WIND Mobile HTC One S users reporting Jelly Bean upgrade is now available


  • Comment Master

    Did anyone get BELL update ??????

  • Piff

    Great. Just as I sold it to buy a Nexus 4. Oh well 4.2.1 is more appealing.

    • nexus lover

      you did nothing wrong my friend. the one s will not receive any more updates key lime pie will only be a dream for all phones released in 2012. s3 one s and one x note 2 etc…

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Wish WIND would upgrade how they operate its pathetic

    • Piff

      What the hell are you talking about? Upgrade what?

  • Arnold

    2+ years with Wind.
    Bye-bye, you greedy Big3 f*cks, and your bastard children!

  • bigshadyray

    Where is the update for the Note 2? Rogers, bell and Telus received it what about Wind?

    • deltatux

      Samsung Canada simply hasn’t rolled it out to Mobilicity, WIND, Sasktel, Videotron and any carriers using AWS for HSPA+.

  • Dan

    F**k TELUS

  • john steen

    d@mn telus you are pathectic

  • trelarah

    same for me too, nothing for telus yet… but it’s my girl’s phone so my s3 is still awesome

  • Kida

    So, will people who bought a One S from another carrier, unlocked it, and brought it to WIND get this update? Or do they need the original carrier to update. (Yes, I’m talking about the Virgin version…)

    • Steven Schwartz

      I also have the virgin/bell one s on Wind. We will have to wait for Bell to update.

  • T1MB1T

    wind is the best! No need for LTE because our 4G is the real deal! And soon the IMEI checking will only allow wind phones on the fantastic network.. Nuke said it while at the circle jerk yesterday..

    believe it!

  • Piff

    I love it how people still rag on Wind for not being forth coming with phone updates. And while Wind isn’t the best, they are far from the worst.

    • Sgt.Romanov

      Piff is delusional , WIND has the worst signal and customer service in Canada at least the other carriers have a strong signal and better customer service , do some research before signing on to WIND;)

    • Piff

      Normally I don’t feed trolls but you look hungry. You need to re read my post. Nowhere do I say anything about Wind’s signal strength or there customer service.

      I am staying on the topic of the thread. You can dance back back to HoFo now.

    • T1MB1T

      private Strokingoff Wind is the best! the best phones the best service!! they have the most megga hurts and the best customer service out there! YOU just wish you could get on wind but they block you!!! WIND!!

  • Doug

    Absolutely ridiculous that the Virgin Mobile HTC One S still hasn’t received the Jelly Bean update.

  • iPhoneAndroid

    Don’t be so eager to get your hands on Jellybean. The Jellybean kernel used in the HTC One series eats your battery life alive.

    You will lose at least 50% of your battery life the moment you upgrade to Jellybean. All that is stolen away by the kernel. Fire up GS battery and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Mr. Miyagi

    I have an unlocked Rogers One S on Telus and I got the 4.1.1 update about a week ago…

  • PureTO

    Hmmm… Wind getting the update out before Telus. I feel soo ashamed. 🙁