Windows Phone now offers over 130,000 apps, claims 40,000 new developers since WP8 launch


  • Toby


    • BIll Murray

      I just cant bring myself to ever care about windows phone, no disrespect to the phones, OS or microsoft. Its just that theres already too much going on with just android and ios, and now blackberry. What do they do that is superior to the others?

    • Keith

      @Bill Murray,

      Oh just the OS and the Lumias.

    • Drop the Price, get me to try W8

      W8 has a few decent phones that I would try, but at $500 WHY SHOULD I BOTHER???

      They are the “new entrant ecosystem” so until they release a similar phone to the N4 WITH SD card for example, at the same or LOWER price than the N4, ALL W8 phones are simply overpriced.

      The same goes for the Z10: $500 for a phone that offers you the SAME apps from Android, but in the Gingerbread version??
      The $250 Koodo Galaxy S2x with Jelly Bean can do that and more ( no LTE though).

      Neither the W8 or the Z10 have a SINGLE thing that you can’t get out of Android, iOS. Price is the way to compete. Don’t believe me? just see the sales of W8 and Z10!

    • wtv

      @Drop the price

      The Lumia 520 is out at Telus and reviews are very very good for it. Maybe it’s your chance to try WP?

  • EvanK

    Good job, WP! A solid 3rd choice!

  • yoda

    Bb10 already has almost 100k….its beeb around for 3 weeks….lol…wp8 is toast.

    • wotzit2ya

      I believe MS could buy BB and just close it down .

    • Drop the Price, get me to try W8

      Why buy BB, when you can save that money, wait for them to implode and then the battle for #3 will be between W8 and Samsung’s “TIZEN” ( Bada is now gone, tizen is the new Bada)

      That’s the reason why despite all the “rumours” from BB that XX and XXX will buy BB, nobody has or ever will!

      If BB doesn’tdrop the price of the Z10 from $500 to $400 by April; the $600 5″ new phones ( S4) will simply kill it!

  • SC

    Excluding android ports I doubt that. WP apps aren’t ported

  • Ben

    All that and still not a single *good* PDF reader/annotator. I love my Lumia 920, but seriously…

  • jb

    I got to agree with yoda here…WP8 is nice, but BB10 app development is going way stronger then WP8. They’re already at 100k…not to mention there are huge big name app announcements/launches timed for the US launch in the coming week. WP8 will be 4th place for sure…its just no contest.

    • Telusdoesnotcare

      Get lost shill. As stated, Microsoft could buy Blackberry and shut them down if they wanted to. Blackberry isn’t going to be around for much longer. Either a buyout or bankruptcy is coming soon for Blackberry.

    • Jess

      BB10 has probably already outsold WP8. Even so BB7 is bigger than WP8. So WP8 is in 4th

    • Nice try

      @jess you win the tard of the week award, hands down. Keep it up you might win tard of the month

  • NBS

    I think Windows will solidify itself in third spot in the coming months.

    • glonq

      Been hearing that for two years…

  • ed

    WP8 has no hope of getting the third spot. BB10 sales numbers will be jaw dropping. But good on wp8 for getting this many apps at least.

    • wotzit2ya

      I had a good laugh with your quote ………..jaw dropping ……..still cracking me up .

  • Rich

    WP8 has the advantage of multiple platforms, but MOST importantly low end + high end devices.

    Hey, I’m interested in BB10 as well, but NOT at the same price as an iphone or higher than a GS3 / Galaxy Note.

    • migo

      I agree there, WP, especially with the latest phones from Nokia makes for a very good low end offering. BB10 doesn’t look liki it could scale down as easily. True multitasking gives a more premium feel, but it also requires higher specs to not be sluggish. Performance of BB10 on the PlayBook should give some idea of how it runs on lower end hardware, but the PB has 1GB of RAM compared to 512MB on low end WPs and apps still close out when too many are open. They’d probably have to limit it to the 4 most recent apps, instead of 8.

    • Keith

      They also have the best high-end offering with the Lumia 920s.

    • Jess

      I put the note 2 side by side with my Z10. First thing i noticed was how cheap the note looked, how bad and dim the screen looked and how laggy the note 2 was. Id pay more for the z10 any day.

    • Nice try

      @Jess you are a lying douche, if you say the Note 2 is “laggy” you’ve never owned one. Note 2 is faster and and 100x more usable product than the Z10 in its in current form.

      Take your lies elsewhere shill

  • pbftw

    Blackberry is the third player. Offers something unique as in multitasking. What does wp offer a downgrade from Android. This is laughable to call it a 3rd choice. Just pure marketing scheme. Microsoft rarely offers products that consumer want to consume. Cough Vista, ME, and now Windows 8.

    • whatever

      cough cough,
      windows 7
      Xbox 360

      cough cough most popular OS in the world cough cough
      but as you say, people dont want it cough cough

  • Michael

    Windows Phone is going to be the third player for many different reasons some being that Windows Phone’s ecosystem is far more robust than Blackberry’s, including SkyDrive cloud-based storage, Windows 8 for PCs and tablets, Microsoft Office, the Xbox gaming system, Skype and much more. The fight is not just between devices is between eco system, Microsoft has one of the best ones if not the best and its all coming together with all their products sporting the Metro aka Modern UI and Tiled homescreen. Side by side comparison Windows Phone is much more visually appealing and consistent OS BB got some cool features like peek etc.

