Sugarsync for Android updated with new interface, better photo support

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After a long beta period, Sugarsync 4.0 has arrived on Android, alongside Sugarsync 2.0 for Windows, OS X and the web.

The new app has a brand new Holo-centric design, with clear, easy to navigate sections accessed using a familiar left-side  bar.

Sugarsync 2.o (as a product, not strictly as an Android app) has focused on its strengths, allowing users to search across multiple devices for a particular file. Because it is less inherently limited than Dropbox — you can sync multiple folders, separately, on many consumers and mobile devices — you have more granular control of your syncing environment than Dropbox.

One of the premiere features of the new Android app is its gorgeous image gallery, augmented by automatic photo and video uploads. While this is a common feature on Android now, from Google+ to Dropbox to Facebook, Sugarsync promises it won’t hurt your battery or, if desired, your cellular bandwidth.

The main attraction to the new Sugarsync experience, both on Android and the desktop, is a gorgeous, unified design. You can obtain 5GB for free when you sign up, and there are promo deals going on right now for $24.99/year, 30GB of data.

Download Sugarsync 4.0 for Android.
Source: Sugarsync Blog