Good Cause: Bell “Let’s Talk” Day is today


  • Thompson

    Nice to see a big company giving something back.

  • hopeless

    May sound silly but is it for everyone or just bell customers?

    • G

      I was wondering the same. I’m not with Bell, but I can still tweet!

    • KL

      Long distance and text are for Bell customer only, but twitter and FB is for everyone!

      Please spread the word!

  • Dylan K

    I think the hashtag #bellletstalk will get them to donate 5c as well. I’m not a Bell customer but ill be throwing this guy around today. Good on them.

  • Osman

    Is virgin included in Let’s Talk Day?

    • Apparently Not

      Tried to call Bell and Virgin, but both told me that the texts don’t go towards the Let’s Talk fundraiser. It doesn’t hurt to try, but the tweets are more worthwhile and guaranteed. Heck, with tweet-to-text, each message could donate up to 10¢! 🙂

    • Apparently Not

      The non-Bell-branded carriers, that is.

  • f-norris

    Lets Not

    • Michael

      It’s okay, we know you have no friends who want to text or call you.

  • lukeiphone

    A good cause would be to not rip your customers off

  • PumaYaYa

    Would be better if it was just called Let’s Talk, without the Bell.

    • BUT TOX

      Yes it would but who would pony up the funds??
      Rogers?? HAHAHAHA..naw

  • yup

    Yup, texts only work for Bell/Bell Aliant customers as far as I’ve read.
    But tweets, retweets, and Facebook shares (of the original image on Bell Canada/Aliant pages since they can’t track re-shares), can be from any carrier.

    Which, when I think about it, is pretty cool that they’re willing to pay for those things even if you’re not their customer.. Good on them.

  • Bravo – Bravo – Zulu – 1 – 0


    I’m sick of hearing and seeing Cope and that “Jay Leno” chinned Clara Hughes talk about mental health, when Cope himself is responsible for laying off thousands of Bell employees. How about their (and families’) mental health? I guess they should be ok as Bell is throwing money at the cause. How about not causing distress to all those people? That would be a great cause!

    This is nothing but a self-promoting tax savings program.

    • RinkMaster

      Oh, there there muffin. Maybe it is time you talk to someone if something like TV adds for a good cause bother you this much.

      Get over yourself!!

  • PumaYaYa

    Bell can still sponsor it, just not put their name all over it. It takes away from an otherwise worthy cause.

  • Donald

    Divert money from my bill to charity. Excellent. Done $2 worth already.

  • Zoomus

    Close to 500 text so far, and as many replies, 90% on BELL network, I am doing my part to make sure BELL pays up lol

  • Lirodon

    Although I feel glad that I supported this cause, I feel somewhat more glad for making my #BellLetsTalk tweet contain an attack against vertical integration =D

  • EvanK

    It’s great that they’re donating these millions of dollars and all, but that’s still only a fraction of the killing that they make off of their customers.

  • crystal

    i Think is good to do that because is really awesome to help i think evearybody needs to heare that

  • Kart

    They advertised this a lot in radio, news paper, subways, inside the trains, sure they might have spent a lot to get the people involved, but instead of spending huge amounts in advertising y dont they spend the advertisement amount towards helping the needy. y the customers had to get involved(which is really good though). But they can just send a reminder messages to every customer out there throughs sms and other stuff.

  • IJustGotaTan

    Go ‘nuts’, and text as much as you can!