Flashback Friday: What smartphone manufacturer are you most loyal to?


  • Gino

    NOKIA never let’s me down! Come onnnnnn Lumia 920!

    • Ron Mexico

      I was loyal to Samsung. I thought if be with them forever. But the new Z10 has brought me back to BB. They are my new desire. My partner is still all about Android. This is almost causing a domestic disturbance in the home. But I don’t see it changing. He is very, very loyal to Samsung.

    • Comment Master

      NONE at ALL

    • ceredon

      I love iOS and Apple so much, I spend about 18 hours a day reading up on Apple and defending all things Apple. My life is Apple really.

      I hate Samsung so much because their product is more innovative than ours. So I steal their fans identities and post as them on Mobilesyrup. I’m very sly.

      Oh how I love Apple. I have no life without Apple.

    • stylinred

      Nokia too, never had a hardware problem with my Made In Finland units

      I can’t say the same for my Made in China Nokia devices though 🙁

    • Glass.Back.BadIdea

      None, all are garbage these days

    • Eduardo

      I’ve had almost one of everything but the ones that I really remember:
      Motorola star-tac
      Nokia 3300 (full keyboardist & 64MB mp3 player)
      Nokia 6300 (best feature phone ever)
      bb flip
      nexus one
      nexus s
      my current S3.

      I guess I’m not loyal to anyone, I’m curious about the 8x and Lumia… But mostly about the Motorola/Google project

  • Peter


    • Bill Murray

      The amount of dislikes this post has received shows how many biased fandroids are on this site…. You people should stop judging phones solely on there specs like there desktop computers. It’s about user experience, and apple’s done a fantastic job at creating a great one. The new blackberry doesn’t have jaw dropping specs, but if people enjoy it, then are you going to call them sheep for getting one?

    • EvanK


      I’ll agree that Apple’s overall user experience is pretty good. It’s fast, fluid, and ease of use certainly isn’t a concern. However, I absolutely can’t stand Apple as a company. They attempt to completely monopolize the market, push closed and proprietary platforms, file lawsuits and make cases based on loose and unsupported evidence, and are greedy enough to keep all the profits to themselves. I realize, “hey, they’re still a major corporation like MS or Google, and therefor their primary goal is to make a profit”, but at least Google believes in open and free software, and MS is decent enough to put some of their cash flow towards positive charity use.

      If you buy an iPhone because it’s the UI and experience that you prefer, good for you, but don’t be so blind as to buy anything new and shiny from them, refusing to look around at other platforms.

    • S2556

      I dont hate apple for having lower specs and calling them revolutionary, that is just a good chuckle. Apple has created a huge base of people that despise their brand by their litagation and law suits, ignorant statements, hypocrisy etc..
      Also, I personally find the OS too skimmed down and simplified. Just not a fan of how the software integrates with what I want to do. But that is why I didn’t buy their products before. Now I don’t give them the opportunity to take my money just because of the stigma behind their brand.

    • Dan

      @EvanK I’m sorry but your very wrong. In what way is Apple trying to “completely monopolize the market”? Apple’s policy has always been to make the best devices they can and not worry about market share. Google on the other hand wants “as many android devices as possible” (I believe Larry Page said that).

      Next, Google doesn’t believe is “free” software, they believe in ads which is where they make the bulk of their profit (for Apple its hardware). As for Microsoft putting “their cash flow towards positive charity use” if you are referring to Bill Gates’ (former MS employe) I hope you know that does not make the products or the company any better.

      And yes, Apple and Google BOTH have good products and services.

  • deltatux

    As long as it runs great, that’s the phone I buy back when phones weren’t smartphones. Now, for me since I love Android, as long as there’s a good Android phone out there, I really don’t care what manufacturer makes it, just as long as it’s good and does what I want it to do is all I really care.

  • ActivesiN

    I am loyal to the Nexus line, not the manufacture

  • Jonathan W.

    I’ve been jumping around for the past while (Apple -> Samsung -> Nokia), so I don’t really have a particular affinity. When it comes to recommending manufacturers, Samsung, HTC, and LG would be at the top of my list.

  • Gus83

    Samnsung for the Nexus S… If only Google kept the official updates coming. Running 4.2.1 via AOSP. I’ve dropped it many times and the plastic back and whatever the face is made of keep going strong.

  • Diddyblog

    I support any company that releases a phone with vanilla android

  • Aiden

    Htc.. for its build quality and design.

  • Nathen

    L M A O

    Watch the APPLE fan base go APE ! crazy with this one.

    Seriously though people should wake up and smell the Coffee, Company’s are Loyal to NO ONE. MONEY is what drives them and people/customers should only be loyal to your self and makes sure you getting the best deal for your Money!

    • Dan

      Have you been on this website before? Just hardcore apple bashing. The one guy who said Apple because of good hardware and decent software (both true/valid) got downvoted because thats the kind of website this is.

  • RAJ

    PALM TREO!!!!

