Bell’s LTE network now live in Charlottetown


  • Alex

    You’ll love it.

  • Andrew

    Aww yeah!
    Can’t wait to take out a second mortgage, and sign up with Bell!
    Woot woot!

  • Rio

    They have it in Charlottetown but not in my area.

    Literally if I walk one block down I have LTE but not on my block >.>

  • Lukeiphone

    I’m in the LTE coverage area but I don’t get LTE on my block. When I drive 5 mins east or west, there is LTE available.

  • Bell LTE sucks in GTA

    “At last count Bell’s LTE network reached about 68% of the Canadian population”

    I get HSPA 80% of the time in the GTA. Bell’s LTE network stinks compared to Rogers.

    • Seth

      Rogers has the worst network when compared to Belus, yet charges the most for it. You have to be brain-dead to sign up with them.

  • EastLink

    Trying to beat EastLink, eh?

  • rogers cant penetrate

    @GTA I live in toronto near jayne and had an s3 on rogers id walk ino my building and there goes singal with bell mt s3 and z10 keep full coverage so at least bell can penetrate a building where as rogers lacks performance and left me unsatisfied

  • D

    speedtest has never worked on my phone. it works on wifi but not mobile, just says network communication issues every time.

  • BIll Murray

    LTE in Charlottetown isn’t necessarily a good thing, now Charlottetonian’s spend less time on there phone, and more time realizing they live in Charlottetown…

  • alex

    When will it come in winnipeg ? I get charged monthly for lte. 🙁 but no lte

  • ihitmyheadalot

    now if only the LTE in moncton would get turned back on. Telus has had it down for over a week for “improvements” it was working GREAT.. that was a huge improvement over “not working at all”

    • A

      you do realize Telus hasn’t built anything east of Quebec. Its Bells network out east that they use.

  • jimbob

    Charlottetown, seriously… what about Sherbrooke!?

  • Mike

    I’m with Bell, and their LTE coverage looks GREAT on their coverage map. I live WELL within their LTE coverage in Halifax, and I BARELY ever get LTE unless I am right downtown! I don’t even get it at school (SMU) which is downtown!!! Bell’s LTE network SUCKS!!! Their 3G network is really good, though! MUCH faster than Rogers/Fido out here on the east coast! I get 12Mbps with Bell and about .5 with Rogers! lol Just too bad that Bell’s plans SUCK A$$!!!

    • Mike

      Oh, I forgot to mention, their customer service is also ABYSMAL! No one ever knows what you are talking about. I feel like they barely even know what a cellphone is when I call them!!! Bell, you need to get your $hit together!

  • Owen Finn

    Nothing in Winnipeg, and no coverage at all outside of Winnipeg in the rest of the province. Bell blows.

  • Riki

    LTE is live with Bell/Telus in Rimouski, QC since monday ! upgrade completed today for all tower in the city !

  • Jason

    I thought I would give a heads up to MobileSyrup and say LTE is also live for Telus customers, thanks to them renting the Bell towers.

    • A

      they don’t rent Bell’s towers, they build a shared network, Telus build the west and Bell built the East and they share each others network. Did you ever compare the coverage maps?

  • Michael

    LTE has been on and off with Bell in downtown Saint John, NB for the past week or so. Also, there’s been crews stringing wires up to a newly built tower on the east side. Nice to see Atlantic Canada getting some more LTE coverage.