Starbucks Canada app for iOS updated to v2.6, “Store directions open within Apple Maps”


Quick update for those who frequent Starbucks and have an iPhone or iPad. The Starbuck Canada app for iOS was just updated and has a bunch of new fixes, mainly the ability to see your Rewards (now in a couple places). In addition, Starbucks says that “Store directions open within Apple Maps.” Not really sure what they were using before, but this might be a good thing, or not. No telling if you’re going to end up at the correct location. Google Maps is clearly a better maps solutions, but Apple has done some improvements to their offering over the past few months.

Here’s the complete change log:
– Food and Drink Updates
– Fixed error message when returning to app after downloading the Pick of the Week
– Store directions open within Apple Maps
– Improved brightness
– Multiple bug and stability fixes
– Now easier to see your available Rewards! Look for available Rewards below the Cup and as well as in My Rewards History.

Download the Starbucks app here.