  • jlm

    Nokia or LG

    I’ve had a pretty bad experience with Samsung phones in general

  • RAJ

    the Palm Treo

  • Shawn

    Over the years (non-smartphone days) I mainly owned Motorola phones. I loved their build and call quality. In terms of smartphones, both have been HTC devices (Desire and One X). The next phone I get will not be an HTC phone. I like HTC phones, but I want to try something new. I want to see what the Motorola/Google phone is going to offer.

  • andy c

    I was loyal to NOkia for a while. the handsets were built like tanks and had features (however poorly implemented) that were ground-breaking in a smartphone. the handsets had personality and character. I’ve tried out a N9 at a store in Asia and Meego had the Nokia personality and character. sadly Microsoft seems to have sucked the soul out of Nokia’s innovative and rebel spirit. The last nokia I owned was a E61i made in Finland.

    Yes I have tried windows phone but am currently on Nexus 4. Will give Nokia another go once Windows phone get’s their act together or Nokia switches to a useable OS.

  • COBwiggy

    Honestly, I love Nexus devices – no matter the company so far. I loved iPhones but they got boring.

    Won a BlackBerry Z10, so we will see how that goes now.

  • Alice

    My first 2 phones were Ericsson/Sony Ericsson, but I would say it’d be HTC for smartphones because I love their build quality (IMO). Might try a Samsung in the future to see what all the the hubbub is about though.

  • kayn

    At the beginning of my smartphone journey I was all about HTC because of their well-built products and exceptional customer service. However, that changed when the company stopped competing at a comparable level to competitors and I made the switch to Samsung with my S2. Since then I’ve had the S3 and Note 2 and couldn’t be happier. But my loyalty is fleeting in the pursuit of the best device, so my hard earned money is always up for grabs.

  • Tyrone

    My first phone was a Nokia 3595 recently the last few years I seem to be jumping back and forth from HTC to Motorola. Last phone was the Desire HD then to my current phone the Motorola Droid Razr MAXX HD.

    I myself owned a phone from most the top brands except from RIM, LG & Samsung

  • lol

    Go Sammy! R.I.P rim

  • Matthew

    Samsung … Android is awesome!

  • gurtej08

    Blackberry because it’s Canadian and the products suit me. Also, I like the fact that Blackberry is a company that cares for it’s community. Look at the great work they have done in Kitchener/Waterloo. Great Company Great Products.

  • gary

    Apple their build quality is one of the best in the market and their os is pretty good as well

  • yoda

    After trying the z10……definitely blackberry.

  • eddiebaseball

    BlackBerry. Canadian and I’m a UWaterloo alumnus.

  • apowerranger

    Well, before smartphones I had two LG’s, the Shine and the Rumour, and then with smartphones it’s been Blackberry. And it looks like it’s gonna continue to be Blackberry.

  • rgp905

    Nokia and Motorola, way back when…Flirted with Apple and HTC in the middle and now it’s Samsung and LG…Pretty addicted to Nexus devices..

    If the Motorola X become a reality then I will have to see how it compares to the any new Samsung or LG

  • PygmySurfer


  • ELNY

    My 2 favourites are Samsung and HTC, I seem to always be flipping between the 2 of them based on what their flagship phone for the time is.

  • Kris Android

    I use to be a die hard HTC fan and then their devices weren’t so appealing to me and my buddy of mine introduced to Samsung, and I was like, no thanks I really don’t like their UI, but then tried it out with the Galaxy Vibrant, then Galaxy HD LTE, then Note I then now my Note II which recently got the new Multi window 4.1.2 update and loving Samsung ever since…can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeves in the coming year…wondering if the note ii will get 4.2 or any other future os updates Go Android

  • Philippe Gaboury

    Totally not loyal. I went from Sony Ericson to Motorola to Samsung and now LG.

  • blackprince

    Had a Samsung and it was bleh.
    Had a HTC it was good.
    Have a Nokia and it rocks.


  • leobg

    For me it was Nokia, for many may years. Would still have been, if they picked different OS than the one they pick some time ago…
    Now “Nexus” seems to be the right platform for me, except that neither Samsung (after two attempts) nor recently LG gets it all-right. I’m thinking “Motorola” if they ever do a true “Nexus” line device?

  • Shushwap

    For me it would be Motorola or BB…. I love the reception these things get… Nothing worse then trying to use your phone and you cant because you are in a spotty reception area

  • MyBestFriendLarry

    Anything BUT Apple.

  • phood

    BlackBerry all the way – Inventors of the smartphone
    canadian – solid signal, communications

  • Mandeep Saggu

    My favorite smartphone manufacturer is Nokia I love their Symbian phones. I have a Nokia N78 and a Nokia N8, hands down the best phones I have ever used. I also have a Nokia Lumia 710 while it is a good phone it doesn’t come close to their Symbian phones.

    My second favorite is Sony.

  • Superfly

    Any manufacturer that has stock vanilla android running….. aka NEXUS.

  • rockman

    This isn’t videogames.

    And if it were, Playstation 4 Life 🙂

  • Michael

    Nokia without a doubt they are the ones leading in modern designs and hardware features and added software
    for smartphones. Lumia 920 is an example of that leadership:

    Nokia PureView camera – amazing Low light and blur free

    Optical image stabilization – for most stable videos and pics ever.

