TomTom for iOS gets iCloud support and free maps for life

TomTom has always been a primary provider of decent GPS solutions for mobile devices. But with the launch of Google Maps for iPhone, in addition to the existing turn-by-turn navigation solution from Apple in iOS 6, dedicated GPS apps are becoming a tougher sell.

TomTom’s update to version 1.13 for iOS brings iCloud backup to store personal settings in the cloud if the app ever needs to be reinstalled or transferred to another device. It also delivers new maps as a part of TomTom’s free map service, which allows four updates per year.

There are also offline maps, something that neither Apple nor Google provides at this time, and a 30 day traffic update trial ($19.99/year normally). The app itself is on sale for $39.99 for full US and Canada offline maps for a limited time.

Download TomTom for iOS.