Nexus 4 now available at Virgin Mobile


  • Rick

    Hopefully it’s unlocked

    • simbob

      ALL nexus are/have been unlocked

  • Nexus at Koodo?

    This is Great! $399 is $450 all in or about $30 buck more than ordering directly from Google.

    Hope Fido enjoyed their time offering the N4 at a higher price.

    Now let’s see if Koodo releases the N4 any lower than $399 when they release it on March 19th!

    Its funny how there is some competition with Virgin, Fido and Koodo. While with Robelus all we have is Collusion.

    • james

      How do you know koodo gets the n4 the 19th?

  • Matt

    Shipping from Google play is now less than a week, may as well just buy one from there now.

  • Boooo yah

    My N4 shipped within 6 hours and is only gonna take 4 business days to get here. Makes no sense to buy outright from the carriers at this point…

  • Marion

    you’re only saving about $25 buying it from Google Play….but I would still purchase it from Play store versus virgin.

  • Eluder

    The advantage of buying through the carrier is for warranty claims you can go through the carrier, while doing it via the Play store is all on you, I’d pay the small premium for the convenience should I need (warranty) it.

    • Wes

      Actually, if you have a prob with the phone, just call google, they’ll send you a new one. Once you get the new one, you send back the old one at their charge(they email you packaging slip).

  • Joe

    How’s that new premium plan?

  • Sean

    Google service is excellent. Buy from Google!

  • nexus4 is the best

    I ordered mine through play store on Monday and getting it tonight through ups. Save those $25 for accessories.

  • Andrew

    For those of you who have ordered through the Play store, how much is shipping?

    Taxes are a wash, since you’ll have to pay them either way. So is it cheaper to ship it or to pay the extra to get it from a carrier?

    • John

      A total of $426 and change for a 16GB shipped to Quebec…

  • Alex

    At this point, i would rather wait for the HTC One.

  • John

    Has an ex-nexus 4 owner I feel that I have to let people know how disappointed I was with this phone. Physically its beautiful and feels nice in the hand. All tho it does gets a bit slippery at times with the glass on both sides. I also must add that the XDA community has 100′s of ROM’s to flash for this devices already!
    I bought this phone coming from a Galaxy Nexus so I was very familiar with the OS and flashing custom ROM’s, mod’s, and kernels. This phone was a nice jump in performance about the same as my jump from my older Galaxy S to my Galaxy Nexus. When it came to benchmarking I wasn’t overly impressed.
    The deal breaker was when I started using it as my daily driver. The battery life was worse than on my Galaxy Nexus. Not having a removable battery meant I had to plug it in everywhere I went in order to make sure I didn’t run out of juice for when I couldn’t plug in (not using LTE loophole).
    The screen really was disappointing. I watch a lot of TV shows and movies off my smart phone while using public transportation, in waiting rooms, in long lines, at work, in bed (not to disturb my wife and baby), even in the car as a video player for my kids. The Nexus 4 has very poor viewing angles and gets a sliver-y looking blacks in the dark. If you hold the phone just right its not as noticeable but when you laying in bed with the N4 in a stand it looks REALLY BAD.
    I passed my Galaxy Nexus on to my wife and every time I looked over even from very odd/harsh angles I could clearly see the screen with its nice glowing vibrant colors almost neon in appearance. I knew that the N4′s screen was not calibrated correctly but even with a color mod and the best settings I could find on XDA the blacks just looked bad. Even with the colors pumped up they looked washed out and old. The real disappointment came when I compared it to my Galaxy S (3 to 4 years old now) and I ended up preferred to watch video content on the S1′s screen over the nexus 4 just because of the vibrancy of the display and the deepness of the blacks.
    The notification LED also has some kind of cheesy overlay built into the glass covering the LED that is meant to help defuse the light but it ends up making the LED look dim and ugly from far or close (when comparing to the Galaxy Nexus).
    The screen also lacked responsiveness and I found that one out of ten words would be missing a letter if the auto correct wasn’t on. This basically means when you enter your user names and passwords 1 out 5 times your going to be entering the wrong username or password. That annoyed me to no end!
    All and all I felt like the phone was a nice upgrade but the screen (and its lack of sensitivity) was to much of a downgrade for me to be able to enjoy the device. Had there been a guide to swap displays with my Galaxy Nexus I would have gladly kept the Nexus 4 but there isn’t.
    I ended up trading my Nexus 4 for a Galaxy Note II and have never looked back. In every way the Note II is better. Bigger brighter more responsive screen, 3-5X faster 3G/HSPA speeds, better benchmark scores (on every benchmark app), S pen, nicer feel in the hand, ETC…
    Some days I think about the poor guy who traded me his Note II for the Nexus 4 and feel bad for him.

    • ehoustoun

      Just so you know John you have absolutely no obligation to share your experiences, despite what you may think.

      There are much more pressing issues in the world that you should probably feel more compelled to spread the word about than how disappointed you were with your new phone…

  • Virgin Dude

    Good luck buying it from Virgin Mobile, my friend works there and he was told that selling the phone outright is not permitted. LOL.