by the looks of it. (Plastic though)

  • Alx886

    The first “I want it” phone of the year for me, now I just gotta see what it looks like. In other news, did you all notice that the Nexus is now in-stock on Google Play’s site?

  • Joseph

    MY SG3 stopped functioning after 4 months. 🙁
    It wouldn’t send/receive calls and text messages. Then all of a sudden the battery stopped charging and wouldn’t hold a charge.

    I’ve been waiting for it for 3 months from Samsung, which is downright HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    Bad news, my cousin heard of my phone problems and bought me an iPhone 5 :'( Can’t get any worse… lol


    Why would they be switching away from S-AMOLED? Isn’t it one of the most efficient screen types?

  • Durrill

    Any news of the SGSIII getting a 4.2.2 or better yet – Key Lime Pie 5.0 upgrade? Or are we now SOL?

    • Eduardo

      Hopefully SHORTLY after the release of the S4

    • Josiah

      The 4.2.2 rom is available for developers currently and will be released in the coming months, it currently has quite a few bugs, like the back key not working

    • Greg

      key lime Pie will never hit the gs3. that would cripple the sales of the gs4 do you know anything about marketing.

  • Blackberry Gangster

    But where is the innovation?

    Yawn.. still waiting for the next..

  • billu

    All this technology will be put inside a cheap a*s plastic shell…..shame.


    Still waiting for a reason to buy this over the HTC one, nothing yet

    • Stupid

      How about likely smaller, lighter, removable battery, sd card, better battery life?
      I had high hopes for the One having a smaller screen and all hoping it would be reasonably sized but it’s the opposite. That and no sd card or 32gb standard and I’m now looking to the S4 for top spot.

    • Monkey Face

      If I’m not mistaken, the HTC One will have a smaller screen size than the S4.

    • Pahech

      It’s also 32 GB standard. There’s no 16 GB config.

  • Haxor99


  • Tanooki

    All of the 5 inch, 1080p flagship phones are essentially the same… i dont think the S4 is going to have the same market presence as the S3. Although Samsung does a ton of advertising and makes their phone widely available… unlike Sony (locked to Rogers) and Nokia.

  • Anonymous One


    Wow they can make the device bigger and put more stuff it in but it still does the same s**t as the GS3 and GS2. No innovation or useful stuff.

    Look at HTC and what they have added into their new device…now that is innovative and useful.

    • Android1

      bahaha, what has HTC done that’s SOOOO revolutionary? Their blink feed? That’s just basically windows 8. Beats? That’s just a branded fancy name for an equalizer. GS4 and HTC One are both going to be great phones in their own right, but saying HTC’s so revolutionary over Samsung? Come on…

  • Gab

    wtf. The screen shot says 5.01 and the leaked pics before said 4.99 wtf

    • Marc

      It says “Estimated Screen Size” as 5.01.

      The Antutu benchmark screenshot says 4.99.

      I say close enough.

  • Stupid

    BlackBerry Z10 launch in the US the following day.
    Old news before it even has a chance.

  • talarico

    As it stands right now I’m still going with the HTC One.

    March 14th (well, March 15th — more youtube reviews on the SG4 will be available) will solidify my decision either way.

  • Ramzay

    Thank god the AMOLED screen seems to be going away. I can’t stand the sub-par Pentile crap and the way over-saturated colours.

    AMOLED is more efficient in dark colours, less so in bright colours. The newer LCD panels are about as efficient overall as the new S-AMOLED displays. But the colour reproduction and the overall sharpness of the LCD displays used by LG and HTC just blow away the current AMOLED screens (my opinion, of course).

    Of course, if Samsung could produce a non-Pentile HD S-AMOLED display with accurate colour reproduction, then we’d be in business.

  • Alex

    Yuk, same old same old.

    Nothing we haven’t seen before.

    Like Apple, Samsung also has stagnated in innovation. Same ugly designed just minor updates to hardware with an already outdated OS and bloatware that is TourchWiz.

    I rather get the Blackberry Q10. I want innovative software, not the same s**t over and over with a new hat.

  • ELNY

    Am I the only one that noticed all the inconsistencies in the pictures? Top 3 seemingly show case the new Touchwiz (which on my opinion looks like the same touchwiz with very minor adjustments. Bottom 2 pics show what seems to be Vanilla android with software buttons (aka a Nexus device). Sorry but I am not convinced these are real. We’ll know for sure next week!