    Nokia’s City Lens.

    PureMotion HD+ display. The best touchscreen ever seen on a smartphone.

    The PureMotion HD+ display is the world’s brightest, fastest and most sensitive touchscreen even use with gloves on.

    Wireless charging.

    Polycarbonate unibody.

    Sunlight readability enhancement for best usage in sunlight of any smartphone etc.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    I have had the best luck with Motorola brands over the years, I like the way they work on a software basis.
    I do not understand why any of the posts here are getting -1’s, the question was what brand(s) are you loyal to NOT my phone is better than your piece of s&@#t.
    Just saying…..

  • AeroBrennan

    I had an HTC Hero and currently own a Desire HD.

    I’m thinking of going for the Galaxy SIV, since it has everything I’m looking for (according to rumours, at least).

    Sorry HTC but you lost all of my business when you went back on your promise with the Desire HD’s ICS update. And your track record for battery life sucks.

  • from Calgary

    Since getting the Nexus 4, and a Nexus 7 for myself, and a Nexus 7 for my wife – I have to say not the manufacturer, but the brand – Nexus. It’s great.

  • jellmoo

    I try not to become too loyal to any particular brand. My track record is… less than stellar.

    Fell in love with the Palm Pre line of phones. HP buys Palm and runs the brand into the ground.

    Fell in love with the Nokia N9. Nokia decides to ditch MeeGo altogether.

    Really liking the Z10 right now… Trying not to get too attached…

  • Joe

    I always had BlackBerry’s until I got an LG Optimus G last December. If LG keeps putting out amazing phones like this one, then I’ll have no reason to switch away from LG.

  • Alexander

    I’ve been around the block with cellphones. My first phone was an LG Rumour, but since then I’ve owned other phones from LG, Samsung, Apple, Motorola, Nokia, and RIM (now Blackberry).

    For what it’s worth, LG has made some pretty good low range devices. I loved the crap out of my Optimus One, and because of the constant support it gets from the guys over at XDA (or did get) it always ran pretty well compared to other cheap devices. Samsung and Apple phones both crapped out on me pretty fast, and my Lumia 900 died after six months (that being said, that phone was a friggin’ monster).

    I’m holding off on buying a new smartphone for now (I’m currently using an old Curve). I really like what Blackberry has down with BB10, but I have a lot of faith in Microsoft products and want to see how WP8 develops. Android is constantly calling me back with its apps and features though. Only a few more weeks until MWC 😀

  • yoyoma

    Never had a brand twice
    Sony Erikson

  • Ck2013

    Samsung,because they care for their customers even after the purchase the device.

  • Jules

    If Samsung could let down their touchwiz craziness and start shipping vanilla phones without bloatware and start using premium build quality, they would be great, but the only company I’m loyal to is Google. Don’t do evil 🙂

  • Angelo

    Motorola, and now that Google owns Motorola I’m expecting some really really nice phones and tablets in the coming months and years.

  • Miknitro

    Moto before an during flip phone period, then Palm, HTC and now I can’t say I have any loyalty left for any of them.
    Whom makes best at time of my needs, wins.

  • Zyl


  • Happyboy

    I used to be loyal to BlackBerry yours ago but now I’m Loyal to iPhone BlackBerry just keeps disappointing me by not having what I need

  • Price, Fisher

    Fisher Price

  • Stephie

    Well imya first phone was a motorola with a antenna, then a Samsung flip, then an lg rumour, (which I loved) then an i phone 3g, which I jailbroke and then loved… Then android came into my life :3 samsung fascinate, S2X (so disappointed in that phone) galaxy nexus, galaxy S3, along with some dabbling with a nokia 800 along the way. Currently rocking an lg optimus g which is great… So mostly Samsung I guess?

  • Jay

    Samsung and only Samsung. They make a reliable product and you know is going to head leading the pack as far as technology goes. I’m on my 4th Samsung Android device (Galaxy Nexus) and planning to update to the Ativ S next week. Very happy Samsung customer here!

  • mmathieum

    I’m not loyal to a smartphone manufacturer but to a smartphone platform.
    I’ll switch to any manufacturer making the best hardware running this platform.
    I’ll NOT switch to another platform with the same manufacturer.

  • No Brand Loyalty Here

    Whatever the top smartphone is at the time of purchase.

  • John Lopes Vieira

    Yup, definitely Nokia. Until they made the last “true” Nokia, the N9.

    I didn’t mind the change of direction to WP… but I did have a problem with the “scorched earth” policy that made anything Symbian and Maemo/MeeGo no longer be part of the company. They fired everyone and were done with that. So I can no longer support them.

    I am currently trying to get a Z10. I absolutely love my N9, but since it was abandoned, there will be no software updates, Push notifications don’t work, the remarkably awful Facebook app won’t be updated, nothing, it was abandoned.

    I would like to continue supporting Nokia, but since they don’t support their customers who paid top dollar for their product (even though it was declared before launch to be dead) then obviously I can’t support them.

