Nexus 4 back in stock at Fido, now available to all


  • iphoneee


    • CRTC

      Wow tough decision:

      Via Google is $420 all in delivered 4-8 day wait.
      Via Fido is $480 all in, but you have to drive.
      Via Virgin is $450 but not available until next week.

      Or simply get a Blackberry 9900 via Telus for $712 taxes in (lol)
      What to do??
      What to do??

  • Jake

    I’ll wait for Virgin Nexus in another few days. Way better offer than Fido

  • David Allan

    Google Play has it too. Why going to these stupid carriers?

    • Ajanu

      I just bought one off of Google play on Monday. UPS says it will arrive next Monday, and this week is killing me. Cost me 422.66 for the 16GB version. So if the 425 cost is unlocked and 16GB, your paying $2.50 to get the phone as soon as you pay for it. If it’s the 8GB, obviously it’s cheaper to wait the week.

    • TP


      It’s $425 plus tax, so obviously it’s not just $2.50 difference.

    • Brad F

      lmao @ people who thinks something in this damn country isnt going to be taxed

    • Eduardo

      @David Allan

      IMO 2 years $100 is not that bad considering you save $250+
      As far as I know, Fido does not offer any discounts for bringing your own device (I am not aware of anyone currently doing it, please enlighten me); so, if I will be paying the same on a monthly basis for a phone whether I pay $100 or $359 but I can leave whenever I want or in 2 years… I’d take the 2 years.

      Again, if you know who offers a GOOD deal for bringing your own device, please let me know.

    • Ajanu

      Ha, guess I should have coffee before replying. The instant gratification part still stands though.

    • CRTC

      That’a a great Question:

      Google $420 but have to wait about 10 days to get it
      Fido is $80 more than Google; ZERO wait.
      Virgin is $30 more than Google; Zero wait, but it will not be in stock until until next week.

      Bottomline if you want one NOW: Fido is the answer
      Next Week??: Google

      Two weeks from now: it will be either Virgin or Google.
      By Mid March Koodo will release it. The question is: will they go to $389??

  • G Ciok

    Canadian really needs start using unlocked phones only.

    • qu3becker

      If it’s like the Nexus S (And the Canadian Galaxy Nexus, I think) The Nexus phones are not locked to the carrier but I guess you meant that we really should buy the phone directly from Google instead.

      I’m not exactly interested in the Nexus 4 for financial reason but I’m fairly sure that they will price match it to the Google Play price. It’s called bargaining.

    • Petephone

      I don’t know why a retailer like FUTURE SHOP just doesn’t go that route to begin with. They have older unlocked models but as a retailer it must be pain in the *ss to carry all the same models for the various carriers in Canada. As the supply chain goes, it would drastically reduce floor/shelf space and the consumer would be able to buy THE phone for their needs
      (Nokia Lumia 920 would be avail to the masses).

  • habskilla

    If you’ve built up a positive tab balance, why would you not use it to get a Nexus 4?

    • Brad F

      probably cause people haven’t even paid off their old tab?

  • Eric

    Here’s my frustrating pre order experience with fido:
    My phone is sitting at my local fido store, but i apparently can’t pick it up until the 26th when it’s officially released.
    I got the shipping notification on the 19th making the last day to pick up the 26th, so according to their policies I would have 1 day only to pick up my phone.
    Anybody else going thru this crap?

    • Dave

      Just go to the store and ask for it. If, by some chance, they say anything about you not be allowed to pick it up before the 26th, play dumb. Just say you got a notification, you know it’s there, you paid for it (or are ready to pay for it, as applicable), what’s the big deal?

      It’s way easier to say no in writing or on the phone than in person.

    • Brad F

      ya like showing up is going to make the salesperson give u the phone when it means that they will lose their job. good advice bro.

    • CRTC

      It was “soft-released” the lockout is over and if you go today they will give it to you, just don’t expect to start announcing it until the 26th. Works great wirh their financials but its a dumb decision because by then Virgin will have it and Fido will loose the “exclusivity”

      -Wonder if Fido will drop the price to $399 by then?

  • Eluder

    Uhh, the store is wrong, you can pick up the Nexus 4 right away, I already got mine yesterday from my reservation.

