Mophie launches 1700mAh juice pack air for the iPhone 5


  • BIll Murray

    this is way better then android

  • Apples Sales Guy

    That’s it, Apple up Android down.

  • lukeiphone

    I wouldn’t buy it for now because iPhone 6 coming out in a few months.

    • wotzit2ya

      Naw don’t worry , the 5S will fit

  • TIME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow thats ugly……

  • Vader

    Looks good, still I wish more thought was given to battery life from manufacturers.

  • NBS

    $100?! For a case with a battery? Sorry, no.

  • zzZZzz

    actually makes the iPhone better looking IMO

  • tom

    Want cheaper alternative

    DX FTW!!!

  • screamer

    To much looking for pure specs. They should have more focus of battery life. How cares the thinnest iPhone ever???

  • G

    If only there was a smartphone with a removable battery, then you wouldn’t need an overpriced case… oh wait!

  • jonnny

    You know how you can buy variants in different storage sizes or colors, why dont the manufacturers release versions with different battery sizes?! I would rather have a thicker phone with a better battery life.

  • Tyrone

    100 bucks gets you 260mah more. What a joke this.

    • JaymmerMan79

      you do realize this is in addition to the battery built in to the iphone…
      I hope they come out with one that’s compatible with the HTC One series of phones

  • Mr. Reliable

    I picked up the Helium on release date, and received it Feb 15th.
    What a godsend.

    Of course, if I knew that a lighter model was being released 2 weeks later…

  • Seany

    I hope this one provides a bonus 4.5 inches display.