Google Glass preview goes beyond everyday activities, gives us a shaky glimpse of the future (video)

Google is moving ahead with its Glass project, giving us a preview of the UI and how it may be used in certain (extreme) circumstances, such as skydiving and horseback riding.

But, more mainline, the company is outlining the way users will interact with the lightweight and durable eyepiece who, in a world increasingly comfortable with wearable computing, may still find it hard to accept a camera on the face.

Users will say, “OK, glass” to initiate verbal input, and will be able to search the web, get directions, share video and photos, and more. This isn’t the open UI of Android; Google is wisely keeping Glass a closed ecosystem, limited to a few core functions. Of course, Google Now will play a big part, providing information about attractions, directions and more when relevant to the user.

Google is asking users who want one to compose a short story around the hashtag #ifihadglass and post it to Google+ or Twitter. Once selected, customers will have to pay $1500+tax for the privilege.

Looks pretty amazing, but it won’t be a viable product until it’s $299. These are early stages yet, but the potential for industry disruption is huge.

Via: Google