WhatsApp for Android updated with Holo-based interface


  • Marc

    I thought that it was $0.99 per year for the subscriptions, not lifetime.

  • Zaria DiLaurentis

    …and then there are some of us who are on XDA developers who use Whatsapp+ which had Holo design for sometime as well as major customization ability 🙂

  • 15ive

    GO Messenger is better.

  • Gilbert Pierre

    Who is this incredibly good looking and funny guy you’re messaging?

    At least, this explains this incredibly cryptic message I received this morning.

  • Brendon Sled

    XMS is probably the best messaging app I have used (can use on web and tablet too),
    glad whats app has finally updated their interface.

  • Michael

    Why aren’t people using Google Talk? It works on every platform and is synchronized. It comes with your gmail account, is free, does video chat, blah blah blah. I don’t understand why people choose to use some third party stuff…

    • Eduardo

      Because some people still use their Hotmail accounts; because people use iPhones… I don’t know, I prefer Google Talk but I have more contacts on WhatsApp

    • ceribaen

      WhatsApp is fairly popular as a cross messaging platform over in Europe. Remember seeing an article specifically about the Netherlands – it has pretty much replaced texting.

      Primary benefits:
      – Cross platform for ALL platforms (WP, Android, iOS, Nokia, BB)
      – Uses phone number as contact, grabs from your contacts list (so ease of use/more transparent when it comes to texting – no real need to set up new accounts… just install and it’s there with a populated contact list)
      – Has full range of emoji for non-iOS clients.

      Primary detractors:
      – Battery usage
      – Some privacy concerns

      So it’s pretty much the simplest to use SMS-over-data client that’s out there. And has enough of a critical mass in areas to get people to install and give it a try.

  • Ricky

    About time they updated their design!!

  • jplunks

    Well said Ceribaen

  • Haxor99

    Viber is taking over

  • Michael

    Holo UI is mostly a copy of Windows Phone Metro UI, this app is one of the few Holo UI apps that doesn’t copy Windows Phone Metro UI. Most of Androids newest apps copy Windows Phone im sure Android fans has seen new and updated apps suddenly looking better, you can thank Metro UI for that.

    • Non

      Sorry to break it to you like this but HOLO was before Metro UI