    I want a Z10, hopefully it will be at least half as good as MeeGo is (seriously, it’s quite amazing, with only a small few tweaks that could easily be fixed, it would be perfect) And if that doesn’t go well, then I might as well accept my faith and just get an Android.

  • Jesse

    Nokia, without a shadow of a doubt.

  • stan

    I started from Motorola, and went through SE, Nokia, Apple, and Samsung.
    It’s war of operating systems nowadays, not of manufacturers. Brand loyalty is a thing of the past. Samsung’s the only brand I bought twice, but if the next time someone else makes a better phone, I wouldn’t think twice before switching.

  • Rhett

    I started with the n95 with is possibly the greatest smartphone ever as far as the whole package and the tech at the time. Right now I have a gs2 and it has it’s flaws but it’s still a great phone and incredibly durable. I’m hoping a Nexus will come out when I’m ready for a new one, so for me it’s more about the best phone available at the time. But from a select few: Nokia, Nexus, Samsung.

  • MC

    Nokia when Symbian was still on top.

    Samsung when Android wiped everything else…

    And from now on I will only buy a phone with a Nexus name on it.

  • Jacob

    Any phone with Nexus and The Samsung Galaxy series.

  • kelly

    I’m a loyal Nokia and Motorola fan. I had an Lg, but I’m hard of hearing, and the voice clarity was always spotty. I’m rock’n the Nokia lumia 920 now, and love it. I’m new to the smart phone world, so it was a great choice.
    In the future, I’d have no issue going for a black berry, or back to Motorola.

  • YouGuysAreIdiots

    Why anyone would be ‘loyal’ to a cell phone manufacturer is beyond me. Every time I buy a device I thoroughly research the market and buy the best device. If you do it any differently you’re doing it wrong.

    • Youretheidiot

      Hahahaha, you’re the i***t!

      If you think devices are ONLY about specs and online research, you’re the fool! You have to use devices IN THE REAL WORLD, and get experience with devices to know which ones are great.

      And in the REAL WORLD, not in your mom’s basement sitting on your computer, phone makers have patterns and specific traits. Samsung has a pattern of making cheap crappy phones for example. Apple has a pattern of making high quality, but fragile phones. On and on it goes.

      If a particular brand works for you, and their products suit you, why the hell would you change? Just for the sake of change? Being a goof to save a few dollars, thinking you’re smart, while in the long run changing brands costs you a lot more than a few dollars?

      It’s people like you that are sheepish i****s. Unless a brand dramatically changes their pattern of product quality, which is extremely rare, there is no reason to change if a product suits you.

      And to answer the original question, Nokia. Nokia has always had the BEST quality products on the market.

  • Dylan K

    Both my brother and I are hardcore HTC fans. I played with iPhones back in the 3GS days and had a blackberry, but the HTC Evo 3D was the first smartphone I was blown away by. However, I’m using an S3 right now until HTC’s new flagship happens.

  • akm

    Blackberry. I have never been more more loyal to a company in any industry. I used them my entire life until this Xmas when I got a nexus 4 as a gift. I’m starting to love the nexus line. I still wish nothing but the best for blackberry but there comes a point when you just can’t defend it anymore. There are so many things my nexus can do that my BBs couldn’t. I still find myself missing a physical keyboard though. Might pick up the new BB10 with qwerty keyboard when its released.

  • ctDSB

    HTC! No one payed attention to the One series phones. The camera works better than the S3, and the audio is better than an iPhone, as it plays AIFF only upgraded by their Beats Audio processor. Hype is a hell of a thing. If there is one thing I have learned working at a telecommunication retailer, it is that people are sheep, and he who advertizes most wins.

  • Dex

    I’ve switched around a lot but I always seem to end up with HTC.

  • JamesF

    Motorola!! Always Motorola from my under the seat car phone, to the big white brick, mango, startac, v 360 chrome krzr, to milestone to the new xt910 razor maxx and quite a few in between I cant remember what they were.always find honestly Motorola fits me.

  • ile2010


  • Jay

    I’ve tried many different types of cellphones and every single operating system over the years, but Samsung and Android always ends up winning me over. I have an S3 right now. I have tones of experience with the iphone 5 and I can say without question, the GS3 makes the 5 look like a paper weight. I always like to compare Apple to communism and Android to Democracy. If you want to be told what to do and how to do it, then communism (Apple) is the phone for you. If you want to set your phone up exactly with what you want, whenever you want, however you want it, then Democracy (Android) is the OS you want. Samsung all the way!!

    • MastaD

      Nicely said, I couldn’t agree more

  • David

    I don’t really have a go to manufacturer.
    Although I do believe my next phone will be another Nexus device.

    That said, I’d love a Nokia Android device!

  • Tyler

    I was loyal to HTC until very recently. Had a horrible experience with my HTC One X and even a worse time with the TELUS customer service team. My Nexus 4 gets here on Tuesday and I could not be more excited!

  • Slype

    No one. I go with whoever has the better phone when I’m in the market to buy one. My allegiance is to technology, not some silly fruity logo.

  • Ryan

    This should be a poll.

