iOS 6.1.2 reportedly coming next week to fix Exchange and passcode breach bugs


  • really?

    You would of thought that they would of done some sort of testing before putting the new update out…

    • Mexico Ron

      Wow. Apple is really copying Samsung on everything these days. First they copy the larger display (Samsung invented that) and now they are copying have gaping security holes (Samsung invented that too). Unbelievable. Can’t Apple do anything original anymore?

    • ace

      *initial release introduce a number of security issues and battery problems*… no those were already there since the iphone 3gs… apple doesnt have to fix anything and people will still line up… feel sorry for the sheep.

  • oldschool

    Any guesses on what bugs 6.1.2 will bring?

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @oldschool If you place an emergency call, cancel it, redial it, put it on speakerphone, end the call with the lock button, press the volume down button 18 times, silence the ringer, place another emergency call, slide the camera open, take 6 pictures, delete the first 3 and the last 2, view the remaining image, unsilence the phone, press the home button 22 times in quick succession, then place an emergency call to phone number 992**41#882##2332759** and hang up before the phone call connects you’ll be able to get into Safari and see all the browsing history.

      You also have to be facing North for this to work.

    • LeafsFan77

      I’m thing the same thing. Wonder if Vegas has created any bets and odds of what they thing is “The Next Big Bug” from Apple is.

    • phreezerburn

      They’re not bugs but “features” users aren’t savvy enough to appreciate… that should make Brad happy and keep Tim Cook from moving him to the mail room.

  • S2556

    So much for “iPhones just work” lol

    • Daniel Bryan

      Yeah I wish they would work so perfectly like the nexus 4 where you can get such cool features like: Buzzing in the earpiece, the camera not always taking a photo, yellow tint on screen, over heating, random reboots, proximity sensor not working while on a call, and my personal favorite, LTE being stripped away.

      Android motto: we suck and release half baked garbage but our fanboys defend us anyways.

    • DanielBryandouchebagApplesheeplover

      Daniel Bryan shall now forever be known as douche bag Apple sheep lover. F*ck You loser.

  • tomatoes11

    So what are they going to fix after that update?

    IOS 6.1.3 update coming out next month to fix the issue with IOS sucking. You heard it here first sheep.


    Nexus 4 >>>>>>>>>>>>> iPhone
    4.2.2 >>>>>>>>>> 6.1.2

    TIMEOUT. Talk to the hand.

  • Brad

    Daniel Bryan you have no clue do you? I haven’t had any of those problems you just mentioned. My n4 just flat out kicks a*s..

    • AWSGuy

      My Note 2 seems to be laughing at both of you.

  • Agyaat

    Wonder who they will let go for this fiasco.

  • Just lol


  • Apple Corp.

    Guys… guys… you are just using your iPhones wrong. How many time do we have to tell you?

    The bumper is on the way! 😉

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Wow Apple is fast!
    notices a glitch, and fixes it right away!
    Google wouldnt have fixed such a thing till next year.

    Always brings a smile to my face to see how much Apple cares


  • screamer

    Apple or google who cares? Iphone is awesome but sorry my galaxy even better but the size of the iphone fits perfect hand.

  • Porilaisten

    Odd, my BlackBerry seems to work just fine…..

  • Daniel Bryan

    aww look at the fandroids that got smacked by me waaaaaa, get cancer

  • sp

    You are all holding it the wrong way.
    You are all locking it the wrong way.
    You all dont know how to use the phone!!! LEARN!!

    (sarcasm overload)

    on another note… my Z10 works great. smooth like butter

  • ihitmyheadalot

    @daniel theres no point defending apple here. the fandroids live in a monochrome world where nothing but there opinion is valid.. and denial is part of the game. This place needs more folks who are able to see fault in all platforms.. as of yet there is no perfect mobile ecosystem.. android has had its share of issues.. htc.. samsung.. apple.. windows.. everyone. But if you like android its like being in a gang.. youll go down fighting and sticking to your guns even when you’re wrong. Hit the down thumb now.. you know youre gonna.

    • Crown

      Not true. Android just provides an overall better, open environment, which leads to a more pleasant user experience. Android does not tell you what to do with your device, and leaves it up to you to decide. Customization is the key! Android is an exciting platform.

      Apple, on the other hand, gives you a product, and tells you exactly what you can and can’t do with it. This is where it stops. Take 10 of your friends’ iPhones, and they will be 98% the same, except for wallpapers, and the way icons are arranged on a grid. That’s Apple in a nutshell.

      Personally, I like to play with my device, and not be stuffed into a tiny box.

  • Mark

    It’s to break the jailbreak.

    Protect yourselves by installing “nosoftwareupdate” from cydia