SwiftKey Flow beta updated with bug fixes and a new installer


  • Rhett

    I’ve used SwiftKey for my galaxy 2 and have had to switch back multiple times because it was just far too glitchy, anyone else have the same problems?

    • Jim Balsillie

      I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve switched to Kii Keyboard now, and haven’t had any issues whatsoever 🙂

  • Kev

    it has been Rock stable since beta release 1 on my Nexus 4.

  • Steve

    I love it better than the one that came with my HOX… it’s much faster and intuitive. My biggest gripe is that when I want to type out “too”, it only comes out as “to” and I always have to backspace to get the extra “o”.

    • EddieWinslow

      I don’t have this issue. make sure when you are on the “o” you do a double loop on it.

      really loving this keyboard.

  • Al

    Im still currently using Swype. Which would you say is better?

    upvote for swiftkey flow, down for swype?

    • Eduardo

      Swiftkey, specially if you communicate in more than one language, you don’t need to switch between them

  • Eduardo

    IT ALSO ADDS AN EXPIRY DATE OF FEBRUARY 21 ! (Settings/About Swiftkey flow)… Hopefully we will see the end product by the end of the month.

  • Rob

    I had it. But since getting the 4.2 Android keyboard which has Swype-like capability, I’ve since uninstalled both SwiftKey Flow beta and Swype.

    I might DL this new version tonight to see if it’s any better.

  • Shaggyskunk

    I’ve personally found that the Flow version seems to have more difficulty in learning words, than the non flow version, but that could just be me?
    SwiftKey is far better than any other that I’ve tried – in my opinion.

  • shark

    i love swiftkey. the only things i miss from swype are the ability to save long passwords for websites. swiftkey wont let me. no matter how i play with the settings.

    also…swifkey flow….had soooo many frustrating crashes during long sentences where i ended up losing the whole sentence. i will try the newer version to see if fixed.

    but the most common thing people love about swiftkey is the ability to swype backwards and delete the last word or words. when i used flow and found that key feature missing and continues missing with new beta…it lost me. i need that i am too used to it. hopefully they fix that.

  • cg

    I started using swiftkey on my nexus 4 the day I received it but it was WAY too buggy for me. As well the keyboard didn’t work in all text areas such as the chrome omnibox. The google gesture keybaord works fine for me and I see no issues with using it other than the predictive text in swiftkey but it was too buggy and made my phone lag a lot!

  • monsterduc1000

    I like Swiftkey flow, but I always seem to go back to Swype. I find it just works better.

  • mgg_L973

    Kii Keyboard does the job quite well. I am happy not to fiddle with Swiftkey Flow. More time for me.