Bell, Virgin, Fido and TELUS also discounting iPhone 5 16GB and 32GB, TELUS drops 64GB version to $199


In a strategic response to Rogers, Bell will be discounting the iPhone 5 16GB and 32GB to $99.95 and $199.95 respectively on a three-year term. TELUS has also discounted the iPhone 5 16GB to $99 and in a cutthroat move has put the 32GB version on sale for $149 and the 64GB version for $199.

Bell and TELUS will launch the promotion today, pushing it both online and in stores. Virgin Mobile, a subsidiary of Bell, will also be launching the same promotion.

No word on when these are ending, but we’d guess sometime towards the end of March, perhaps the 18th as well.

Check it out at Bell and Virgin and TELUS.

Update: Fido has also discounted the 16GB and 32GB versions of the iPhone 5 to $100 and $200 respectively on a three-year term.