  • 1ninjamove

    Nexus devices all the way!!
    Manufacturers/carriers have proven that they will not update non-nexus devices within a reasonable time frame, i will not believe them again…can’t wait for my nexus 4 to get delivered. Also keeping an eye on BB10…if the platform develops that maybe my next phone.

  • simbob


    I had 3 phones by nokia and if they haven’t gone for Windoze mobile, I would have had more.

    Now I am on Nexus 4 and I think I will just get the latest nexus each year and disregard brand.

  • StephenBB81

    I would say my loyalty has been mostly to BlackBerry, BlackBerry won be over from HTC back in 2008, and while I’ve purchased MANY MANY phones between 2008 and now, the majority of the ones I’ve kept long term have been BlackBerrys

    Prior to BlackBerry I was Audiovox, UTstarcomm, and finally HTC, I’ve used a few Samsung devices, and I own 2 Apple mobile devices, but nothing has been as reliable, consistent, and comfortable as a BlackBerry.

    that said my loyalty is only their as long as the product continues to meet my needs. I keep buying other devices to try and one day iOS or Android will actually learn what email is and BlackBerry could have a run for their money, BlackBerry10 is probably going to prevent that. but we’ll see

  • chris

    None. I’m a technology w***e. I jump from manufacturer to manufacturer as well as from OS to OS. As of right now I’m mostly into Sony/Samsung/Apple/Sort of Nokia.

  • xenrobia

    I was never really defensive, or particularly loyal to any brand/OS, until I was continuously attacked (or my choices were) for the kind of phone I had. It seems pretty stupid when you think of it, but the trolls only managed to turn me against all the other phones out there; so they actually failed miserably if their goal was to convince me to try a different brand. I guess the jokes on them.

  • fanberry10

    Blackberry is my 1st, now waiting on the Blackberry Q10!

  • michael

    who ever has the best stuff.

  • villain

    None… loyal to quality and the interest to go above and beyond. brand loyalty is flat out retarded.

  • Darryl

    Used to have an iphone and I loved it but grew tired of the small display and outdated software. Have a Galaxy Note 2 and love it but I would consider apple again if they woke up and built a phone with a larger display and revamped ios.

  • Maverick

    I still believe the nexus line could be much more substantial on long run ………
    -Cutting edge hardware
    -frequent updates
    -easy on customization
    -Pure experience

    Not to forget … “Very Affordable”

    • StephenBB81

      My problem with the Nexus line is the disregard for supply chain.
      Basically the Nexus line is the Walmart of the smartphone world, bastardizing the pricing model and people are rushing their to save a buck, screw the rest of society.

      Nexus is the Linux device it very much is for the self managed user. you don’t have “on the ground” support from carriers, you can’t try before you buy in most cases, its all in and pray.
      It is a business model that is hurting North Americas economy but most can’t see past their pocketbooks to realize it.

      Embrace Nexus, and Amazon, and everything else that removes local employment.

  • jerrbau

    I have been in to mobile phones for as long as I know. To prove it nokia made the first smart phone which is the communicator series not to smart but the intention is there. Like the full touch screen with no key pad Ericsson came out with that idea with hand writing recognition. They should sue Apple and Samsung for patent. But with all said and done theta are only 2 things that would make you loyal to a brand. Those are 1. “Your system” which is Apple is playing so well that why even though iPhone 5 for me is a flap people with Apple system still both it. 2. “Bang for the back” I don’t have other Apple provide that’s why it’s easy for me the switch to galaxy. Why the features, features, feature. Samsung and LG are trying to play the system game by their TV’s and other product, that is why BlackBerry, Nokia and the others are running behind. They ate lacking the system and the bang.

  • Lirodon

    We don’t really seem to have one in the smartphone era: but we used to buy Motorola phones at first. Then my dad got a Blackberry Pearl from work, then my mom bought a pink LG with a slide out dialpad. Then my dad, out of jealousy, got another Blackberry Pearl (navy blue) for personal use (to those who say that’s overkill, he actually did keep the blue one after he got laid off).

    After we moved to Saskatchewan (still using Rogers, mind you. Until we realized how awful their coverage here is), he got another Blackberry on SaskTel from work (and then got upgraded to the Torch 9860, which he now uses as his sole phone). Then me and my mom started new contracts on SaskTel: she got the HTC Wildfire S, and I got the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Craig Borrowman

    I’ve been loyal to HTC since my first smartphone, the original HTC Touch. That having been said, nothing I’ve seen from them lately had inspired me much, and with the Note 2, Samsung has won me over now. Time will tell if they can hold my loyalty…

  • LJK

    Anything but Apple.

  • Blackberry By Choice

    Owned: Sanyo S1 which was quite a nice little bar phone
    LG Rumour which is the only device to last 3 years even though i bought it full price
    iPhone 4 shortly after launch and loved it minus the 4 defective models in a row! (had it for less than 2 months)
    Then i’ve owned a BB 9780, 9900, and currently using a 9810. I’m going to stick with Blackberry for a while yet

    I’ve also used Samsung GS3, LG optimus G, Samsung ATIV S and the HTC One X which is currently in my Rogers Demo line.

