First Samsung Galaxy S IV screenshots confirm 5″ 1080p display, 1.8Ghz quad-core processor, updated TouchWIZ

gs4-7 (1)

Humour us for just a moment as we bring you slightly reiterate what we already know about the Samsung Galaxy S IV, though with screenshots this time. Leaked photos of what looks to be the Korean giant’s upcoming flagship phone shows off a new TouchWIZ colour scheme, grey and blue, along with some interesting hardware specs.

Unlike our previous estimation, it looks like even the North American version of the GS4 will sport Samsung’s own quad-core Exynos 5410 chipset at 1.8Ghz, replete with eight cores in a big.LITTLE configuration. The 5-inch 1080p display is also all but confirmed.


The camera has also been shown to offer 13MP shots at a 4:3 ratio, which means that it’s likely the GS4 will use a CMOS sensor similar, if not identical, to the Sony Xperia Z.

gs4-ant6And, if the above AnTuTu benchmark summary is accurate, the Galaxy S IV will have 2GB of RAM, a PowerVR SGX544MP GPU, a 2MP front-facing camera, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and between 16GB and 32GB of storage.

Of course, all this could be made up, exaggerated, manipulated, obfuscated or annihilated next week, when the Galaxy S IV is officially unveiled in New York City.

Watch for all the info at 7pm on Thursday, March 14th.

Via: Droid-life (2)