Samsung announces Wallet, a Passbook competitor with more than a passing resemblance


  • Tom

    Assuming it will only work on Samsung phones?

    • Andrew

      I love my Galaxy Note II, but Samsung needs to tread carefully. This absolutely looks like a copy of Apple’s Passbook. No need to give them more bate to claim that Samsung copies Apple…

      P.S. The icon looks strikingly similar!

    • Mexico Ron

      Andrew: other than as required by legal cases, I don’t think Samsung is ashamed of copying. They have done it for years, way before they started copying Apple. It’s in their DNA. They see what others do well and clone them. The did it to BB, Sony, etc. They will always be this way. No one should be complaining now, just because they are doing it to Apple. It’s just the way things are. It works for them.

    • Yipu

      Once again, Samsung on the run to copy other competitors and call it their own. When will they learn?

      More junk from Samsung.

  • wotzit2ya

    I love trusting my money on a Beta

  • placator

    Hey, Samsung found something else to copy!

  • adrian

    samsumg lack originality. all they do is copy

  • wotzit2ya

    Passbook sucks in Canada , so am guessing this won’t bring anything new to da game .

  • Mike

    Samsung has copied off industry leaders for decades. It’s just that Apple made a big stink about it.

    At first I sided with Apple because I believe you shouldn’t simply copy somebody else, but then Apple made it petty so now I hate both of them.

  • Gman

    Mexico Ron has nailed it.

  • Heather

    It’s just G now, Jack, I sold the E. To Samsung. They’re Samesung now.

  • AWSguy

    Come on samsung, you can do better. Put NFC support!

    • joe public

      Samsung doesn’t know how to add nfc cause apple didn’t do it for them. Samsung can’t create only copy as they don’t have R&D department.

    • Thomas Kim

      I live in Korea and have had NFC ability for the past two years and I came late to the party. Your comment is false. America infrastructure is the one that isn’t ready for this concept! By the way, NFC is awesome, hope the states catch up sooner than later.

  • wow

    I hate how they don’t even try to hide it. They blatantly copy and they know they’ll get away with it.

  • doug bolster

    I do like Samsung, but I mean come on lol. This copying is getting silly. I can’t believe their army of employees can’t come up with something original, I guess as the other posters remarked they have no shame about it as part of their business strategy. Just seems lame to me.

  • brad

    This better come to windows samsung Ativ S phone, what about teaming up with Visa or Master card master pass. ?