Chatr Wireless releases “The Sleek” ZTE F160


  • Brayden

    I’d still take 14 of these over one iPhone 5.

    • boulderdash

      If you take the iPhone 5, you can then sell it and afford 10 of these! Think for a second!

  • BIll Murray

    heard this thing has great battery life

  • Hamid

    i’m not sure if i’d put this in the same boat as the 620…

  • John

    2.4 inch in 2013!?!?! I’ll bet its not even a quad core and so on lol

  • T1MB0T

    id it true that they do have unlimited talk and txt unlike wind and the limited plans? Just read on the fb page that they are limiting how many txts and how long you can talk on wind? so much for what jabroni said.. so sad to hear nuke was shutting down his circle jerk club.. Johnn is sh1tting his depends.. what will he ever do now?

    • Frosty

      English, do you speak it?

    • T1MB0T

      frumpy I speak wind. Egyptian actually. ella ella

  • Joe

    The funny thing is that you probably going to pay more than the phone worth every month for your plan…

    • Hamid

      This phone would only make sense on chatr’s $25 plan, so no…

  • Mike

    @Brayden: what are you, 12 like most commentards on this waste of bandwidth site?

  • Dood

    Heh, Chatr… what a waste of a company. Even Rogers itself hates its bastard child.

  • Happyboy

    Phones like this is for the old or dump

  • TheTruth

    I hope public mobile replaces their ZTE E520 with this new model.