    I give my favourites Blackberry and HTC

  • Blackberry By Choice

    hahahaha I left out the MOTO Krazr 😛 that thing was the definition of build quality!

  • John_hates_blackberry

    My brand of choice is ABB. Anything But Blackberry.

  • wewewi

    I liked my Archos 5IT, Motorola Milestone and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

    I really like LG’s N4.

    God I hated the HTC One X.

    Never again.

  • DrugStoreCowboy

    For me, it’s BlackBerry first and foremost.

    After that, a nice Android device would do the trick.

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why some people have the need to bash other people’s choice of phones / OS. BB happens to work best for me, so if a particular device works for them, we’ll, that’s the whole point of choice, isn’t it?

    To me, all devices / OS have their strengths and weaknesses.

    Bottom line, go with what works for you.

    • DrugStoreCowboy

      For what it’s worth, I am on the BB Z10 and have the BB PlayBook. It’s a combo that works well for me.

  • joenobrain

    You must be crazy loyal to the phone maker that keep churn out new model every 8 months or less lure you upgrade while the old junk end up in landfill help create toxic pollute the environment. ?

  • apocalypso36

    I’ve never owned smartphones other than BlackBerries (first, a Bold 9700 and currently using a Curve 9300).

    With all the different platforms putting out so many great phones however, I’ve adopted a free-agent mindset.

  • Louis

    None. Samsung build quality sucks and their ROM is horrible IMO
    Apple has great build but boring software
    HTC has great hardware but poor batter
    LG phones tend to have general issues
    Motorola phones are ugly
    Nokia phones are great build, battery and camera but it dosen’t run the best software.

    And all of their phones are grossly overpriced.

    Pick your poison.

  • keyur


  • Kevin

    My loyalty is with HTC all the way. Since my first smartphone, the s720 to the Hero then Desire Z and finally the One X, they have never let me down. Solid build quality that is not rivaled by anyone. Software and UI that is intuitive and easy to use. Despite the locked bootloader and various other lockdowns, I would never leave HTC for another brand. Looking forward to the M7!!

  • Wayne

    Blackberry my 8830 world phone is still being used today by one of my friends. I hope the Z10 has the same kind of build quality.

    With Blackberry being a Canadian company we all should support it, especially on this website.

  • Canada FTW!

    HTC! (And a bit of BlackBerry)
    My first smartphone was the HTC Hero over a year ago, and I’ve bounced to Blackberries twice, and to a Samsung Galaxy SI when mobilesyrup gave me one, but I’ve always gone back to HTC with my recent Amaze 4G! Unfortunately, Google hasn’t partnered with them on the Nexus line since the N1, and I wanted a good upgrade so I got a Nexus 4.

  • Android.yyz

    Since Getting my first android the Moto Milestone i have been with Moto ever since i now own a Razr V outright but i think i need a lil bit more Kevlar in my hands!

  • Zaafir Siddiqui

    HTC FTW!!!

  • N Tiwi

    I am loyal to NEXUS

  • Doug Bonner

    Apple iPod Touch

  • syuveil

    To be honest, 2 main things that I expect in smartphones are a removable battery, and expandable storage.

    I own a Galaxy SIII, and most days, its battery will make it through the day, but let’s be honest, if I’m going to be emitting an LTE hotspot and/or spending a lot of time reading off my phone, there isn’t a battery on the market that will last all day, and I have several extras that I frequently use on such occasions.

    As with storage, I have 20 GB of music that I like to keep on me as well as a selection of movies if I’m caught waiting for a while somewhere. These things I cannot have with a static 16GB of storage.

    This is in addition to the face that I’ve always had good experiences with Samsung phones. I may not be overly fond with the plastic body, or Pen-tile display (i do notice the jagged lines, I don’t care who tells me I’m being too picky) but the design gives me what I find important in my phone; it’s practical, and it feels natural in my hand. I also like some of the software samsung put on their phones. Little shortcuts that make it a little more intuitive. Not a defining feature, but it does make a bit of a difference.

  • Ktrain

    HTC. I’ve used them for a few years now and I just can’t get over how much I love the feel of them. The UI is far more attractive than Samsung IMO and the phone design is just gorgeous, I’m using a One-X right now.

  • mml

    Samsung. I’ve had a Galaxy S1, 2, and 3, Nexus S, and now Note 2. Also had 2 Samsung feature phones, one of which my Mom is still using. Also used smartphones by LG, HTC, and Nokia, but Sammy’s are still my favourite. I’ve had an iphone 4, 4s and 5, but always seem to come back to Android. Was debating the Optimus G, but wasn’t too pleased with the 4x when I had one, even though the G is supposed to be miles better.

  • BR_Impulse

    LG actually lol. First one wasn’t a smartphone though. It was an LG 8600 Chocolate Flip. Then I had a BlackBerry from when I was working (so it wasn’t actually mine) and then now I have an LG Nexus4.

  • Goufer


    Because it is a good choice for Men and I Love BB10

  • Tony

    have been with blackberry since 2007 and have not wavered. Will be getting a BB10 device as soon as I am eligible for upgrade if not sooner.

