LG Optimus 4X HD and Optimus L7 will receive Jelly Bean, Optimus LTE gets CM10.1 nightly build


  • Uzair


  • Uzair

    I never see new author posting anything.

    He’s not longer with mobile syrup anymore or he just provides information?

  • HTC

    “..LG has confirmed that it will bring Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean to its 2012 lineup..”

    -In 2015!

    LOL! we all know the game now: Buy a Nexus or a Samsung and you will keep the phone for up to 2 years with great/decent upgrades; buy a Sony. LG, Moto, HTC etc and you will keep the HOPE for up to 2 years.

    The Sony James Bond phone just launched in Dec was going to be updated soon, then very soon and in Feb still nothing!

    The HTC one S on Telus said that JB was on “Telus Labs” to be released on Jan 2013, and still nothing!

    Can you think of other examples??

  • Tom

    Hey LG, many 4xHD and L7 users don’t really need an official JB update, they need their bootloaders unlocked.

  • Aiden

    I have the 4x hd and honestly it’s a very good phone. Finally a lg phone that I like!

    • JohnN

      AMEN! to that!
      What would the upgrade give me, anyways?

  • Mathieu

    Optimus G, underpowered!?!? What the hell are you talking about. The phone is a beast!

  • Darknut

    Optimus G underpowered? I think you mean over powered off anything, the new 1080p phones are releasing with the same processor.. Optimus G is still imo best phone in the market. Its ICS rom outperforms the GS3 on jellybean.. Once the G gets Jellybean it’ll be insanity.

  • Jon

    These phones get official 10.1 nightlies and not the HTC One X (XL), oh no…

  • Andrew

    i hope LG release’s a software update for the camera

    BTW Where can i get a TPU case for LG Optimus 4X HD ?

    • JohnN

      Hey, Andrew: Ever hear of eBay?

  • AndroidRootGuy

    Correction needed: CyanogenMOD 10.1 has been released for the LG Optimus LTE, not optimus G.

  • Sal

    TODAY, FEB 12, 2013 –

    I saw a post on LG’s Facebook page that they are NOT pushing the update to Jellybean through on their previous models including the Optimus 4x HD in Canada. LG MAKES ME SICK!