Nexus 4 coming soon to Virgin


  • Sean

    So it looks like all the major carriers are giving it to their sub brands, guess they really do not want the phone to take off as a on contract device.

  • Doug

    I admit I don’t follow the mobile industry as a lot of people, but why the hell would anyone buy the Nexus 4 from a carrier and not direct from Google. Is there something I’m missing?

    • subsidy

      Some people would rather not pay $400+ upfront (Playstore + taxes).
      Fido’s $100 on 2 years is not so bad; I’m not even sure they offer any rebates if you bring your own device.

    • Fox

      @subsidy: stay tuned. In today’s wireless code proceedings Rogers said that they’d follow Bell and Telus and offer a discount to people that bring their own device. However don’t know if it’ll make it down to Fido.

  • Haxor99

    Can be bought from the playstore right now! Why do the carriers bother?

  • Claude

    Is it still unlocked if it is bought from a carrier?

    • Nathen

      Yes. This is a Pure Google.

      (The term penta-band describes a device that supports five frequency bands: 850, 900, 1900, 2100 and 1700/2100 (AWS) MHz bands.)

      Rogers,Fido,Chattr,Bell,Telus,Virgin,Koodo,WIND,Mobilicity,……ect ect.

  • MXM4K

    It’s because the average person goes up to their carrier and picks a phone from the selection they offer. They don’t follow the industry, have no idea what a good plan is versus a bad plan. They just go and get the coolest looking phone they see.

    People who read websites like this, and who follow what a Nexus device is, is unfortunately the minority. It makes sense for LG/Google to offer it to carriers as well as the Play Store. More exposure, more sales.

  • HwyXingFrog

    Most people don’t know what a Nexus 4 is, because they can’t walk into FutureShop, TheSource, etc hold it in their hand and take it home.

    Carriers can still do well with this phone, They could put it at $500, or even offer it free with a 3 year contract. If they do that, this phone will do even better. Hmm, do I get the SGS3 (a 1 year old phone) for $99 on a 3 year, or do I get the Nexus 4 for $0 on a 3year contract. And, they could even push it as an unlocked device.

    This alone would get a lot of sales, and I would still buy a Nexus 4 over an SGS3. But I’m happy with my Galaxy Nexus.

  • G.MJeeSe

    Bought it from a carrier in the UK, as with a 2 year contract it was £22.50 a month. And the handset was completely free.

    Working out at roughly the same cost as me buying it from the playstore and then buying a sim only contract from the network.

  • Bubbles

    Its not yet launched by Fido and got removed from their online store.. wtf?

    • Tom

      Hey, good question – it’s gone.

      Some sort of fight between Rogers & Google? Did they only now realize that Google is insisted on complete control of Nexus 4? Or perhaps they found some more boxes of Galaxy Nexus they needed to sell before putting the N4 up for sale?

    • Alice

      My reservation is still showing; hope they’re not cancelling/delaying it…

  • screamer

    It’s a awesome phone but love my galaxy s3

  • Nathen

    BEST phone I have ever purchased as of yet.

    Ive since only been on Month to month ever since owning a Nexus Device and not a SLAVE anymore of Rogers,Bell,Telus for 3yrs.

    Thank you Nexus !

    • subsidy

      Do you mind sharing how much you are saving on a monthly basis by bringing your own phone (and with whom)?

      Not trolling, really curious.

    • Brad F

      i can answer that for you: 0$

  • alex

    I have to agree with everyone on the site saying that the phone will have to be offered by carriers for the masses to notice it. I’ve had the Nexus 4 since launch and nobody knows what it is or even heard of it. Everyone just looks at it in awe. This is the biggest piece of eye candy for a phone and I have the iPhone 5 and the S3 in my household. I think the rarity helps in that department.

    • Nathen

      Welcome brother ! Welcome.

      Now go Free and enjoy your phone as it were meant to be. FREE and not LOCKED in to any 3 yr plan.

    • Tom

      Agreed – no one has heard of this phone.

      If someone asks what it is and I respond, they look rather puzzled. I guess they are expecting me to say iPhone or Galaxy.

  • Haxor99

    Yeah I’m still happy with my GNEX thanks to the Purity ROM.

  • Relax.

    Just ordered mine from the play store 🙂 …says ships 1-2 weeks. I’m actually excited to try android again, the last time was with the HTC Legend (Froyo). Didn’t have a bad experience…but just went back to my Nokia ways…and since then I’ve had BB9900, N8, Lumia 800, N9…

    Couldn’t help it…reading all the rave reviews about it, seeing how so many people have switched over to Nexus 4 from iOS and others…saying they’d never look back…I do hope they’re right 🙂

    For anyone that is curious…I picked up the 8gb…after shipping and tax it’s $360.

  • WhichPhonet

    Why mobilesyrup keep repeating in different news about Fido having N4 while they just showed on the page for 1 day and since then disappeared and on phone Fido support don’t even know about it.

    At least try to be correct and updated, it seem like you are mobile news site.

    Also why people insist that we should by direct from google ? how on earth I am going to save money by doing this ? If I buys from a carrier (ok i get in a contract) it will be cheaper. Buying it for google I have to pay upfront all amount and there is no Plan on any carrier that is cheaper if you come with your phone. So it is plain stupid to by phone upfront and pay same amount for same plan as some one who got the phone a lot cheaper.

  • trevor

    have the N4, only disappointment is, can’t use my music as ringtones kind of strange since my previous low end android phone i had can play my music as ringtones.

  • F Google


  • LugNutsMcGruff

    Koodo already offers 10% off if you bring your own phone.

    Not a lot but it’s a start I suppose.

  • tankd

    Ordered mine from play store and it said two to three weeks. They actually shipped it the very next day. I love it!

  • PhoneHoo

    Nexus 4 gone from Fido site wtf! I wanted one and use my Fido dollars ($400+).