  • Nitin Gaba

    Moto (1 phone) > LG (1 phone) > HTC (1 phone) > Samsung (3 phones) > Next is BB10 then possibly back to Samsung for S4 or maybe the HTC M7 depending on which one is actually better.

  • G-man

    If you ain’t BlackBerry…
    You ain’t nothin’…

    BlackBerry –
    We invented the Smartphone Business…
    We’re takin is back!


  • mike

    HTC was my favorite. I’m using a battered looking 3yr old nexus one that has never needed any repairs, still does everything I ask of it and lasts all day on a charge. I have had an HTC desire and shortly an HTC one s that I sold. Build quality was awesome on all of them and even the stock software was reliable.
    in the future I may be trying Motorola or Sony. Both have good build quality and Sony has Bern treating the development community the way the others should. The xperia z looks awesome.

  • kirilmatt

    Most of my phones have been lg for some weird reason,havn’t had too much of a problem. When my galaxy s3 screen cracked I ordered a Nexus 4 and am still waiting. Not loyal to anyone though, just whoever makes the best phone.

  • Zoomus

    I have been using cellphone since early 1998, I have used just about every brand , BUT Nokia has been my favorite, at last count if memory is correct I have purchased 67 models and 38 of those have been Nokia, last one being the N97. Currently I have been using the Nexus line, I have tried others but not the same experience, want to go back to Nokia but WP8 is not for me not yet anyway’s forget icrap, or crackberry never liked them.

  • bruins

    loyal to Samsung for now

  • fatcat

    Samsung all the way here!

    u410 Flip phone < Intensity qwerty slider phone < Galaxy S Captivate < Currently have the Galaxy S2 X and will buy Samsungs successor to the S3 whenever that is available lol

  • Piff

    If I had to pick 1 it would be HTC. Their build quality is second to none in the Android camp and gives Apple and Nokia a run for their money. Also I prefer HTC Sense to Touch Wiz.

  • Sam

    Loyal? are you f-ing kidding? Only Apple fanboys feel the need to be loyal. pffff..loyal, what a joke.

  • Shane

    I’m on my third Samsung phone, (first smartphone) and that is where my loyalty lies. My first point is actually a question in wording, Daniel says, “do you pick Samsung over the better Android candidates because of their marketing dollars?”… Who has a better representation? Of the many companies who have an Android OS Samsung is the closest to a full unhindered experience.

    Also I don’t bag on Blackberry’s newest release because it’s Blackberry. I bag on it because the phone is crap. The battery sucks, a completely gesture based phone is like the Wii, cool for a day or two then just dumb. And the biggest offence, it still takes a year to power up!

  • Rajiv Menon

    I was initially loyal to Ericsson which became Sony Ericsson. At the same time I started carrying BlackBerry’s. I have had almost all iterations of their flagship BB devices to date.

    So my top choice would be BlackBerry and then Ericsson/Sony Ericsson.

  • AB

    I know most people hate Motorola but I have had a Droid then the RAZR and now waiting for the Motorola/Google “X” phone.

    I dont like the build quality of samsung phones , Dont like HTC sense , from my experience LG phones had horrid battery life.

    Just me personal prefence

  • S_Hanson

    Always liked Nokia but will probably switch back to BB thanks to the new Z10. That is the phone that I want!

  • S_Hanson

    AAA (Triple A) – Anything but Apple

  • Sirah

    BB and Nokia

  • kp0w3r

    Although Most of my Phones have been samsung (apart from two blackberrys and a motorola V180) i really like the design of Motorola and Sony Devices. if one of them released a nexus phone (or the xphone for motorola) or just at least had a coherient update schedule than i would jump to one of them in a second.

  • James

    my first ever phone is Nokia in 2005 and now I’m using Samsung Galaxy 3. But I may never go back to BB again but I hear BB Z10 is looking good right now.

  • ehoustoun

    Brand loyalty is absurd, these companies don’t care about you they just care about their bottom line. The idea of being loyal to a corporation that makes little pieces of technology is ridiculous.

    I’m loyal to whoever makes the best product at the time when I need to buy it.

  • Jimmy.D

    Apple and Blackberry Suck. Android Forever!!

  • david blouin

    Well my first phone is an HTC Radar and looking forward to the 8X on my carrier so i guess i’m right now an HTC guy…

  • Lee

    After purchasing an HTC G1 developer edition,I was blown away by how well the phone was built for my wants.I was able to RDP into machines,type emails and use my data plan as the extension of the internet that I wanted. I was planning on sticking with HTC right up until they flat out said they would never produce a phone with a keyboard again.At that point, I decided that loyalty to a company was naive. The next company to produce a phone with a slider keyboard and current generation screen and processor will have my disposable income and will hopefully go on to produce more great phones that fit my uses.Don’t accept lesser phones due to loyalty to a manufacturer , wait until the phone you want is produced and throw your dollars that way.

  • Mohamed

    I don’t have any allegiance to one brand over another. I am looking for something that will perform and where I can get 2 or 3 years out of. My first Android was an HTC and I don’t think I will ever go back to it – it was a failure with very poor battery and memory management. My 2nd is the LG and overall it isn’t bad but I had to spend another $20 to buy apps to help with battery and memory issues. Not sure if I would buy another LG. Now I am using a Samsung tablet and really like it so am seriously considering the Galaxy 3 – hoping the tablet experience carries over to the phone.

