LG: We sold an “Optimus L Series device every second over the past two months,” brings total to 15 million


  • uzair

    More than note 2!

  • BB10

    The girl is hot.

    • aregularonhofo

      Meh. I’m into men.

      Love you, Steve!

  • isThatAnIphone

    @BB10 well your name says it all.. Blind

  • Steve

    All I see are legs.

  • JC Gin

    No for LG for me, after they decided not to update the Optimus 2X.

  • Yang

    I see nothing except the hot girl!

  • Tariq

    Girl is a hot but No thanks for future LG products until they fix their reputation on software updates. LG only care about new phone sales no after sales support what so ever and terrible customer service. Having said that Nexus 4 is one hot looking phone but this is coz of Google intervention. I do hope next Google venture will be with Motorola or Sony.

  • Omis

    And people having been returning LG phones every split second for the past 10 years.

  • darel44

    To heck with the phones,I want my head between those legs!!

  • glonq

    I own two LG’s (and three Samsungs…)

    LG makes good stuff. If you went to CES this year, you’d have seen that they were definitely the most dominant exhibitor, with the biggest and most prominent presence at the show.

    Kudos to them.

  • Darth Paton

    feel sorry fr the sad saps who were tricked into buying those terrible phones

  • nimble

    if the 2 months consists of 30 days. then they should have sold “5184000” (well if my math is right) lol

    • TTT

      Yeah they sold 10 million before that and then 5 million during these 2 months.
      did you actually sit and calculate the secnds? eeeeuuhh.

  • Captain Crunch

    Lots of desperate virgins in this thread it seems.
    No wonder – this IS a tech site after all…

  • Kdrama junkie

    I saw these LG optimus L series phones in so many Korean dramas these days. So do Samsung galaxy phones.

  • fgvf

    If the girl comes with the phone, I’m buying!

  • superfly

    LG….no. LEG ….YES!

  • Jenny

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  • ace

    so thats why the nexus 4 lacked availability LOL