Dropbox now uploads a billion files daily across 500 million devices


  • zzzZZZzzz

    This has to be THE best service I use. Don’t know if I could live without it.

  • skazzberry 2.0

    Google drive and Skydrive are better.

    • Rob Raymond

      Care to elaborate?

    • Nate

      Google Drive and Skydrive are specific use services. Skydrive is designed to integrate with microsoft office, and Google Drive is designed to integrate with other Google services.

      Dropbox is nice in that it’s designed to hold files in the cloud, and that’s it. I use it to hold files that don’t directly relate to google or to office.

      I have all three services, and I wouldn’t call any of them better than the other because I use them for different things.

  • Wes

    I found that box.com worked best for me. I needed to save offline files to my tablet. Google drive, Dropbox and Skydrive don’t allow me to select entire folders to save for offline use, or their cache space is very limited. Got 3 gigs of school stuff with me at all times and it syncs everything for offline use, therefore if you don’t have internet (like most tablets) you’ll still have all your stuff with you.

    Box had an offer that gives you 50 gigs if you sign up through an lg device. I believe that they have a 25 gig offer if you sign up with a hp computer. The space is for life and you won’t be downgraded to a smaller sized account. Google it and you should be able to find it.

    • Eduardo

      there was a link posted on lifehacker for 50Gbs for free, with that and the 50Gbs promotion about a year and a half ago for installing the Android app, I’m set.

      As far as I know Dropbox is better for larger files though; a few months back I wanted to share a 2GB file and was only able to do it through the Dropbox desktop client (without splitting it in multiple RAR files)… Dropbox also has a similar promotion with HTC and Samsung phones (50 or 25 Gbs free), but it’s only for 2 years.

    • Eduardo

      Thanks Wes, I use them both, I like Box’s mobile interface better but Dropbox for larger files and sharing.

  • Bubble Snake!

    I use notepad. It’s already installed on all windows PC’s and I can drop words into it and it’s awesome.

  • John

    So 100M users, 500M devices, and 1B UL a day….

    So every person in the world that uses Drop box UL’s 10 things a day?

    I find that hard to believe.

    • Eduardo

      I upload at least 30 files a day.
      I am sure business users are accounted for in these numbers which probably bring the numbers up quite a bit.

  • Alan


    I find it hard to believe people only upload 10 things to Dropbox daily.

  • Quagmire

    Google Drive butchers almost every format of document. Both box.com and dropbox are great

  • Drug$toreCowboy

    I use both Dropbox and Box and am happy with both. I have 25 gigs with Dropbox (promos as earlier mentioned by other members) and 50 gigs with Box.

    I use both with my BlackBerry Z10, which has native support for both services. The Z10 is able to automatically upload videos and pictures using box, but have full access with Dropbox as well. Best of both worlds!!

  • jplunks

    have ppl really read the terms of dropbox? out of Dropbox, Skydrive, iCloud and Box, dropbox states that thereither are allowed to use the data content when you upload with them. Skydrive has the best privacy.