Google Glass preview goes beyond everyday activities, gives us a shaky glimpse of the future (video)


  • kevin c

    the combination of curved flexible displays, voice activated controls, Google Now (or Siri), augmented reality in a pair of glasses is seriously geek-awesome.

    • CRTC

      I’m wating time/my life posting a comment on a blog. How do I document this??

      Wait for the:
      Guy that get’s fired video!
      guy that gets dumped video!
      guy burns hi hand
      guy has dinner
      guy takes a shower ( yep its waterproof)
      guy shaves,
      guy takes the bus. ..

      Yep, humanity is definitely evolving backwards!

  • Tom

    A little too close to #ifihadgas IMO.

    Personally, I wear glasses and use a Bluetooth headset – if GG replace those then they are worth a lot more then $299 to me. I guess I would pay ~$500 (depending on the MS review, of course).

  • Threecube

    People pay $200-$300 for Oakley glasses (including myself…) so I don’t see a problem with people paying more than that for interactive Google glasses.

    • CRTC

      Where can I get a pair of Oakleys for $200 that include yourself??

      Will they be cheaper if they don’t include you? or more expensive?

      Who else are the other options?

    • Keith

      Ya but Oakley glasses don’t make you look like a dork.

  • Fluxman

    Forgot to mention that the promotion is open to US peeps only.

  • Brad F

    @Brad F (dickless pic)

    Sorry again.

  • til-bar

    That is some seriously futuristic @*#$

  • Dern

    A big drawback for me that I see in this is that it’s voiced activated. This means that the functionality is limited in situations where you need to be quiet ie. library, classroom, movies…)But who knows, I bet it won’t be long until our thoughts can control these gadgets.

  • aaaaaa


  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    @Brad F (dickless pic)

    Sorry, you have to go through life looking like that.

  • Thom

    We really need people shouting out random orders in public. smh

  • Sylar75

    Hate all you want, this is really cool tech that does not come along that often. Will it change our lives and cure cancer, no. But this is like stuff that appeared on ST:TNG barely 20 years ago.

    Leave the Google / RIM / Apple wars aside. No matter the company, this is cool!

  • jelfaks

    Note: Only open to US citizens….as per usual….

  • zzZZzz

    I’m sure you’d take these $1500 glasses with you in a roller coaster. What could possible go wrong?!

  • Bubble Snake!

    I would totally wear these and record video while I club baby seals – LIKE A BOSS

    • Oni

      I can support that!
      Thumbs up!

  • Dr.Hugo

    Interesting , but it seems it can be a distraction , I understand this is the beginning of something great but I will wait and see how this goes

  • Rag3r

    This is the basically gopro for geeks. I’ll take one as long as it’s sleek and stylish. I’m a geek, but I don’t want to look like a dork.

  • AbdulQ

    most importantly. Are they covered by my insurance plan?

  • .

    If it were $500 – 700 I would buy them sure, provided they functioned well

    I mean my glasses already cost $300-600 depending ont eh frames I buy (my lenses are $115 each.. I’m kind of blind)

  • Gram

    I though 1.5k is suppose to be the Dev glasses, when they go normal retell its suppose to be cheaper… right?

  • Chris Manchur

    Just to inform those who think other people could just shout orders to others wearing glasses, a simple remedy would be to have a sensor on the side of the head to detect vibrations of your voice, thus confiming that its you speaking.

  • R

    I wonder then.. If you do actually wear glasses.. If you can actually get your presciption lenses place into the frames, or no.