Sony Xperia Tablet Z coming to Canada in Q2


  • screamer

    Nobody need a tablet

  • Sd Card?

    But does it have an SD Card??
    If it does and priced correctly it will sell well.
    No SD Card?? Fail!

    Basically if you dont want/need and SD Card, NOTHING GETS CLOS TO N4 and N7.

    If you release a phone/tablet with no SD card and at a HIIGHER PRICE than the Ns, your product will fail.

    If you release a phone/tablet slightly more expensive than the Ns WITH SD card, your product will succeed. How hard is that for OEMs to get?
    No bootlockers please ( hear that HTC, and others?)

    • Mark

      Ummm, no. SD cards are barely relevant anymore. Too much of a performance hit reading/writing from them. Although proponents are loud they represent such a small part of the market it is just as well to abandon this old technology.

  • DC

    Once again, sony sucks. Who really needs its tablet in Canada? We only need the Xperia Z.

  • havoc

    Impressive specs and every tablet should include an HD screen, expandable storage, removable battery and water/dustproofing. The big question is does it support Cinavia like every other Sony device? If it does it’s dead on arrival for me.

  • rockman

    The Nexus 7 doesn’t compare to this. This is like a 10 incher isn’t it?

    Also the Tegra 3 in the Nexus 7 doesn’t hold a candle to the processor in this thing (the same processor as in Optimus G and Nexus 4).

  • Marty

    The article you’re quoting is just bad news. It’s not even real journalism and you think it’s the definitive truth about a new product that hasn’t even been released? Check your head.