  • Eric

    I go through about 5 phones a year for work, I have used every brand and see customers purchase every kind of smartphone on the market. IMO iPhones are like a playground at school, its safe, easy and monitored so nothing serious goes wrong. For some this is good others not so much. Blackberry and windows is the same but its a bigger park and their are areas that aren’t so safe, and can get very complex. Android is like a big adventure, it can be very confusing but it has less limitations. Again this can be good or bad depending on the type of consumer you are, if you aren’t gonna use all 4 cores in that note 2 then an iphone may be enough, or if you find the iphone to slow maybe you need the 4 cores? I don’t understand why people have rage comments about who’s better who’s an apple basher, and yak yak yak. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Currently I love my note 2 as it does everything I need it to and more. Samsungs last few phones have been really good to me. However the Z10 looks extremely interesting to me right now, as well as the Nexus 4. Because I have worked for apple as well, i feel i have seen all that i can see from the iphones and just feel a tad bored but I’m not against it as i got one for my girlfriend just this Christmas.

  • Ali

    Sony now before I get a lot of thumbs down thats just my opinion

  • Friartuck

    Currently am impressed with the Samsung products. My old BB 9900 seems indestructible, with the new Z10 I am impressed with what I see. Going to wait to see if it takes off (ie app selection). If BB does make it back I would go back to their products for quality reasons. If not will stick with Samsung.

  • nk


  • Mark

    Had BlackBerry, Samsung, LG and Apple.

    I don’t like BlackBerry. LG is okay. I loved my Samsung but I love my iPhone more.

    I do think that the best 2 brand in the industry are Apple and Samsung. Third is Nokia.

  • QandAndroid

    I don’t really have a fav. In the past year I’ve used the Samsung Galaxy S 2, Motorola RAZR V, HTC One X, and each had its own problems. Right now I’m using the Nexus 4 made by LG, and the hardware is great, but I’ve herd the software LG tosses on their phones leaves much to be desired.

    If I had to pick one favourite though… It’d have to be Samsung. They really know how to make solid hardware. Each of their top-end phones really bring something new to the table (at least lately). Sure, plastic might feel cheap, but it really does hold up well.

  • Rainman

    I don’t know if anyone should be “loyal” to any one manufacturer, but I’ve been on the last several Samsung devices and think they’ve done a top-notch job with the hardware, and I’m pretty impressed with the innovative features on the GS3 and Note 2. The new facial recognition features, new camera features, new interface features, split screen on the Note 2, etc. are stuff that the other guys haven’t done yet, so they’ve got me as a customer. I like the IR blasters on some of their Tabs, too (please put one on the GS4!). If they can keep this up, I guess I’ll be “loyal” for a while…

  • Android fan

    HTC desire HTC sensation HTC one x need I say more but I will Quality and looks baby

  • tim

    Motorola MicroTAC and StarTAC (amps days) followed by Blackberry 6750,7200 and currently on 9700.. may be company wide we will get an upgrade to Z or Q 10 this year or not.. 9700 still does great solid job handling email/phone/sms/bbm.

  • ABS

    Anything But Samsung

  • Gman

    none, but there is one that I would avoid after owning 1 of their device and that is apple.

  • Schadenfreude

    Most loyal to Sense by HTC. Have tried TouchWiz but just like the way Sense integrates everything better.

  • coop3422

    I’ve had about 180 phones. I’ve had iphones for probably a total of 2-3 years if I add up all the separate times. I always liked the HTC s621, old winmo was so easy to hack.

    I terms of manufacturer loyalty, it used to be Sony back in the w810 days. They made awesome phones for a couple year stretch before everything went smartphone in about 09/10. Some great devices. But their current offerings are nothing special, paired with slow android updates. I’ve found to be a big fan of my s2, but Samsung has annoyed me with the issues it has. I’ll be ordering a Nexus 4 this week and trying LG, haven’t had one from them before.

    Now it’s not as much about manufacturer loyalty, but who’s Nexus. I love android, but have got sickk of being forced to root and mod phones. So Nexus will be what I go with going forward. That said, I can’t wait for HTC or Sony to make a Nexus. Whoever does first, will replace the Nexus 4 I get this week (I’m aware HTC made the first Nexus lol).

  • OMG BASEDGOD #taskforce #tybg

    Went from a Nexus S to a One X, then back to the Nexus S (just hated the Sense UI and was too lazy to put CM on it) and now I have my eyes on the Razr HD when I can nab it for a good deal. I guess no one so far?

  • Victoria

    I was a Blackberry fanatic for quite a while and even gave them the benefit of the doubt when things started going wrong with the ones I had, but there’s only so many times you can deal with a broken track pad and that stupid little loading clock.

    Since making the switch to Android I have been on the HTC fix, first the Sensation 4G now the One S. I can’t WAIT for the “M7” flagship device (rumoured to be the HTC One).