    • Obambo

      You shouldn’t have, the rep that gave it to you was clearly unaware of the rule.

    • Brad F

      what rule, i work at a fido and i have not once seen any communication that this phone was not to be released until feb 26.

  • Eric

    I thought it was pretty stupid myself so I called 611, but the bonehead on the phone said the same thing.
    I’m waiting on a reply from fido on twitter as they seem to have a good reputation for handling things like this.
    Thanks for your input though, it may end up helping out!

    • Brad F

      there is no internal memo saying anything like that. so yes the store is wrong, but you’ll still need to convince them of it. GL!

  • Eric

    I’m in Ottawa, i dunno if that would make a difference at all.

    I’m pretty pissed off about it, because it seems like I’m getting ducked around.

    • Brad F

      if you lived in quebec maybe it would be different.. cause you know, quebec has strange rules and smelly people.

    • @brad f

      This coming from the kid with the ghetto haircut wearing a “wife beater” shirt

    • Brad F

      it makes me look cooler because im the only one with a pic, u jealous bro?

  • cdub

    hmm i just received my nexus 4 16gb from google.. paid $414 after taxes and shipping..

    why wouldn’t someone go that route and have an unlocked phone that you can drop any carriers micro sim card in..

    they are still available on google play store.. have been for a couple weeks now..

    • Obambo

      Because now you’re out $414, as opposed to taking it on a 2-year and being out $113.

      Taking it on a 2-year would allow you to have a $325 subsidy on the phone which would get amortized over the agreement period. Since you purchased the phone out right, 100% of your bill is going to the pocket of the carrier. As opposed to ($325/24 months) $13.55 going towards the value of the phone each month if you where to have taken a subsidized price.

    • Eduardo

      I’d really like to know what kind of a discount you are getting from your carrier for bringing your $414 phone

    • Brad F

      some carriers offer 10% off. that’s about it. or unless he doesnt even use data on his phone, then he’d be saving more.

    • CRTC

      @ Obambo: Your argument is GREAT but only applies in the case you are/switch to Fido. at $113 on a 2 yr contract (get a case/screen protector and the phone will last you 2yrs and you will be able to sell it for $100-$150 two yrs from now.

      HOWEVER…..if you are just going after the phone and put your current SIM card in: Google is around $80 less. and THAT”S a GREAT ARGUMENT Too!

      Fido, Virgin and Koodo are simply bringing the best OPTIONS/Prices to Canadians now!

      It’s 2013: You have to be a fool to sign up on a 3 yr contract and to pay (one way or another) for a $650 phone!
      I hope the new 5″ phones will be released at $550-$600.
      -Z10 at $650??? big LOL!

    • Steven Schwartz

      All Nexus devices are factory unlocked whether you buy it from Google, Fido, Virgin or Wind they are always, always unlocked.

  • Eduardo

    So let’s say he’s paying $100 a month (most expensive plan on Rogers) that’s $10*24months = $240 on savings over 2 years…

    $414 – $114 (from Fido) = $300 > $240 (max)

    So, yeah, financially it makes a lot of sense to buy it from the Play store. /s

    Again, I have nothing against unlocked phones, it just gets on my nerves that people can’t understand why others would rather take a contract

  • Brad F

    @Brad F


  • glonq

    I’m with Fido, but bought this phone outright from the google play store.

    As an upgrade from Galaxy Nexus, I’m 95% happy with the Nexus 4. My only disappointment is that the “accurate” colors of the Nexus 4’s IPS screen seem dull compared to the gnex’s over-saturated AMOLED. But supposedly this is also because google went too conservative with the color settings in the kernel, and newer community roms (Paranoid Android, etc) remedy this and the display looks noticeably better. I’ll give that a shot.

  • Brad F

    Sorry i’m in a bad mood everyone, i just found out i got herpes from my grand mother. But GL to me.

  • joe public

    Google shipment of 2 phones arrived at fido. Google must be pulling an Apple with phone inventory.

  • Just Sayin’

    I was told by a Fido rep that you can pick them up at the stores. I had him “check” inventory and told me there were some in Richmond (BC). I went to two of the stores he mentioned and none of them had them. The stores said you had to reserve them, so I did. I’ll have to wait in-line behind ever one else!