Flashback Friday: What smartphone manufacturer are you most loyal to?

We’ve all made choices, often unaware, that affect our brand preferences down the line. Coke or Pepsi; Colgate or Crest. Often they’re the same as your parents’ or your best friend’s, or you just stick with what works.

But in the world of smartphones, allegiances are fleeting; the newest product is just a few months away, and companies are ruthlessly out-spending the other for eyeballs.

And with the rise of Apple and Samsung in recent years, are your allegiances still relevant? Will you buy a new BlackBerry because it was your first smartphone, or because the company is Canadian? Do you love HTC because the HD2 was just the best phone ever (for its time)? How about a Symbian S60 device like the N95 that you imported from Hong Kong for $800?

It’s very interesting how people are so fiercely defensive over companies that, just two years ago, barely existed in the smartphone landscape. Is Samsung really the best representative of Android, or do we overlook the better candidates because they lack the marketing dollars to compete? Regardless of the reason, it’s clear that many people will stand by their smartphone brands regardless of how good the products are, or whether there are better choices out there for them. And, perhaps most importantly, why is it so hard to accept others’ smartphone choices? Why is it a de facto practice to hate on iPhone users, or undermine BlackBerry’s new release?

So, on this Flashback Friday, we put the question to you: what smartphone manufacturer are you loyal to? And why?