Google’s ‘Project Glass’ concept brings a keen eye to augmented reality


  • GK

    can anyone say driving hazard?

    • Sean

      That’s what their driverless cars are for

    • GK

      oh right i completely forgot about that

    • PeeWeeHermannE


  • BG

    If there was a way to turn it on and off (for example…when driving as brought up above ^ ) I’d probably give it a try. Would have to be careful about information overload and being too big of a distraction though.

    • Amanda

      It would probably come with an off switch just like every other electronic device in existence.

  • Mark

    Oh my wait till apple sees this. They will claim that it violates their swipe to unlock patent

    • PkaTka1

      You mean Apple will release it first, then google will copy it. Just like with Android.

    • 0defaced

      well well, apparently you CAN still inbreed. you my friend, are a prime example of brotherly/sisterly lovin…..take your 5 brain cells and piss off.

  • Sean

    Frankly this will be awesome as long as they plan for it accordingly and give it a full list of features (Ex “What is that building?”) As well as allowing you to use it outside of your home country.

    The problem I can see is the data plans required for something like this…

    • Michael

      Well what about battery life? for the glass AND your bluetooth connected device?

  • chris2

    Seriously? Still no “It’s over 9000!” jokes yet?

  • boojay

    “Would you use this?”

    I can definitely see myself using this, but NOT in the same manner this douchebag in the video did.

  • JC Denton

    Yeah, I can’t wait for the day when people look at me funny when they see me talking to myself in public and I get to use the line, “My vision is augmented.”

  • Robert

    Very similar to an idea TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) promoted in 2010. As mentioned, with the cost of data plans going the way they are, I doubt many could afford such luxury. And considering all the health concerns surrounding heavy cell phone use, would you really want this built into your glasses?

    • Matthew Fabb

      Because of health concerns of having a cell reception so close to your head, I imagine this would connect to your smartphone via bluetooth. Because as cool as this could be, there would still be a lot of apps that wouldn’t work very well in such a display and that you would still need a smartphone to do everything that these glasses were unable to do.

    • stylinred

      Nokia showcased this back in 2009 googles at least 3 years late

  • bummy

    Wait till people start walking off cliffs!

  • jon Stewart

    Have you ever seen Augmented Reality?
    Have you ever seen Augmented reality…

    ON WEEEEEED?!?!?!

  • Fox Die

    I would give my first born child to beta test this thing

  • stylinred

    Nokia thought of this years ago…. why does google and apple gotta constantly copy them -_- <<check it out

  • David

    Wonder how video conferencing would be with all participants wearing them glasses 🙂

  • billy

    I always imagined the future would be like the movie with tom Cruise…. Minority report had a great vision for swipe glasses and many app running in yor field of view. We are all very close to being Arnold as t1000’s scanning everything we see.

    Sign me up please

  • Osama

    Can you say Cyborg??