    • REDRUM

      I thought I was the only one who saw that. Do people just eat up any rumor and screenshot? I HIGHLY doubt that Samsung would ever use such a vanilla skin; they are too obsessed with TouchWiz to do that. Also if you look at the battery icon, it’s using a circle battery indicator which is highly suspicious.

  • Steven

    HTC One.

  • Kyle

    Gah… 5″ is way to big… I don’t want anything bigger than the S3. I want something N4 sized, packed to the gills with removable battery, Storage, Qaudcore, LTE etc… Too much to ask for I guess.
    However, why do the screens have virtual buttons when all of Samsung’s products have the home button?

  • W Young

    Mobile Syrup is confusing readers, the two bottom photos are from an old article about leaked S4 benchmarks. They are not screenshots from a S4.

  • Imakesense

    Ok, can we all agree (ios/android/wp/whatever users) that at this point, quad core, 5″ screen, 1080p meets and exceeds the requirement for everyone and their mother/father and get back to improving battery life? The big displays and speeds of both the cpu and data are great, now give me something I can “forget” to plug in one night and still be able to use atleast until noon before I have to plug in…

  • S Pam

    notice on the first screen shot that the “Pixel Format” is RGBA (RGB Alpha). Does anyone know if RGBA can be Pentile? Or is Pentile only RGBG or RGBW?

  • jack

    Looking at those screenshots is giving me a headache. Too many options and too many new things to have to learn. I will stick with my iphone.

  • monsterduc1000

    That would suck if it didn’t come with S-Amoled. I love the near infinite blacks and the deep rich colours that my Nexus S produce (and very accurate with a little tweaking through Voodoo sound and colour of course :D)

  • kenypowa

    HTC shot itself in the foot with this 4MP “UltraPixel”. While megapixels itself is not a determining factor, average consumers would choose the 13MP GS4 over 4MP HTC One. Besides, “ultrapixel” sounds just like a marketing ploy.

  • Telusdoesnotcare

    So much S4 news, Blackberry is toast!

  • jay

    That’s so bad nothing from true. When I see the buttons in the bottom or it shows 16/32 gig I think a phone can have only one memory. Keep posting that…..!

    Next week we will see the best phone non the market. Nobody talks about iPhone or HTC one right now.

  • Akash Singh

    Alright first of all guys. Samsung will blow htc one’s pants off
    Second of all the pics arent taken from a samsung galaxy s4 but from a galaxy s3 running leaked android 4.1.2 ROM by samsung. You can check other websites. So if s3 gets these features , so does s4
    And lastly , the last two pics are from an old article. They were taken on a nexus 4 from the antutu benchmarking app. You can use your phone to check it out. Galaxy s4 is listed there with those specs.
    Please do some research before bashing anything

  • gilbert

    good thing I kept my ip5 in mint condition, can still sell for high value and get the s4.

  • Zaafir Siddiqui

    The ignorant people will get the S4, the smart people will get the HTC One!

    • monsterduc1000

      @Zaafir: Yeah… then when all the Htc One owners see dings in the aluminum, constant delays in updates then finally no support, they will all be saying, “Should have gotten the S4…”

  • jay

    Nothing true! Need a update for my S3. My battery is empty in a half day or I buy a S4. Look like they did it on purpose that people buy a new phone? Before I buy this phone want to check out the Q10.

  • Yuvin Weerasinghe

    Hm, Interesting. If the S4 is not built out of plastic, I may end up selling my Nexus 4 for this. If it is however, I’ll wait for the next Nexus.

  • Mark

    Am I the only one who think that the current processors are not powerfully enough for 1080p screen without any lag? This is the only reason why I bought a nexus 4 instead of waiting : 720p screen is enough + the processor is fast as f*

  • Mithos

    Man, this is the time of year when smart phone news really heats up! There’s iPhone news too, I think.

    The Z10 isn’t dead, the HTC One looks great and the S4 has yet to show its make or break debut. We’re all looking for expandable memory, removable (replaceable) battery and solid power management.

    There’s nothing at all to be unahppy about right now, for anyone. Let’s wait for the news and enjoy another exciting spring… of watching/reading cell phone news and reviews in the office, instead of working, every day…

  • Joey

    This better come with a 5000mah battery or else it won’t see any use after 1pm.