    That being said I want BB to survive, its Canadian gotta be proud of our own.

    • Telusdoesnotcare

      Thumbs up for most of your comment, thumbs down for the last sentence.

  • Nitin Gaba

    BB10 will grow faster then Windows because there already is a large group of people who loved the old blackberries and BB10 is finally a platform that can actually compete with iOS, Android and Windows. I think BB10 has a really good shot at that 3rd place especially considering the original BB currently holds 3rd place market share and they suck…

    • jplunks

      A lot of you BB fanboys kill me. Tell me how is blackberry in 3rd place? BB10 is a BRAND new OS, it may have the LOOK and FEEL of the older blackberries but its basically new software. So how if it was released in Canada and UK, does it get the 3rd place prize? WP has been out longer, more established in more countries and more NATIVE APP. Tell me how blackberry is in 3rd place?

  • Wes

    I like WP but it doesn’t have Instagram.. neither does BB. What’s the deal with that.

  • Dr.Hugo

    MS is in trouble their new OS hasnt done as well as they wanted and sales of the WP8 have been disappointing , Gates has said there will be changes but unknown as to what they will be because the CEO is a friend of Gates , that being said I have seen more Blackberry’s around then I have seen WP8 , I chose the Z10 over the WP8 because of the OS

  • WP74Life

    Well I think that’s good because their store doesn’t have themes, application backgrounds and add-ons masquerading as apps.

    • glonq

      True. In fact, it barely has any apps at all!

      Seriously though, bad apps and stupid apps are a natural side-effect of having a strong app ecosystem.

  • Dalex

    None of WP8 or BB10 have anything that they offer that beats Android and IOS. I hope they do well, because competition is good, but they aren’t off to a good start. If you want to catch up, you have to run faster than your competitors, not at the same speed (which even that is arguable since they don’t have the apps or ecosystem to match).

  • screamer

    I think it is very hard to get in the smartphone market. Because people don’t want to spend 600 $ or sign for three years contract just to try a new os. Fan boyz will buy it but that’s almost it.I wouldnlike to try a windows phone for a week and than buy it! I think the carriers have a return policy but do people use it?

  • Nathen

    Carriers return policy is BS, once you turn on the Phone and use it for a few hours (2 hours?) you will not be able to RETURN the Phone. It is yours.


    • glonq

      With Rogers, it’s 15 minutes of calling before the return period is void. The wife got stuck with an iPhone 5 that way 🙁

    • wtv

      Rogers -> Less than 30 mins of calling and 15 days.

  • W8er

    Just buy a Lumia 620 outright from TELUS if you want to experience WP8. Its only $250 and comes with all the standard Nokia apps

  • Yeah…

    That’s like saying the Twins winning 66 games last season instead of 63 is an improvement. Sure. It’s more, but it’s still way too far behind the other competition to really get worked up about it. I’ve tried to like WP8… app situation is still way too boring. Maybe in 2 years it will be worth looking at if it’s still around.

  • tomatoes 11

    Who cares? It’s number 3. Even number 2 sucks if you have an American mentality. If you ain’t first you are last!

  • Glimpse84

    Has anyone here considered that, maybe, just maybe, if Apple is unable to remain “innovative” over the next few phone launches, they may start losing their fan base? Yes, they have consecutively produced the highest sold smartphone since the inception of the 3G, but there really hasn’t been any aesthetically improvement in either the casing or the OS. This flaw is becoming more and more apparent to people, even those who don’t read tech forums. Nearly 90% of the people who I know who bought into iPhone 5 either: a) just ended their 3 year Blackberry phone contract, or b)just wrapped up their 3-year iPhone 3Gs contract. Now, those who switched from BB to iPhone 5 did it SOLELY because it is and has been the most popular smartphone SINCE BB. Now I ask, why did they first buy their BBs? Because *that* was the most popular phone at the time. They go where ever their friends and trends dictate them to go. By the time these people’s iPhone 5 contracts are up, they will once again follow the masses. It will be at this point that the BB10 and WP ecosystems will have been around for a few years and should be well established. This is when key features, usability and overall phone aesthetics will become the forefront when making a smartphone purchase.

    In my honest opinion, comparing the aesthetics, flow and usability of iOS to WP8 is like comparing Windows 3.11 to Windows 7. Apple has a lot of catching up to do and once consumers become more familiar with WP or BB10, they will see how much more pleasant they are to use.

    In full honesty, I have not spent much time using an Android device, so I left it out of my post. With that being said and from what I do know of Android, Android will remain #1 for years to come.

  • brad

    I switched from an Iphone to Windows phone 8 Samsung Ativ S (Galaxy s3 hardware) and I never looked back. I was tired of the rows of icons and I wanted something different. WP8 is clean, simple, and well integrated with all major platforms. As far as apps, I don’t play games on my phone and use it for news and reading and social media. It has every app that I want. Give it a shot and you might be surprised.